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  1. Estate sale pickups from this morning. Low grade but that's ok! The estate sale was a little annoying with their signage and pricing. They had a couple waaayyyy overpriced Supermans and a Ghost Rider (GA) in a case by the register. Rest of the books were in another room. Just about all were Disney books. These, some WDC&S, Dell Mickeys, etc. Maybe a dozen other random titles. Sign says $2 each. Only later did they say there was a second sign that the Disneys were $10 each. Left the WDC&S and they were super rough and not ones I was after.
  2. Agree but he had 4 figures and I took em all. The motu cards are neat. They depict an episode basically.
  3. Estate sale. Three had price stickers on the book. Two came off ok. but not the 3rd. Any tips? Also got some toys and cards at the flea market. Not a bad day.
  4. Small lot from LetGo. Pretty rough condition but will look good in mylar!
  5. 1. If you are dropping thousands on a book then hopefully you are reading descriptions and are innformed. 2. It is obviously intentionally deceptive (sales marketing of you prefer) to deslab and bury the lead. They are providing the information but repackaging to shift focus. I dont pass judgement but I dont think that take is inaccurate. An interesting experiment. What would it have got stabbed vs deslabbed? never know. It presents very well.
  6. Estate Sales often have organized lists and certainly have organized and set start times. You show up early and wait. First come first in the door and often they control entry to limit crowding. Showing up early is more like lining up for Black Friday. Garage sales are looser and privately organized with less of a gateway. Many sellers set up annually or less frequent and may not know people will show up so they are unprepared to respond. So showing up early means you are willing to encroach on someone's property before the stated invitation time for the sake of a potential deal. 1. you don't necessarily know what they are selling and 2. even if you do the asking price is rarely known. Often people let you in and certainly the competition will go there. But, IMO, this is a far different thing from estate sales. You CAN go early to garage sales. It should be considered jerky in most cases. But... stuff and resale so screw it all. tldr early to estate sales is fine. Early to garage sales is usually a jerky move.
  7. Great lot and glad the deal worked out. Saving the gas and time is a plus! if thats too rough to be a keeper let me know!
  8. He is looking for an additional discount figuring you would prefer to toss him a few bucks to avoid paying for more shopping and etc. Full refund and run away from him.
  9. No cool comics today but found this 1987 Telco King Kong "motionette". Some issues but somewhat functions. Seem to be uncommon but definitely cool. [
  10. IMO saying he wants to sell to a collector is really him saying he wants someone who is willing to bite at a high price. Who else would? Keep in mind he cant say he wants a sap or rube.
  11. Picked up some books at a garage sale. Had a bunch more of similar timeframe. Mostly all DC. Wouldnt budge on price so just got these. Not quite up to dpeed on all these variants. Nothing crazy here
  12. Went to an estate sale after seeing a pic of a Amiga 2000. Sadly that was gone. But did see this and picked it up. Not sure what to do with it but i cohld not leave it. Its 15-18ft long cardboard standee. I assume from a theatre but i have not researched. Also picked up a Omni treadmill for VR. Not sure what to do with that either but couldn't pass.
  13. Great stuff and well told. To clarify from my post above... absolutely no criticism intended. Tbought you handled both well. Seller needs to do their work too. If someone asks and they dont get a straight reply then that's shady. But they throw a price your way? Pay it.