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  1. Good point - I upped the brightness on the scans a bit. Thanks!
  2. Standard rules apply. No HOS or Pros. I've been buying big books here for years but haven't sold yet; references include cbcnow, top city comics, and ankurj. For Sale is an Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC 2.5 C-OW. It does have moderate restoration (C-3). Details noted on the label are "color touch, pieces added, tear seals, reinforced, staples replaced". Scans were just made last night, but I can take other pictures if desired. I'll accept Paypal, money order, and checks (will wait at least 2-3 weeks for it to clear before shipping). USPS priority mail shipping is included in the price within the US. No international shipping for now (although if interested, PM me). No returns. Price: $10,000 shipped (or make an offer!) Let me know if I forgot anything! Even more pictures!
  3. Sure, but what about the rate of increase? Are both going up by, e.g., 10% a year or are plods going up more slowly?
  4. Are restored AF15s increasing similarly to blue labels? In addition to my 1.0 blue, I have a 2.5 C3 (no trimming at least). I've held on to it for a few years, but I wonder if it's better to sell and roll the money into blue label books?
  5. Wow, my 4.0 (that I paid a hefty $75 for in the mid 90s) is looking MUCH better than I thought!
  6. Finally joining the club thanks to cbcnow.
  7. And another 0.5 purple label with a (non-story) page missing to boot went for $1136.
  8. Yeah, I was watching that too. It has white pages and a nice cover, which no doubt helped. I feel like my hopes of getting an FF5 for under a grand are slipping away...
  9. And yet every low-grade copy I've seen in the last year that doesn't have a MAJOR defect goes for well over those numbers...
  10. I was trying to get this 1.0 last night for under $5k, but I gave up right before the bid got to that point: That seems pretty strong to me?
  11. Yeah, and in a complete brain fart, I forgot to bid until a couple hours after it ended. The person that got it is on the boards here - lucky pickup! I will continue looking for a copy under $5k...