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  1. But is that common of a book? I mean, the standard covers are but my understanding is the Djurdjevic variant is a bit harder to come by. Also, here's the best part.. I bought the book in 9.8 for $150CAD somewhere in and around 2015. Whether the book comes back 9.8, 9.9 or even 9.4 I'm technically still ahead. But doesn't mean I won't be pissed about losing out on thousands over an error that wasn't mine that should could have been prevented.
  2. I appreciate the feedback everyone. It was a bit hard to get a clean pic of this one for some reason. The lighting in my place is horrible on dark days but the book's back cover color is more in line with the 3rd and 4th pictures. So far it sounds like I'm best leaving the book as is and clearly I tossed away about $1000 for a worse copy.
  3. Well, to be fair here.. chances of a 9.6 vs a 9.9 is night and day. I'm pretty sure I'd have the only 9.9 on the census. Those odds are probably 1:10000 lol. And honestly, if it did happen I likely would give the shop owner a gift in my appreciation. However, the odds of dropping a grade are substantially higher and probably closer to 60%. Again, I could be wrong. Most people I've told the story too are very optimistic and say I'm stressing over nothing and the book will come back 9.8. I spoke to a friend of mine who does pressing/cleaning for a living and without seeing the book he thinks it's a better chance it will drop to 9.6. And he's tossed out a friendly offer to take a crack at getting the book back to a 9.8 through whatever wizardry he feels he can do.
  4. So I feel a bit bummed about this purchase from about 4 or 5 yrs ago. It's my own fault really. But I'm feeling like I got swindled in a trade up deal I made at my local Fan Expo. Some of my fav books over the years I've tried to trade up several times for better copies. Avengers #1 is one of those books. My last copy with was a CGC 5.0 OW. I recalled coming across a 6.0 graded copy and I made a trade offer. I believe the deal was trading them my copy plus another $750-$900US on top (can't remember exactly how much). Now I have to state an important detail that the book was a CBCS book. But at this time of investing I wasn't prejudice about either grading company and owned quite a few slabs from both (no PGX though! lol). At that moment, I was more overwhelmed with excitement than anything else. Took a quick look at the book (not in too much detail) just cared about the grade while overlooking one massive flaw. There was significant water damage on back cover of the book's top corner and more along the spine which seeped into the staple and caused some other funky things there. I've always wanted to attempt to upgrade the book again but with this being the over water damaged book I own I never researched anything on how it affects both grade and values. I pretty shocked firstly that this book even attained a 6.0 for the amount of visible water damage it has considering I've read stories of books being dropped from potential 9.8's to 7.0's for water damage. I haven't heard of many achieving much higher grades at least from CGC. I'm definitely feeling like I gave away a nice chunk of money and the better book for one that I really have no idea what to do with now. Last year I wanted to press it and potentially send it to CGC for the cool Avengers label. My local presser urged me not to crack it because I'm lucky the book got the grade it did. I also feel like my chances of selling it to upgrade to another better copy are pretty much out the window. I don't even want to know what CGC might grade this book if I ever did decide to send it to them but I know it definitely wouldn't be higher than my old CGC 5.0. Definitely a huge rookie mistake here that cost me a big chunk of cash and a great book. PSA to anyone that doesn't know about water damage on books, do your research! What do you guys think CGC could potentially give this one on a grade? I've learned a ton of factors play into this so even a range would be appreciated. Grader's notes on it are as follows: Lots of staining to spine. Many cover stains that are only visible from interior. Staple rust. Many marvel tears right front cover. Creases top right front cover corner breaks color & barely breaks color. Spine stress breaks color. Small tear with 1" crease bottom left front cover.
  5. Almost but not quite. Other thread I shared the full story looking for feedback on how others would approach it. Here is where I asked specifically if during the process of pressing if a previous grade is taken into account. Just so happens more of the same details spilled out.
  6. I did not pay for screening.. Again, this was because a book from my reholder batch somehow ended up getting mixed into my smaller batch of books meant for pressing and grading. But like others have said, chances should still be decent that it comes back 9.8. I mean, technically I don't know if the book was previously pressed so I can't see it doing any harm. I hope lol.
  7. I tried to stop CGC in time. But every time I called them they either hadn't processed anything yet or it was too late. Mind you, the LCS ower did swear to me he would follow up to ensure this wasn't done. Ah, well.
  8. Lol, funny.. I think I had that exact dream last night except they used it for the world championship of ultimate frisbee. Well, I do appreciate the reassurance. I would gladly take that 98% any day. And that remaining 2% that it comes back 9.9
  9. I felt compelled to share this one. I've been on the search for a 9.8 for a few years now. Was a little disappointed with the grade I got even with a pressing. This is Riri William's first solo issue and it's the exclusive Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse Edition variant. It was exclusively made for Ariell's store (she is the one on the cover with Riri) and sold out immediately. Currently, 20 copies are on the census. 8 listed at 9.8. One of those copies is Ariell's personal 9.8. Which she won't sell (I've asked her lol). I've had a saved search on eBay for 2 years with no hits. Even asked around the IG community for a copy with no luck. In the hours wasted scouring the ends of the internet for another copy I can't even locate a raw one.
  10. This book has been on my want list literally since 2012. First problem is been locating one. Second problem is coughing up the insane asking prices for them. I've had a saved search for the last 9 years and only seen a couple at most pop up. It's so rare GoCollect and doesn't even acknowledge this variant. CGC lists 5 total on the census. 3 in 9.8, 1 in 9.6 and a 9.2. Rumor is 10 to 80 copies exist. I recall a 9.8 selling in 2013 for about $1000. I remember seeing it saying, no way am I paying $1000 for a modern that just came out! Meanwhile, this is the new norm. Currently, this exact copy is listed on eBay for an asking price of $30,000.
  11. Long story short, my LCS submitted one of my more precious books from a batch for pressing and re-grading that was only meant to be submitted for a reholder with a Marvel label. Worst part of it is that the book is a $2500 book already already in CGC 9.8. Whoops. I don't even want to get into the if's or what's about it again since I'm trying my best to sleep at night . But wondering if at any point during this process, is the previous grade taken into account at all? Or is the grader seeing the book raw without it's previous label. My hopes and prayers are that it stays 9.8. Or at least that chances of it coming back again in 9.8 is more than 50%.
  12. Good points raised and appreciate the feedback everyone. Definitely a learning lesson. I can dwell on it all day but it means nothing until I actually see the results. I'd like to think that I'm bummed out for no reason because I feel that it should be at least a 75% chance of the book coming back 9.8. But like mentioned above, it all comes down to the specific grader and the day they are having. Funny, I've had results go in every direction when cracking a book for re-grading. My ASM #300 9.8 got cracked for 3 sigs and it stayed 9.8. My previous Hulk #181 9.2 dropped from white pages to white/off-white after pressing it but stayed 9.2. And then my Marvel Super-Heroes #18 9.0 stayed 9.0 but page quality jumped to white after a press lol. It's a mixed bag! In future, I'll definitely be reconsidering how I'll be submitting books to CGC no matter what the outcome is. Either way, I'll update this thread on the results. I sent a few books in for cross-over service as well and I know people always like to hear the results.
  13. @Jose SantiagoPressing won't necessarily drop grade. It's purpose is the opposite. But cracking any book at any grade for re-grading runs a risk of dropping in grade. Hopefully those chances are lower being the book was already 9.8 but the risk still exists. @thehumantorch it wasn't Paradise. But just as reputable. I'm confident if I have to battle it out on this that I will get zero compensation from anyone. Just mentally preparing. But not saying that this is what I'm willing to accept. I definitely don't expect to be using them again unless maybe I'm there as they are inputting everything online so I can check everything is correct. Hoping that this LCS store wouldn't want to risk hurting their reputation over this. If things turn out horribly the best way to handle things would be taking accountability and proper compensation. If that happened the most I can say is they messed up. But fair compensation at least helps redeem their reputation.