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  1. Almost but not quite. Other thread I shared the full story looking for feedback on how others would approach it. Here is where I asked specifically if during the process of pressing if a previous grade is taken into account. Just so happens more of the same details spilled out.
  2. I did not pay for screening.. Again, this was because a book from my reholder batch somehow ended up getting mixed into my smaller batch of books meant for pressing and grading. But like others have said, chances should still be decent that it comes back 9.8. I mean, technically I don't know if the book was previously pressed so I can't see it doing any harm. I hope lol.
  3. I tried to stop CGC in time. But every time I called them they either hadn't processed anything yet or it was too late. Mind you, the LCS ower did swear to me he would follow up to ensure this wasn't done. Ah, well.
  4. Lol, funny.. I think I had that exact dream last night except they used it for the world championship of ultimate frisbee. Well, I do appreciate the reassurance. I would gladly take that 98% any day. And that remaining 2% that it comes back 9.9
  5. I felt compelled to share this one. I've been on the search for a 9.8 for a few years now. Was a little disappointed with the grade I got even with a pressing. This is Riri William's first solo issue and it's the exclusive Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse Edition variant. It was exclusively made for Ariell's store (she is the one on the cover with Riri) and sold out immediately. Currently, 20 copies are on the census. 8 listed at 9.8. One of those copies is Ariell's personal 9.8. Which she won't sell (I've asked her lol). I've had a saved search on eBay for 2 years with no hits. Even asked around the IG community for a copy with no luck. In the hours wasted scouring the ends of the internet for another copy I can't even locate a raw one.
  6. This book has been on my want list literally since 2012. First problem is been locating one. Second problem is coughing up the insane asking prices for them. I've had a saved search for the last 9 years and only seen a couple at most pop up. It's so rare GoCollect and doesn't even acknowledge this variant. CGC lists 5 total on the census. 3 in 9.8, 1 in 9.6 and a 9.2. Rumor is 10 to 80 copies exist. I recall a 9.8 selling in 2013 for about $1000. I remember seeing it saying, no way am I paying $1000 for a modern that just came out! Meanwhile, this is the new norm. Currently, this exact copy is listed on eBay for an asking price of $30,000.
  7. Long story short, my LCS submitted one of my more precious books from a batch for pressing and re-grading that was only meant to be submitted for a reholder with a Marvel label. Worst part of it is that the book is a $2500 book already already in CGC 9.8. Whoops. I don't even want to get into the if's or what's about it again since I'm trying my best to sleep at night . But wondering if at any point during this process, is the previous grade taken into account at all? Or is the grader seeing the book raw without it's previous label. My hopes and prayers are that it stays 9.8. Or at least that chances of it coming back again in 9.8 is more than 50%.
  8. Good points raised and appreciate the feedback everyone. Definitely a learning lesson. I can dwell on it all day but it means nothing until I actually see the results. I'd like to think that I'm bummed out for no reason because I feel that it should be at least a 75% chance of the book coming back 9.8. But like mentioned above, it all comes down to the specific grader and the day they are having. Funny, I've had results go in every direction when cracking a book for re-grading. My ASM #300 9.8 got cracked for 3 sigs and it stayed 9.8. My previous Hulk #181 9.2 dropped from white pages to white/off-white after pressing it but stayed 9.2. And then my Marvel Super-Heroes #18 9.0 stayed 9.0 but page quality jumped to white after a press lol. It's a mixed bag! In future, I'll definitely be reconsidering how I'll be submitting books to CGC no matter what the outcome is. Either way, I'll update this thread on the results. I sent a few books in for cross-over service as well and I know people always like to hear the results.
  9. @Jose SantiagoPressing won't necessarily drop grade. It's purpose is the opposite. But cracking any book at any grade for re-grading runs a risk of dropping in grade. Hopefully those chances are lower being the book was already 9.8 but the risk still exists. @thehumantorch it wasn't Paradise. But just as reputable. I'm confident if I have to battle it out on this that I will get zero compensation from anyone. Just mentally preparing. But not saying that this is what I'm willing to accept. I definitely don't expect to be using them again unless maybe I'm there as they are inputting everything online so I can check everything is correct. Hoping that this LCS store wouldn't want to risk hurting their reputation over this. If things turn out horribly the best way to handle things would be taking accountability and proper compensation. If that happened the most I can say is they messed up. But fair compensation at least helps redeem their reputation.
  10. True, I may end up in a worst case scenario where the book grade drops and my LCS passes the buck to CGC and CGC says we only did as instructed. I'd like to think that the chances of this happening are less than 30% at this point. My original logic was saving on the shipping costs of 20 books and possible duty fees on these books as well. I have a few cases now where I've been hit with duty fees for some reason on my own books returning to me. And FedEx/UPS or whoever they use make you jump through ridiculous hoops to get that reimbursed.
  11. I submitted about 20 books in total. Half were for custom labels. 5 were for pressing and grading. The others were for cross over service.
  12. Hi all, I wasn't sure of the best place to toss this posting so put in here. It's a bit more of an "advice needed" post than a noob post but at the same time, I've never been in this situation before. I use my LCS for CGC submissions. I live in Toronto, CA and shipping/duties can be costly so having a LCS that accepts submissions and saves you on those costs can be very beneficial. I submitted about 20 books for various services (cross over, new Marvel labels and reholdering). In that pile of books was an Ultimate Fallout #4 variant CGC 9.8. In my instructions to the comic store owner I requested only a reholdering with a custom label on this book. It was simply one book listed among another 9 books for custom labels. However, after he dropped all the books off to CGC at NYCC and provided my invoices it was noted that this specific book was receiving pressing and grading service (with the new label). You can imagine my immediate concern being that this is quite an expensive book in 9.8 and that this could end up being a costly mistake should the book return at a grade lower than 9.8. The moment he handed me the invoice with this error on it I brought it to his attention. He acknowledged the error and wrote on his invoice copy a little reminder to follow up as the books were only dropped off at NYCC 2 days earlier. At this moment he was also distracted by multiple customers trying to chit chat about their favorite comics they picked up and I reminded him once more before leaving to make sure he was on top of it. Not to say I didn't trust him, but I wanted to make sure my book was safe. I followed up by email to CGC a few weeks later asking to make sure this book was not pressed or graded as it was an error. The response was that the books hadn't been processed in the system yet and to call back once we get the confirmation email. Unfortunately the emails are going directly to the store owner so I had to continue a guessing game. I tried again a few weeks later and received the same email response from CGC. I waited another 3 or 4 weeks this time and called CGC directly. A customer service rep confirmed that the books were processed and that this book was already in the pressing stages and nothing could be done to prevent it at this point. I was livid as you would expect. My assumption was that the comic store never followed up at all. I emailed him right away (to ensure I had a paper trail) to remind him of our past conversation, the error on the invoice and that we now have a potential problem. He replied back that he would call CGC the next day. 2 days past and no reply email back with an update so I followed up again. He asked me to call him directly at the store. He advised me he called CGC and that they also said it was too late. He said they messed up and it was on his instructions (invoice) that no pressing was to be done. He texted me the same copy of the invoice he already provided me prior with a scribble on it beside the listed book about pressing and said "See? I had the instructions right there.". Not sure if he forgets I watched him write that note when I was with him in the store. He proceeded to say the blame now is on CGC and that if the book comes back lower than 9.8 they will have to find a way to compensate me or provide me the same book. Does this sound right to anyone? And how would you proceed in this case should the book actually come back lower than 9.8?
  13. This strategy is ideal, but as someone else mentioned.. if you don't have a money tree growing in the back yard buying a $10k or more book BEFORE selling the old copy is literally not an option. My big loss was soley due to the poor timing of my decision to upgrade. Had I done it a few weeks later I would have been happy. Or if I had done it a year earlier I would have been happy too. Same goes for selling a stock too soon then it rockets the next week. Sometimes things like that unfortunately happen!
  14. Man, reading this thread and seeing what's going on with this book right now is both exciting and heart breaking. On one hand it's amazing to see on of the books I love most becoming one of the most coveted books to own today. But on the other hand, if I had just held on to my 9.2 a few weeks more I could've potentially made another $4000CAD! Jeez! I literally sold mine off in mid May for FMV which was about $5000 US at that moment. I even had low ballers offering me $4000 and $4500US. My sole purpose to selling it was in hopes to upgrade it for a better grade. I've literally spent almost the last 8 yrs upgrading my 181's in hopes to one day own a 9.8. My original copy was a raw VF+ to NM- copy. I sent it away for sigs and slabbing and it came back better than one could have expected with Herb Trimpe, John Romita, Stan Lee and Len Wein's signatures on it. Plus even a cool Wolverine and Wendigo face remark by Herb Trimpe. Sadly, the grade got knocked down to a 7.5 white pages because Stan got some silver marker on his hand and it smeared a tiny bit on Wolvie's face. I was happy but devastated by the grade. I sold it a year later for $1000CAD. Took that money and bought a 9.0. About 3 summers ago I came across a 9.2 white pager at my local Fan Expo and the guy let me trade up for $800 CAD. A year later I cracked it and pressed it hoping to squeeze some extra juice out of it. Came back a 9.2 but lost the white pages Then it was this past mid May I sold my 9.2 in hopes again to upgrade to a 9.4. Clearly, I picked the absolute worst time to sell and left a lot of cash on the table. I was stuck for a bit and was desperate to even find another 9.2 to replace mine but prices were soaring by this point. A few weeks ago a friend jokingly came across a stunning 9.6 white pager and told me to take a look. He said he knew the guy and he'd take $10.5k US. This guy had grails on grails. Clearly money was of no importance to him lol. I messaged the guy just for fun to see if we could work out an offer. He was super nice. I offered him $8500US plus my Iron Man #55 9.4. He agreed. So I spent the last few weeks selling off some modern slabs I no longer cared about, took my sale cash from my 9.2, packed up my Iron Man and now my shiny new 9.6 is in transit to me. I honestly never thought after all these years I would ever own this book especially a 9.6. I know I picked a horrible time to pay, and this whole experience was full of ups and downs, but it was well worth the time and stress. Mind you I really wanted a 9.8 all those years ago. But now that grade it probably unattainable lol. Everyone with their own copies or looking for one.. just enjoy the ride!