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  1. Randy, after all these years are we any closer to finding out why there are two publishing dates for issue #9? The greatest mystery of all time. Lol.
  2. Definitely. Ended at $50,400.00 with buyers premium. Congratulations to the lucky new owner. Way above my pay grade. Lol.
  3. Have you guys seen the original art for Marvel Feature Vol. 2 #1 up for auction at Heritage? Romita Sr. and Kane classic. I think it's up to 36 K, and ends tomorrow, 5/16/19. Pretty sweet piece for whoever ends up with it.
  4. Got some early Ghost Rider from Trey. Books were well packed, and shipped fast. Five stars.
  5. It's been a while. Finally found a MF vol. 2 #3 in 9.8 wp.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom there's plenty of other copies with no sticker. I like the #3 cover with Red and Conan fighting the tentacled beast by Earl Norem.
  7. The cover for Frank Thorne's Red Sonja #5 and a couple interior pages are coming up for auction at Comic Link.
  8. Avengers #1? Were you tempted even for a moment to keep it? Just wanted to get the rightful owner their item, and get mine too. Not worth much, but it's been years since one came up for sale. Still need #2 and #3 to complete the set, and gyro1 has the only #2 9.8 in existence. It may be a while.
  9. Excellent! What was the book you were sent? 2nd app. of Defenders, Marvel Feature #2 9.8 WP. Sold for almost $800.00. At least it wasn't #1.
  10. Update: My book has been found. Jon and Justin from C Link were right on top of the situation. The book I received will be FedEx'ed back to C Link tomorrow. Apparently they never heard my message, but called because of this thread. Pointless as it seemed. Everyone can calm their mammary glands and go about trolling anyone else they set their sites on in glorious comics general. Thanks for all your help.
  11. No time to play games. If the person that receives my book, Marvel Feature Vol. 2 #6, and can tell me what book I have, assuming C Link only messed up our orders, then we can go from there. Message me, because I'm done posting here. Later.
  12. This isn't a thread about me chewing out CLink. It's about trying to find the rightful owner of the book I have. Can we just stay on topic? This is why I don't come to comics general. Geez.
  13. I was going to give them a gold star and ribbon, but changed my mind at the last second.