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  1. If coverless copies go for $1200-$1500, then I'd say your remaindered copy is at least a $2500 book, probably more.
  2. I used to own complete coverless copies of TEC #29 and Action #10, now the only GA coverless I have left is this:
  3. One of my top 10 covers of all time:
  4. Ah I meant #20...#22 is impossible because you’re hoarding all the copies.
  5. Captain Marvel Adventures #79, first Tawky Tawny. Whiz Comics #20, first Dr. Sivana cover (not #22 as I originally wrote)
  6. I'm out of the loop on this, how much is Cap #1 per point now?
  7. Sure, I can't help you with what the inside of the back cover has on it since my book is slabbed, but here's what the outside back cover looks like:
  8. I absolutely love this cover as well, so I think you made a good pick-up regardless if it's currently missing the back cover. I'll also use this thread as an excuse to post my copy :