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  1. I didn't pick up any major keys this year like in past years, but I did get some classic covers I've been after. In order of my favorite: 1. Captain America Comics #27 - Awesome Schomburg WWII cover 2. Detective Comics #153 - 1st solo Batman cover since Detective Comics #37 3A. (Tie) Weird Science #13 - classic UFOs over Washington DC cover 3B. Black Magic #44 - Aliens and Ghost Hitler, WTF?
  2. Since we're posting our signed Cap #3's, that give me an excuse to post mine again. I too have Jack and Stan, and am missing Joe. I don't think I have seen a #3 signed by all three of them.
  3. I don't think it's a question of if it will happen, but when. The main question of authenticity is going to come down to the dimensions, since the facsimile is 10x7, and Primetime said the original was 10x7.5.
  4. @Primetime@woowoo I measured the dimensions with a ruler today just to be sure, but it looks to be right 10x7 inches as far as size goes. Is that what the original Marvel #1 measured at? @pemart1966 The printing is actually pretty crisp, I'm not seeing any bluriness at all having it in hand. There is some slight registration mis-alignment on some panels/pages, but it believe that could be intentional since they were going for realism. @Mmehdy Here are a few more pics as requested:
  5. Anyone else pick this up when it was released a few weeks back? For those not familiar with this, it's a 272 page treasury-sized, high-end hardcover reprint of four Golden Age Timely stories selected by Roy Thomas. The issues reprinted in the book are Sub-Mariner #1, Human Torch #5, Captain America Comics #10, and All Winners Comics #19. The paper stock is a thicker, semi-gloss type, but the pages themselves retain the cream to off-white color of the comics being reprinted. Also included is a 10x7 print by artist Marco D’Alfonso. The real centerpiece of the whole collection to me is a true-to-size, facsimile reprint of Marvel Comics #1, printed to look, feel, and smell like a vintage comic from 1939. The pages themselves are some type of aged newsprint that is eerily close to the cream color and "musty smell" of some actual Golden Age comics I have from around the same era. All in all, it's an awesome package for Timely fans and Golden Age fans alike, and I highly recommend picking it up.
  6. This was mentioned a few weeks back in another thread but the Ant-Man/Black Knight analogy works well when it's compared like this: Black Knight #1 (first Black Knight) = Tales to Astonish #27 (first Ant-Man) Avengers #47 (first Dane Whitman) = Avengers #181 (first Scott Lang) Avengers #48 (first Dane Whitman as Black Knight) = Marvel Premiere #47 (first Scott Lang as Ant-Man) Now Black Knight #1 and TTA #27 are obviously going for more since they're older and the more scarce first incarnations of the respective "characters." But I made the point that as far as the Dane Whitman Black Knight is concerned, I'm putting Avengers #48 ahead of #47 based on the fact that Marvel Premiere #47 (the first appearance of Scott Lang AS Ant-Man), sells for more and is in more demand that Avengers #181 which is the first overall appearance of Scott Lang, just not as Ant-Man, the character that made him famous later when he took that mantle.
  7. I hadn't even thought of making that analogy with TTA #27, but that's dead-on.
  8. Avengers #48 is right there with it, and I personally think that is a better pick over #47. The reason I say that, is that I think this might shake out the same way the first appearance of Scott Lang/Ant-Man has, where as Marvel Premiere #47, the issue where Scott becomes Ant-Man and is featured on the cover, has overtaken Scott's actual first appearance in Avengers #181, as far as demand/value goes.
  9. Inhumans was done by the Marvel TV division, which broke into a separate entity from Kevin Feige and the movie studio division. Here's one of the many news stories about it:
  10. The big difference here is that the Marvel Netflix shows didn't have Kevin Feige and the Disney Studios machine behind them.
  11. I know right? I sold a VF+ pair of both Avengers #47 and #48 last month for somewhat cheap because I thought the "Black Knight in the MCU" rumors wouldn't pan out.
  12. Kit Harrington is playing Dane Whitman/Black Knight in The Eternals.