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  1. Hi folks! trimming my collection and there are some pieces up for sale. PAYMENT : paypal or bank wire. in case of Paypal, please remember to cover the fees SHIPMENT: I usually ship with UPS global within 4 days the piece will knock on your door in US or CANADA. Definitely less in EU. any questions, please ask cheers AG
  2. it looks like the original art is behind the tape to give the FX effect to Hobby
  3. HI chaps. I have recently aquired a very nice ASM page by JRJR. It is page 2 from issue 243. But as I have also laid my eyes upon another Byrne piece, I am in the need of funding again. Thus if someone is interested the strike price is of 3,2k usd (fed ex shipping included). drop me a mail or PM. cheers AG
  4. hi chaps. As the EURO devaluated once again, I am offering an additional 7% discount on all the pieces. Time payment always an option.
  5. FANTASTIC FOUR SECRET INVASIONS COVER 2 By Alan Davis. 2.800.00 usd + shipping
  6. THOR VARIANT COVER 7 by ALAN DAVIS 2800 usd + shipping as always in great condition and stored in Itoya since purchasing
  7. Also adding a fantastic Gary Frank Green Lantern promotional piece up for sale for 2000 usd
  8. Dear ladies and lads Time has come after so many years to let a couple of Dell'Otto pieces go. I have to cover some recent purchases, and 2 out of my 4 Dell'Otto pieces are meant to be sold. BATMAN: Lair of the Dark Knight: 4500 usd + shipping. the piece is framed and in excellent condition, never exposed to direct sunlight. It was meant to be published as a cover for a German edition but, based on Gabriele's statement, he does not remember if this came true. However it has been published in his artbooks. SUPERSKRULL 1- ANNHILATION: 6500 usd + shipping the piece has been published as cover during the ANNHiLATION SAGA. Excellent condition as well. As always picture is not making justice to the vibrant colors. you probably are aware that Superskrull will be the evil characther in the next Cap Marvel movie, thus you can only expect more interest on this piece in the future THOR 173 pag 4 half splash with Loki and Ulik 6900 usd + shipping Great half splash by Kirby in neat condition for both I am attaching pictures taken in order to give you the most real view of the goodness and dimensions. you can also find them in my CAF gallery. Payment will be operated via bank wire to an US bank account or to EU account depending where you are based. any questions please PM me. cheers
  9. I might have a couple of Carnevale's pieces up for sale, if interested, please pm. thanks
  10. and finally it is here....... the art had a very relaxed trip from San Jose to San Franscisco it took almost 3 weeks, but after this long walk it flew directly to Italy and knock on my door without any issue. Again thanks David for the great support and a always constructive mail exchange despite the crisis.... cheers
  11. Let's cross our fingers now that the airplane will land in the right airport and will not find any traffic jam on the route! However it is still alive and hopefully on its way to my home!