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  1. If he returns he'll just say he did it somewhere else for the rest of the day.
  2. Look at it this way- They stick out like a sore thumb, so they're easy to avoid.
  3. Archer & Armstrong would (could) be a fun film if real effort were made for character development. I think.
  4. Some online sites require a maximum number of words or characters. If this is the case, you need to make use of the space by only including essential information. This should usually include the title, the issue number, the volume number, and the publisher, as well as, the general story. Oh, that's why "OW-W Marvel 1964" was added to the listing title instead of "trimmed".
  5. So is "OW-W Marvel-1964", and with a larger font, yet you still added this to your listing title. It's much more clearly a volume 1 than it is trimmed.
  6. It means it should be mentioned in the listing.
  7. He's ["they're"] still determining if it actually was. EDIT: My mistake. He ["they"] were coming to an entirely different determination.
  8. Best of luck. Of the restos you posted, I can live with the Avengers #1. Mine's a coverless SS.
  9. I'm always surprised at those missed details, like Perez and/or Marcos' [Marcos's?] 8 legged ants on Avengers 161
  10. The GPA took a hard dip right after I bought it which stings a little, but for me this is one of those books where I don't care, like my AF15. Of course that one has more than tripled in value since buying it, so that helps a lot with the Grail sting. What matters is they were available and attainable at the right time and place, and before I stopped purchasing. JIM83 is my only unfulfilled want (GRR will have to do ).
  11. I don't have my childhood comics anymore. I was one of those kids with one of those moms, but I think the first I purchased was Cap 213. The first I ever owned was probably an FF or Avengers. The oldest Kirby comic I currently own is probably FF #1, but this is my oldest anything from Kirby (Sky Masters), and my only Kirby Comic art.
  12. Mostly a 'joke', but thanks Actually my Avengers #1 is lower, not having a cover, but it's a Stan Lee SS. And thanks for quoting so I could see my grammar error.