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  1. I knew there had to be another Iced Earth fan somewhere out there. I'm a fan of the Matt Barlow era.
  2. My B-day stamp copy (not the year)
  3. Hiya Mike, Do you have any confirmed cases out there? My wife texted me a moment ago and said we do have 6 new cases, making a total of 8. Yesterday my co-worker from our opposite shift (60 yrs old) felt cooped up I guess, so he took his dirt bike out and wrecked it (again), screwing up his back. Now I'll need to work extra days to cover his absence. So much for staying in as much as possible My wife's job is also considered essential, so she's out Mon-Fri. Our grandson just hangs out all day in the house, just how a 14 year old likes it.
  4. On the way home from work last night I noticed an awful lot of traffic on our streets, and quite a few pedestrians, even for a normal Saturday. Friday last week had about half of what I saw last night. People here are becoming complacent, though I hear our county now has 6 cases (or 6 new cases, making it 8 total- I haven't checked yet). Our Post Office didn't seem to be practicing it at all when I was there a couple days ago.
  5. Some FF gap fillers and two more Rich Buckler pages for my RB OA Collection.
  6. At least I'm not seeing an updated death count every hour like across the street.
  7. It does look like I'm going to have to start over- I just HATE the thought of this book once again running the shipping gauntlet since I'm not sure if I'll be attending any conventions soon. I do agree that any further shipping fees should be on them since I have no way of knowing 100% for sure that this wasn't simply treated as a reholder. Other than assurances via PM, i see no indications otherwise. Yay.
  9. The CCA stamp and the ASM logo line up differently on the GRR also.
  10. Updating this chapter of the thread. I purchased this ASM1 from MCS, and then started the process of verifying whether or not it's a US copy. Conan at MCS was very helpful in this, and notified me that CGC says it is indeed a US copy. UNFORTUNATELY, while I requested that this copy be returned to me raw IF IT IS A US COPY, so I could see for myself, it was returned in a new case (no Newton Rings fwiw) without any note assuring it is a US Copy. I would have hoped that since all identifying marks on the outside was cut out, the label would have addressed that detail. Aside from Conan's confirmation via CGC (I don't think he saw the US Indicia personally, so he's going by CGC's word), I find myself pretty much exactly where I started. So after several months, I still need to decide how I want to handle this. I don't sell comics, but IF I had to sell this, I'd be lucky to get FMV as is because there simply is no way to be sure, and I couldn't blame anyone for being cautious. I can open it myself (recorded, of course), but it's been suggested that I bring it to a convention where CGC is set up, and do it there (also recorded). If the label had simply said, "US Copy", I'd feel much better about it. And now we're back where we startedHere we go round again … Do it again