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  1. I don't know Look at the footwork of the kid on the left. These guys are dancing.
  2. It would be interesting to see that left arm without the cannon in the way, because it isn't making any sense. Not that the right arm does, but either his bicep or his forearm is missing.
  3. I'd buy Mylite2s and Fullbacks because I've been spending thousands on comics lately.
  4. No idea I purchased it from Rupp. Did they have Green Labels noting hidden defects in the 'Old Label' days?
  5. I've had the 94 for a few months now, and just got the GSX1
  6. Was the seller intended to believe your friend was truly an interested party? Did your friend consider for even one millisecond actually buying the book, even if the seller (for some reason) accepted his/her offer? If not, he/she misrepresented his/herself with a specific purpose in mind of assisting you in getting a better deal. If you were aware of it, you were part of it. That's how I see it fwiw
  7. I'd prefer better centering, but it's straight(ish), has nice PQ, and it's all there (CCA stamp/ words). 3 out of 4...
  8. I received my well-packaged slab very quickly! The communication was great, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from you again! Thanks!