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  1. This actually makes me curious enough to look for one and see how it compares to the film Brother Sun, Sister Moon.
  2. Ron Frenz He made one last adjustment to the "4" reflection after providing this scan.
  3. Bob Layton (with help from Perez/Sinnot's MTinO #50)
  4. Mephisto By Matt Slay- Used for his Portaits Of Evil sketchbook. The inside back cover sketch (also commissioned) is Matt's "old school, Necronomicon" style Satan, perplexed at being left out.
  5. I was looking for a copy of Comics Feature #26 (fanzine) because it has an interview with Mike Royer, and at the time MCS was the only place I could find offering one. I trust their grading and was satisfied with their "7.5", so I took it without reading the contents in the yellow box, which I assumed to be their Consignment info (it wasn't). So it was a surprise to me, though it shouldn't have been.
  6. I got these 2 (Superman #423 & Plop #1) a few years ago in separate Flying Donut's $3 sales
  7. Sold as a 7.5 It was the only one they had (at the time) so I really didn't bother with the Zoom feature. LINK