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  1. Again, apologies if I missed these being posted.
  2. Having completed my ASM and Avengers runs, I'm focusing on the FF again, replacing issues I sold here several years ago, upgrading the ones I kept, and getting the tough ones that I was unable to get in those days- Once I got my #1 and replaced my 48-50 & 52, it made sense to focus on competing a Silver to Copper Age run. 2 & 4-6 are still going to be tough, especially now. I had a choice of getting all these, or trying to get one of those early ones. I went with these.
  3. The older I get, the easier it is for me to mentally transport to my summer vacations surrounded by SA/BA comics stacked in the order I planned to read. For a time, my bedroom was the whole world, and I imagined everything outside was the Marvel Universe
  4. FWIW, having my share of back problems, I decipher this as meaning because of a spine injury, he/she cannot keep their arms elevated without support, so they lean forward with their wrists or forearms resting on their knees, and when moving hands left and right on the keyboard is required, they do so by moving their knees left and right, all to avoid lifting the arms from their support. Painkillers might explain the rest When my lower back is bad, lifting my foot from the gas to the brakes is not easy.