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  1. Is it higher than what you can get a lower grade covered copy?
  2. I forgot to post my other Sam Sigs, (and a non-Copper Buzz)
  3. My lone copy, but it doesn't seem to have been posted yet.
  4. I'd say even less so. What's silly is how sometimes TPGs consider a preview as a 1st appearance (ASM 365) and sometimes not (Capes #1/Agents #6).
  5. Poop on eBay. I know the seller, so I don't need them. It was removed from eBay because I bought it. Well, that is what collectors do, but thanks for your concern. It isn't going anywhere, though. Some collectors love an item and are fine paying a premium to get it right now. Not sorry. Some people want an item because they hope to get more for it later. Your last comment suggests you're in this camp. No problem. I have the book and the seller has some money. Win, win. I hope you guys are able to get your copies for a price you can accept if they come up. I'm gonna
  6. I was tempted to buy it the last time it was mentioned here in the thread. All of this reminded me, so it all worked out perfectly.
  7. It did Seller and buyer agreed on a number, and are both happy. I'll post a scan in a few days when I'm off