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  1. asm 798 ross virgin variant. Book looks perfect too me, ide say it would bring a 9.6 easily. I wont say 9.8 just to be safe, but it shoud have a chance. Sold Will come shipped with toploader
  2. Teen titans 12, 1st batman who laughs Has a couple of small spine ticks that break color Sold
  3. Power rangers 25 shattered grid fried pie variant. Very nice besides one small dent on spine doesnt break color $30.00
  4. Adventures into fear 19. Nice book, has some bends on spine and a little roll on right side of front cover. Small piece out of left lower back cover and couple tears and wrinkle lower back cover. $60.00
  5. Harbinger 1. 3 staples, cover detached from top 2 staples and has split at those staple points. has coupon. Ide give it a 5.0. $50.00
  6. No probies or HOSers I will ship within US only. SHIPPING included in price. Payment by Paypal only. First in the sales thread gets it.
  7. Got it, trying to take a shortcut and i know that generally never works.
  8. Maybe, was hopin though i had a good candidate on a book i already owned
  9. Thanks for the info on the spine. Yea a press was out of the question for me because of the spine
  10. Got a perfect flat copy of spawn 1 I wanna get graded. The spine though has some white spots on it that looks like its from just opening the book. Is the cover stock on this book thicker and is this a normal thing for this book? Would cgc grade this lower because of this?
  11. I got my asm 798 ross virgin variant in and noticed the back cover is very wavy. Curious if this is normal or would have to get pressed out if I wanted to get it graded a 9.8. Hard to see since it has a white back cover but you can see the shadows from the ripples.
  12. Looking for around a 4.5 on 48 and 5.0 on 49 and 50.
  13. Looking for blue label 9.6 white pages for all. Pm me please. Will look at 9.8s as well, just not sure how big the price difference is.
  14. Awesome statue man. Just waiting on the p1 venom, assuming you picked him up as well.