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  1. Any recommendations on where to send it for a dry clean and press? Preferably a place that will submit to cgc once done
  2. Well hopefully the inside is as nice and there is no hidden supriseses
  3. Waiting to receive from ebay, curious on thought of grade, I was around a 4.5 maybe 5, book looks great besides spine ticks. Haven't seen inside pages yet
  4. Looking to spend around $700 if anyone has a copy, no cream pages please.
  5. Thank you. My girlfriend will love them, pretty much the last ones she needed
  6. I just picked up a newsstand issue 2 after talking about. Still don't see a 4 though
  7. I was about to say issue 4 also as I just looked it up. They must be pretty rare
  8. Looking for Cgc 9.8 infinity gauntlet 1 and 4. Captain marvel 26 Cgc 8.0- 9.0. Silver surfer 44 Cgc 9.4 or 9.6