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  1. Waiting to receive from ebay, curious on thought of grade, I was around a 4.5 maybe 5, book looks great besides spine ticks. Haven't seen inside pages yet
  2. Looking to spend around $700 if anyone has a copy, no cream pages please.
  3. Thank you. My girlfriend will love them, pretty much the last ones she needed
  4. I just picked up a newsstand issue 2 after talking about. Still don't see a 4 though
  5. I was about to say issue 4 also as I just looked it up. They must be pretty rare
  6. Looking for Cgc 9.8 infinity gauntlet 1 and 4. Captain marvel 26 Cgc 8.0- 9.0. Silver surfer 44 Cgc 9.4 or 9.6
  7. Thanks for all the replies and those I bought from. Still interested in what you got if we have a ongoing pm. Updating for new search.