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  1. Thanks for all the replies and those I bought from. Still interested in what you got if we have a ongoing pm. Updating for new search.
  2. Raw Thanos quest 1 and 2 found. Cgc infinity gauntlet 1 found. Still looking for the others raw or graded
  3. Bump, will also entertain Cgc copies in 8.5-9.4 on everything besides infinity gauntlet and thanos quest. 9.6- 9.8 on infinity gauntlet and thanos quest
  4. I remember snagging a beat up copy with ink over the entire cover for 100 bucks like 5 years ago. Tried selling it on here after I snagged a nice graded 5.0 for the same price and got laughed at. The value on this book has sky rocketed. I'll see if i can find the pic. Found it.
  5. Updating as found most what I was looking for, still waiting on a few replies but done for the most part. New search for captain marvel raw or Cgc in or around 9.0. Silver surfer 44 in or around 9.6.
  6. Cgc green lantern 76, nm 87 and am 238 First unconditional in thread overrides any PM negotiations. No Probation List or hall of shame paypal only RETURNS Returns accepted within 5 business days -- Buyer pays return shipping Green lantern 76 cgc 5.5 blue label, off white to white pages.Small piece missing out of cgc case bottom right side $300.00 shipped Amazing spiderman 238 cgc 9.0 blue label, white pages. $100.00 shipped New mutants 87 cgc 9.0 blue label, white pages. $130.00 shipped
  7. Hmmm, been gone for a couple years, may have to disappear again, I liked the old chat room
  8. usual rules apply no hos wins and beats any pm's Payment by paypal and immediately after purchase as I am in need of the money. I will ship these books to the winner on Wednesday the 21st since that is my day off work. sold Both have white pages
  9. I don't understand why all the hate reviews out there for this movie, I thought it was excellent and I'm not even a very big DC fan.
  10. Color matching on switch outs isn't always the best from SS. You can contact them for a replacement or credit back. Some of the recent Hulk pfs had similar issues with the change out heads. I was lucky enough to get one that matched fairly well. If only it was one of the switch out pieces. The hand that has the problem is attached to the body.
  11. I got my spidey statue in last week and I gotta say it's the best one by far. Had to order green goblin to go with it after how spidey turned out. For those who got him in, does the hand that sits on the base look funky on yours? Mine looks really poor compared to the rest of the statue. His fingers look sun faded and the black lines around the fingers are just sloppy and all over the place. Other then a few of his fingers though this statue is amazing
  12. I was so happy to see this as the last Deadpool statue is into the 1k mark now. Sideshow has been hitting home runs too me with the current statue releases, so I imagine this will be a day one order for me
  13. No haven't gotten around to check out the gba versions yet. Ibe been meaning to pick them up. I'll check out those forums, thanks a lot. Yea neo geo forum was just full of hateful people, it annoyed me reading the majority of the posts
  14. Can anyone recommend a good video game forum? I tried over at Neo Geo but wow that place is nothing like this forum where everyone is nice and helpful for the most part.
  15. Just one cib. Couldn't pass up the price for a minty non players choice box. I left the game and manual in the players choice box that way the minty one doesnt get anymore wear and tear, I play metroid a lot.