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  1. Aren't they the ones selling hot toys groot and hulk knock offs?
  2. I own some of the Kotobukiya Marvels and for the price they look great, especially the hulk
  3. Unfortunately my camera phone isn't the best. They are such amazing figures though
  4. Just got these in today, very impressive in hand. Didnt think I would like this set more then the AOU Captain America but wow this set is just so amazing
  5. I like the head sculpt in and of itself, but judging by the pics SST put up, it doesn't really seem to fit the body. Not sure what is off about it. Too big? Something, I dunno. But it's weird. Still, altogether it looks like a really nice piece. I will probably hold off on ordering because I don't care about the exclusive, and with it being a character like Wolvie, the edition size will probably be through the roof. I like it, and will probably order it, but not until after SDCC where we'll get a better look at it, not to mention, at whatever else SS has in store for next year. I tend to halt all pre-ordering/buying until SDCC is finished. love it, ordered it
  6. I started collecting about 2 months ago and have 13 Hot Toys now. Still waiting for my 1st sideshow pice to come in, DR Doom
  7. Here is my small corner of the room I get next to the cat bed in our apt. I also get a small closet for all my comics but it's nothing fancy to look at
  8. Yea I was really looking forward too get this statue in this month
  9. looks like a loaf of bread to me as well. I think it looks great still, hoping they make the orange a bit brighter though in the release
  10. Yup. Also looking forward to the variant reveal. Yea, hoping its not just a repaint
  11. Now just gotta wait a year to get this in