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  1. Did not think I needed to I was only 2 hours from home. Went from Austin to Houston
  2. Last week I traveled down to Houston for a Meeting downtown at a law office, once it was done I did what any sane person would do in Houston I made a stop at the closest Bedrock City Comics picked up some nice comics and filled up some holes in the collection. Went to pay and my card was declined, thought it was weird and tried again and still declined. I knew there was money in the account so I paid another way. Got into my car and called my bank to find out what happened, after waiting on hold was told the card was flagged for a suspected fraudulent transaction. So spent 20 or so min going through past transactions to get the card working again. I would think with as much as my wife gets on me about buying comics a purchase at a Comic shop would raise any red flags.