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  1. She won the Golden Globe and Oscar on the same year for Best Actress, "Room" 2016
  2. A brother = dragon named after him first to...! How do I use spoiler or hidden contents? censored censored...
  3. No need to fight on who's riding the 3rd dragon, there won't be a 3rd dragon to ride after this week episode if the rumor is right and seems possible! So only 2 Targets! I hope this episode will be all up north just like Hardhome
  4. It means R remarried and it is a legitimate marriage, you should know it by now I hope! Best line for this episode for me: "how many men did you bring? Not enough, the big woman!!" blink blink hahahahaha
  5. Don't see the Titanic effect to any current movies or future unless it is a new technology or some new innovation. There are just too many options to choose outside of going to theater, streaming option, 4k, 3D, HD, home theater setup, and the pleasure to enjoy at home any time. 1997 has no competition with today technologies. Same goes with Avatar, 1st 3D movie in theater made billions; all big budget movies now have 3D and they can't break a billion.