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  1. outstanding article and excellent color reproductions, especially the Ditko galleries. This august Marvel is releasing the first Masters of Suspense" Vol featuring 688 pages of all Ditko pre hero work..its just the first volume...probably of two, its about time these stories were upgraded to a book for themselves. Thank you leader for being there for US true comic book collectors and please keep up the great work, let me know your review when the book comes out...
  2. no I would not if not removable without creating some type of cover damage
  3. why can't CC just mannup and spend the money it takes to get to Ha's level they could easily take the lead among auction houses....clearly the best of the best on Ha's website
  4. I agree its the toughest one out there, I know of one copy..fine plus that is not graded, if you need the book and see it, don't let it go..
  5. Some amazing condition pulps coming from the Glynn Crain collection at, click under illustration art...they look mint spicy's etc
  6. super reports, I really like the comments with the photos. Keep the great work up....thanks again
  7. 204 items....anybody what to venture a guess as to how many items will be available?
  8. since t Since this auction was a success should we be on the lookout for the Gator Collection Part 2 in a up coming in CC auction>
  9. thanks for the heads up, just placed an order on Amazon on the master os suspense due out the end of August, should make a great companion to the complete Amazing Fantasy Vol That I have, thanks again
  10. well deserved and a great choice...waiting for observations too...thanks
  11. The Glynn Crain collection on the illustration Art section of Ha .com is up...go to pages 2/3 and you will see the finest collection of EC SF comics ever offered...there are many more to come...9.8 WSF 21 is amazing .....I hope somebody can Link those pics...WOW
  12. The auction is up on just click on Illustration art link on Ha...103 items up now