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  1. I know that the new Tashen EC book is using Gaines file copies for cover reproduction and that every EC cover will be in the books cover gallery.
  2. No second print of the regular edition.....
  3. Update books loaded off ship and sold out to retailers. Vanguard has a few copies left....get the collectors edition as update on Vanguard website, 2d printing coming in Oct
  4. Got the pre-order for the new EC book by Grant Geissman entitled "The History of EC comics" the book is extra large about 12 by 16 and 592 pages and looks amazing...the best book ever published on EC hand down. and ..on the website their are 15 preview pages. The book contains over 100 rarities from the Gaines family archives that have never seen print. Over 1000 illustrations, the best $200 one can spend. I pre-ordered today...great stuff Check it out on the Taschen website
  5. great book cong, never saw that before
  6. I agree over the years the book should have gotten more respect.
  7. RIP..FF run is what kept me collecting comics in the early years...
  8. send it back for undisclosed restoration unless the price you paid was quite attractive.
  9. I also think the price of the book is great, the collectors limited signed edition is only 69.99 what a bargain
  10. Strong signatures and not faded and verified at least 2X...but value is very subjective, Superman #100 is a very strong choice.
  11. are the signatures on the cover or inside and Superman #100 is great
  12. My opinion is the value would be tied to what GA comic book it is....Superman #1 or Superman significant is that particular book in terms of GA/SA comic book collecting, and then of course what condition is the book restored or unrestored a lot of factors here to consider.