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  1. It will be interesting to see if the 3 trillion dollars which just got dumped into the economy will raise prices on these.
  2. With the US government dumping 3 trillion dollars into our economy, GA/SA buyers are probably spilt with those who got funds, the haves vs those have nots who who face possible business closure or job elimination. I think 800K including BP is very normal times given the GA mega key appreciation rate and upcoming Batman movie ( which looks great) I think it would be 900K with BP.
  3. I will second that, it is a very sharp copy, its a 7.0 in my opinion
  4. 150K is the old 50K and of course while the government keeping putting and printing money out there-3 trillion will see some prices pumped up.
  5. It is a real shame that some future collectors could be taken advantage of....hopefully E-Bay will do the right thing
  6. that is the real problem...what if somebody does it even better...real issues for long term collecting
  7. I wonder how the paper quality is on those and how similar to the original?...
  8. It has always since day one been a the old days it was a year or two behind of the actual prices serious collectors were paying, after 50 years still have some relevance in terms of price guiding is amazing. Happy 50 Bob
  9. Let me respond to your points as follows: 1-"there are still plenty of traditional buyers that still paying record prices"...what a great time to consolidate your collection, sell dups and get top dollar and that is my advice on the selling front. On the flip side, my advice is do not be the person "paying" a record price at this time. If you are in luck and get a record price, bank it, and wait for a more opportune time to purchase and I think this advice is going to be spot on, when looking back with hindsight. 2- "haven't seen a whole lot of dip or flat out taking like you suggested would happen in the beginning of this thead" I suggest you study those comments more carefully as I said these events will take a minimum of 18 months to pay out. It could be longer and up to 3 years. This is not a overnight crash like the 1929 stock market, there will be no "black tuesday" in the GA/SA market period. There will be a sustained period of price decline marked by a flat or bottoming out period, and then a slow upward recovery. Whether its 30%, 40%, or 50% it is gonna have to play out over a long period of time. I am not suggesting a 90% Black Tuesday market correction will ever happen in the current GA/SA comic book market. 3-"you can't have a market correction 9 months after the start of the pandemic, during an election or even later and then say I told you so"...First the true effects of this GA/SA comic book market and its impact will not take 9 months or thru a election of a president, or any clear line in the sand date. I never predicted when it will occur to every GA/SA comic book collector on this board, But, based upon my 50 plus years in the GA/SA comic book market, we are going to have a deep correction of GA/SA prices for a sustained period of time, it is not a question of will it happen, it is now a question of when. With the closing of comic book stores, the changing landscape at DC comics with cutting of 1/3 of its publications, and too many other factors to list, it will not be just is many reasons with many different time lines intersecting to create a decline in the market. . I suggest you reappraoch me on this thead when the proper time has been allowed to see the true economic impact of this virus and the economic damage both temporary and permanent on the GA/SA comic book market. This is not a personel "I told you so", as I hope I am 100% wrong on this, I am a fellow GA/SA collector and I certainly do not want to economic damage to my or your collection in terms of resale value. If we are prepared and plan correctly, we will lessen the impact of this impeding correction and recover faster over time. If we time this right there will be great opportunity purchase and collect Sa/GA comic books and upgrade our collections.
  10. Economic change is the a ship slowly going like the titanic towards an iceberg. Shock and the consequences of a economic shutdown need time to sink in. One of the more significant clues looking ahead like the Federal Reserve does is the Fed changing their policy and allowing low interest rates even if inflation. Why...they know what's coming. The lay-offs are slowly beginning to pile, this week 18,000 las vegas casino jobs disappeared. Lou, this pandemic will have effects which will occur unevenly on all kinds of different markets. For example the real estate market is red hot...why because less people are putting their houses up for sale due to the pandemic thus creating a shortage of the normal supply of houses available and couple that with two major factors of 1-low, low long term interest rates which are increasing buyer power and a mass migration of people going from the city to the suburbs-there is a great NY times article on that. If supply remains low, that market could unaffected or actually increase in value during this crisis. Even during the depression the old saying is "people have to have a place to live" applies here. While the stock seems to offer amazing quick returns..beware what goes up can go down. SO I think a safe haven would be CGC graded Ga/SA with strong page quality seems to be to be more stable. I do not see a great gain like the market did earlier this year translating over to massive GA/SA price increase over time. The GA/SA comic book market has a long way to go as well as all of us together. My sources say Q1 2021 for a vaccine if that is true then the potential is with some vision in the fog for some type of possible ending to this situation. I think a number of true comic book collectors will tough it out no matter what, my worry comes not for the brother and sisters on this board, but how many pure speculators are there in the hobby now and how they react to a downturn in the GA/SA market. We are about to find out when we go thru some tough times, but as mom said, "when times are tough, the tough get tougher. I hope we get thru this sooner and stronger, but when you purchase or sell GA/SA thru this extraordinary time be selective and demand the best of the best for your collection.
  11. No offense taken In the good old days, say in Feb of this year, you could take a chance, a gamble that paying the highest price for a GA/SA comic book was a pretty good bet, that demand and appreciation would protect you in the future. So I would say adherence to the above was pretty lax. Today, I would not deviate from my comments in your continuing collecting and buying/ selling GA/SA comic books and original comic book art. Using "caution" is a bit of an understatement. News everyday seems a bit bleaker and bleaker, A fellow long time GA collector and wife both of whom work for American Airlines one a pilot and his wife a flight attendant were hit between the eyes today with AA cutting off 19,000 employee's. He done collecting until this work and pandemic situation is settled and called me somewhat in a panic saying Should I consign part of my collection to HA.Com. It does not help that they have dual coast residences and costs which go with them. My advice was simple,do not panic, do not do a knee-jerk reaction BUT think it out. They might be able to do some type of buy-out or long term furlow and of the wife wants the GA comic books out the door first as they are "not doing anything anyway". Dowsize not only in terms of real estate, the Cali property will be history, but carefully look at your GA collection, grade the books with the CGC which have not yet been graded and keep GA books which would be impossible to replace or which mean the most to you and them decide on the rest. Everyday, GA/SA collectors are making this decision, and this is the tip of the iceberg which is yet to come. I hope someday he becomes active buyer in the GA/SA comic book market as he is a true comic book collector. For now, its survival.
  12. I believe that different and various collectable markets will fluctuate on a time line basis within factors for that separate world. . GA/SA comic book collecting has over the last 40 years become more of a recognized investment opportunity and liquidly, especially since third party grading was introduced. While the antique market might have suffered a bigger downturn than other collectable markets could be due to people want to see and touch the items since they could be much large in size or they are more impulse buying material which need personal presence to increase the sales and prices of the items. I do not see any real direct correlation to the GA/SA market other than a indication of some weakness in the economy in general spending wise.
  13. I do not endorse the word "collapse" for the future of the GA/SA comic book market as I consider that term to mean a 90% fire sale price reduction across the entire GA/SA comic book spectrum. The thread is not dead, it is just waiting for the economic consequences to occur. I do not see or predict an GA/SA market collapse, but a long and serious price correction for a number of years depending upon a resolution of this virus. 50% price reduction is possible, depending on the timeline here. I believe the thread stands for itself...and the test of time will show what was predicted correctly and what was way off. The general rule is half and half.