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  1. not for me either,:Pedigree" has become diluted similar to "unrestored" over the years.
  2. There is a difference between newsstand bought and collector bought both can be on the label
  3. It depends on what you call Original Owner... I was referring to a "Billy Wright" type collection, one that was purchased off the newsstand...There could be several OO SA collections still out there . If OO is referring to a original collector such as the "dentist"...there are hundreds of them. There is more and better material still not graded than is. If this is a new 5000 book collection "billy wright" style...and well then this will be the last one ever discovered for GA material in that quantity.
  4. Unless you remember a publication like the RBCC..which there should be a thead on about its impact to the GA comic book market,, I think you need to put BZ in the proper reference. 1- BZ's dad whom was a GA comic book collector and antique dealer. They used to advertise in the RBCC all the time selling their duplicates. There is a lot of misinformation contained on this thread concerning which BZ or Dad everyone is referencing here. Both were and still for BZ are true comic book lifetime collectors in the golden age" of buying comic books just as they were becoming recognized as true collect
  5. I would not say "better" just different. The look and feel of a GA comic book is just different from the SA books. I bought the SA books off the news stand and had to go to the used book store or other collectors for GA in the late 60's. In the long run less copies does mean a bit more price stability due to rareness and age. Both if bought in a responsible manner and selectively in terms of label, paper and staple quality can be rewarding to both GA/SA comic books. It is just a matter of time that a number of SA books will dominate the "top Ten" most expensive comic books in our GA/SA comi
  6. CGC blue label outstanding paper quality and staples will be the last to take a hit and the fastest to recover. The explosive prices and price increases we had just seen cannot sustain. I disagree with the word should be a natural slowdown. I think FF1, FF5, FF25 etc will be immune as the FF movies is going to be made by Disney/ Marvel studios finally right.
  7. I agree probably now with pressing a majority of the comic books has undergone some manipulation or beautification I also agree that grade manipulation not being detectable is going on as we speak. I like the notation refreshing and informs the buyer as to what has been altered or enhanced. Better decision making with more information is a great reality. Great post....
  8. interesting take, just the removal from the book might get the "conserved" grade,which I think everyone agrees would decrease the value of this book by at least 1 million dollars and I do not see this changing any time soon
  9. Let me clarify..NO more adding to the list on permissible reality restoration which is convenient or profitable by CGC just to keep the blue label and stick to the existing label system and play fair. You wanna adjust system any more...get rid of the color label. CGC has the ability to change the you not see that happening. To many times the goalpost has been pushed back the CGC to name what is or what is not real restoration.
  10. The problem with your solution is this: What is a Uber Key book...who choses, what criteria...why is your book better than mine...based on GPA, based upon rarity, based upon what is popular at the time. It cannot be done, in a fair and non-arbitrary method. The current solution is not any better...destroy your book over time to preserve its current market value just to leave a rusted staple original. In my opinion, and I hate say this as over time I have been converted policy wise to this solution : eliminate the color coded grading all together and BASE the grade number overall wi
  11. Thank you so much for your great response. In spirit, I agree with you. I would however limit staple replacement to only the ones similar to those replaced from incomplete GA from the same company and time period. Where I disagree with you is that where does it modifying end and where does it begin. If we have a Blue,Green, and Purple label system. We need to stick to it. Slowly inch by inch if we give in to exceptions to the rule, it will self destruct the color labeling system and eventually destroy it. I ask you this: Do you want to destroy the color label system? First lets add staple r
  12. There is a 30 day window on those Action issues, and as Superman 1 was originally one shot Action reprint 1-6 issue so the inside last back page Ac 14 cover would take time to change would be in time for the second printing. There are 3 sales reporting periods initial ( first week), mid and final. So Interestingly Superman 2 were also a reprint. 2/3 weeks out that is when you change to on sale now. According to DC Superman #2 two had two printings with first printing a 900K an second at 250K. Superman #2 was the first GA comic book to break a million copies. If I was spending Big $$.
  13. I think the fact that "rusty staples" endanger the book, along with the brittle pages which could fall apart just looking at the book are major issues here for me as a collector, and certainly as a investor, especially involving millions of dollars.To me if either pages or staples are bad are major major issues. But as it stands now you can repair this damage, and get this restored or conserved grade, but you as a collector/dealer know that $3.25 M is waaayyy out line in terms of actual resale value. So to address you directly, if the book has everything OK, then Cover is #1...but if the book
  14. I want to correct those sale stats on Superman#1 From the DC records department: SUPERMAN #1 FIRST PRINT 500,000 a complete sell out-For the most valuable Superman #1 you can buy, the "First printing" ( look at the ad for Action #14 which say on sale "June 2"). SUPERMAN ##1 SECOND PRINT 250,000 (My mistake when I put 350k) a complete sell out ( look at the ad for Action 14 which says on sale now) SUPERMAN # 1 third print 150,000 sales unknown I think today, a Superman #1 "first print" only at 8.5 would bring the same $3.25M being close to the top copy in existen