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  1. not me...but it looks like some type of "investor" gut feeling
  2. 2 million wont cut it..he turned down over 1+ million years and years ago, when I spoke to him....if you lucky lowest price would be 3 Mil in a fire sale...probably 3.5 but i think it worth every penny of 4-5 million in that unique condition . Good Luck
  3. you have a point here....maybe best candidate for upgrade.
  4. They do not buy the platform, they pay a user fee or a % of the auction results. I am talking about the next generational platform...which will separate the Men from the Boys. You never know...but the next Gen stuff is going to be mind-blowing
  5. Maybe a CL or smaller firms uses the platform first..either way it is gonna take time, HA is attempting to get a bigger share of the market by adding additional auctions...time will tell
  6. I can remember XM Radio vs Sirius..they were big time rivals. both going on forever in war..and then BINGO.....$$$$ became a issue. At some point since Ha is a billion dollar company..its platform is going to dominate even greater...I see if calm minds going for the most effective $$$$..something down the line is gonna happen not a buy-out but some time of sharing. Same with the CGC and the other guy...look for industry consolidation at some point in the future.
  7. I can second that opinion, BB was qualified as an "expert of the court" for the comic book valuation to determine the value of the stolen items.
  8. If you look at the volume of 1350 lots the number is is 1500 until they catch up...the number of auctions might mean more material minus the size. There is no doubt in my mind that Ha/CC will someday either merge or share the same platform since Ha's is so much superior.
  9. GA rock GA rocks...cover in Frank R Paul style...keep them coming