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  1. Mike is a stand up boardie. A very fair and understanding buyer. thanks for the purchase of the Famke Janssen CGC SS book
  2. Great buyer. Bought a DD Netflix Cast signed from me. Will def do business with again ??
  3. LAST CALL For Offers. Closing within the next 12-24 hours. -Will close up shop and contact everybody about your purchases. -A big thanks to those who participated!! -Sure most of these sold below cost but hey it’s a hobby for me not a business...In the big scheme of things, I consider the past few years in the hobby as a life learning lesson ?
  4. David Finch Punisher sketch signed by Jon Bernthal 350.00 SOLD
  5. SORRY FOR ANY CONFUSION ?? If I need to clarify anything please lmk
  6. Ready to wheel and deal guys and gals. Hit me up with some offers!
  7. Joss Whedon, Jeremy Renner, Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie 500.00 2 pics bc scanner not quite big enough