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  1. I've always wanted to own a Garfield strip having grown up on the books, TV series and specials. As a kid, seeing the 1978-79 version of Garfield was jarring after being more familiar with the mid to late 80's version. But the writing and comedy quickly won me over. I actually won a strip this past auction (see below), my first EVER win on Heritage Auctions. Being a rookie at this and a bit overwhelmed by the rush, I accidentally won a 1980 strip despite tracking only the 1979s. My intention was to purchase a piece where Davis had also inked and lettered, so I'll be trying again at the up
  2. He sent it via PostNord. USPS took over once it reached the U.S. We believe the package ended up on a boat to cross the Atlantic due to reduced flights.
  3. Thanks everybody! I paid just over $2,600 for it including shipping. I don't mind stating the price because I'm not planning on selling it. There were several affordable penciled and inked pages out there, but none that had "it" for me. When I saw those magic Ditko hands 😍 Going to be as close as I get to a Dr. Strange page. Took a deep dive on Comic Art Fans site to find it. Was listed as NFS but the owner had a note in his byline to contact him if interested. Neither the seller or Heritage Auctions (where he had purchased it several years ago) knew which Charlton comic it was
  4. It only took 8 weeks and 1 day to arrive from Sweden, but it's here at last. I can finally close this thread.
  5. You may leave positive or negative feedback here. I always strive to please so hopefully comments are positive
  6. Both Marie Severin handcolored prints have sold! Lowered pricing on DC Comics Presents and Bloodstrike pages.
  7. Sorry about that. Got a little overzealous with the copy and paste. Corrected. Page 25 is $XXX and page 26 is $XXX.
  8. Welcome to my original art offerings thread! I haven't sold on these forums before, but I have sold successfully on eBay for over 20 years as spidey300. Prices listed are for U.S. buyers and includes shipping. Willing to ship outside of the U.S., but you'll need to contact me first for a proper shipping quote. I package very carefully and will ensure it arrives to you safely. I accept Paypal payments. "I'll take it" posts will trump any private messages that have not been finalized. Let me know if you have any questions. DC Comics Presents #70 penciled by A
  9. The story (and additional photos) behind my 1974 San Diego Comic Con mustachioed Snoopy sketch is on ComicArtFans. https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1634492
  10. Thanks for the leads, guys! I was aware of those already, but I'm thankful for all the help. It looks like I have located my desired Ditko page and have already paid for it. Once I receive it in the mail I'll post a pic and close the thread. Thanks!
  11. Ben Dunn came over once. He responded to a Craigslist ad for a Transformer toy I had listed. I played it cool until he was going out the door, "See you at the next comic con." He was a bit surprised. Couple days later he flipped the toy on eBay.