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  1. Ok smartypants, here's the latest. 23 hours, 7 rounds, and no one has gotten it yet. Wolvie's Game
  2. In case you missed it... Inside the studio of legendary comic book artist Alex Ross
  3. That's why directors are always saying, "Check the gate!" Btw, that's The Tubes right after the Outer Limits theme music in the intro.
  4. That was a very fun day. I immortalized it in a music game. Don't know if you saw this. You are quoted in the intro and mentioned in the credits. Ogami's artwork is also there. Jeffro is in space (outside the enterprise), floating to 'Drop Dead Legs' by Van Halen. All of it still makes me laugh. Go full-screen and crank it to eleven.
  5. When I was smokejumping in the mid-eighties, I came home to visit the wife for a weekend, and she had been to a Tubes concert up in Corvallis the night before. It was about noon when I arrived, and she was severely hung-over, and frantically trying to vacuum the house before I got home. Awesome. My buddies and I have seen them more times than I can count (along with Fee Waybill's solo tours). It's kind of a tradition.
  6. I watched that a few weeks ago for the first time. It was actually a lousy movie. She didn't attack anything.
  7. I may need to have a post-Doctor X's Christmas Contest contest where you win absolutely nothing. It might help with the withdrawals.
  8. Awesome. Just got back from the Dunes Cantina myself...