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  1. Here are some prior examples: This 9.8 might be signed on the slab...I'm not sure. This 9.8 (along with its 9.4 sister) is definitely signed on the book.
  2. You can tell how intimidated I was...it took me a whole 2 minutes to reply.
  3. I'm sure they would consider selling if you're interested. LINK
  4. Wedges are used as spacers when the right size core (inner well) is not available to fit the book properly. They are inside the core, and touch the book. In your case the wedge is 100% the reason why the pages were torn. Here's another example where the same thing occurred. CGC Wedge Causing Damage
  5. @ccgmod1 @Architecht Dear ccgmod1, You gave me a 2-day strike and 3 violation points because of this post. No reason was given. Can you please explain why? It's not a contentious post, and it doesn't violate any of the forum posting guidelines.
  6. How a Comic is Printed - Separations, Guides, etc...by kpaqu1 Excellent video - I highly recommend watching.
  7. Another fun collection purchase video. LINK
  8. Yeah, right But I have a question - what does Skybound have to do with comics? Is it a Image studio like Top Cow or Wildstorm? I'm not entirely sure. From reading the website, it appears that it's just a marketing company founded by Robert Kirkman which represents other artists and a total of about 30 combined titles.
  9. LINK Reholder - old label encapsulated with new holder.
  10. I'm currently in a 5-way tie for 12th place with 13 points.