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  1. LINK Great photo isn't it? Supposedly, this is a news photo showing a drugstore reputed to be the hangout of members of the Murder, Incorporated assassin squad. I think I've positively identified most of the books... Here are the results (relative position, top-down, left to right): Shadow Comics 14 Eagle 4 Whiz Comics 25 War Comics 4 Flame 8 Startling Comics 12 Human Torch 5 Jumbo Comics 35 Popeye 24 Champ Comics 17 Victory Comics 4 Lightning Comics 12 World's Finest Comics 4 Hit Comics 20 Sub-Mariner 3 Rangers of Freedom 3 Daredevil 7 V Comics 1 Shield Wizard Comics 5 Flash Comics 26 Bulletman 3 Wonderworld Comics 33 Nebbs 23 Wings Comics 17 Superman 14 Magic Comics 30 Buck Rogers 3 Exciting Comics 16 Sensation Comics 2 Leading Comics 1 Dickie Dare 2 Captain America Comics 11 Doc Savage Comics 7 Popular Comics 70 Pioneer Picture-Stories 2 Reg'lar Fellers Heroic Comics 10 (99% sure) Star Spangled Comics 5 Real Life Comics 3 Military Comics 7 Young Allies 2 Red Ryder Comics 5 Fight Comics 17 Daring Mystery Comics 8 Top Notch Comics 24 Our Flag Comics 4 Amazing Man Comics 26 Blue Ribbon Comics 21 Big Shot Comics 21 Mystic Comics 7 Silver Streak Comics 18 Sparkler Comics 6 Doc Savage Comics 7 (More) Target Comics 24 National Comics 20 Marvel Mystery Comics 28 (99% sure) More Fun Comics 76 True Comics #7 (50% sure) Sparkler Comics 6 (More) World Famous Heroes Magazine 3 (99% sure) Super Comics 44 Captain Marvel Adventures 6 Eagle (?) America's Best Comics 1 Planet Comics 16 Pep Comics 24 Jackpot Comics 4 Action Comics 45 All-Winners Comics 3 King Comics 70 Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 16 All American Comics 35 Batman 9 Alphabetical Results: Action Comics 45 All American Comics 35 All-Winners Comics 3 Amazing Man Comics 26 America's Best Comics 1 Batman 9 Big Shot Comics 21 Blue Ribbon Comics 21 Buck Rogers 3 Bulletman 3 Captain America Comics 11 Captain Marvel Adventures 6 Champ Comics 17 Daredevil 7 Daring Mystery Comics 8 Dickie Dare 2 Doc Savage Comics 7 Doc Savage Comics 7 (More) Eagle #4 Eagle (?) Exciting Comics 16 Fight Comics 17 Flame 8 Flash Comics 26 Hit Comics 20 Human Torch 5 Jackpot Comics 4 Jumbo Comics 35 King Comics 70 Leading Comics 1 Lightning Comics 12 Magic Comics 30 Marvel Mystery Comics 28 (99% sure) Military Comics 7 More Fun Comics 76 Mystic Comics 7 National Comics 20 Nebbs 23 Our Flag Comics 4 Pep Comics 24 Pioneer Picture-Stories 2 Planet Comics 16 Popeye 24 Popular Comics 70 Rangers of Freedom 3 Real Life Comics 3 Red Ryder Comics 5 Reg'lar Fellers Heroic Comics 10 (99% sure) Sensation Comics 2 Shadow Comics 14 Shield Wizard Comics 5 Silver Streak Comics 18 Sparkler Comics 6 Sparkler Comics 6 (More) Star Spangled Comics 5 Startling Comics 12 Sub-Mariner 3 Super Comics 44 Superman 14 Target Comics 24 Top Notch Comics 24 True Comics #7 (50% sure) V Comics 1 Victory Comics 4 Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 16 War Comics 4 Whiz Comics 25 Wings Comics 17 Wonderworld Comics 33 World Famous Heroes Magazine 3 (99% sure) World's Finest Comics 4 Young Allies 2
  2. Comicpedigrees.com Announces Book Update http://comicpedigrees.com/book.php
  3. Here's two new examples from the last 24 hours: (1) Certification Information Certification #: 2044677006 Title: Transformers Issue: 1 Issue Date: 3/19 Issue Year: 2019 Publisher: IDW Publishing Grade: 9.8 Total Graded At: 74 Page Quality: WHITE Grade Date: 06/06/2019 Variant: The Fellowship Edition Category: Modern Art Comments: Brian Ruckley story Angel Hernandez & Cachet Whitman art John Gallagher cover Key Comments: ""Virgin"" cover. Grader Notes: None Available (2) Certification Information Certification #: 1169638009 Title: Battle Ground Issue: 13 Issue Date: 9/56 Issue Year: 1956 Publisher: Atlas Comics Grade: 5.0 Total Graded At: 1 Page Quality: CREAM TO OFF-WHITE Grade Date: 09/13/2016 <--- Reholder (Date doesn't change) Category: Signature Art Comments: Russ Heath cover Al Williamson, Gene Colan, Mort Drucker, Ayers and Bill Walton art Signatures: SIGNED BY RUSS HEATH ON 7/22/16
  4. Here's my opinion about CGC's newton ring problem. Spoiler Alert...it's not one of my favorite things.
  5. Ok smartypants, here's the latest. 23 hours, 7 rounds, and no one has gotten it yet. Wolvie's Game
  6. In case you missed it... Inside the studio of legendary comic book artist Alex Ross
  7. That's why directors are always saying, "Check the gate!" Btw, that's The Tubes right after the Outer Limits theme music in the intro.
  8. That was a very fun day. I immortalized it in a music game. Don't know if you saw this. You are quoted in the intro and mentioned in the credits. Ogami's artwork is also there. Jeffro is in space (outside the enterprise), floating to 'Drop Dead Legs' by Van Halen. All of it still makes me laugh. Go full-screen and crank it to eleven.
  9. When I was smokejumping in the mid-eighties, I came home to visit the wife for a weekend, and she had been to a Tubes concert up in Corvallis the night before. It was about noon when I arrived, and she was severely hung-over, and frantically trying to vacuum the house before I got home. Awesome. My buddies and I have seen them more times than I can count (along with Fee Waybill's solo tours). It's kind of a tradition.
  10. I watched that a few weeks ago for the first time. It was actually a lousy movie. She didn't attack anything.
  11. I may need to have a post-Doctor X's Christmas Contest contest where you win absolutely nothing. It might help with the withdrawals.