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  1. Actually that leads me to another question. I own the cover to Adv Superman 501 along with some interiors. I read the first appearance to Superboy was Adv Superman 500 in some places and 501 in others. which is correct? appreciate the help!
  2. I don’t know what I said that isn’t true. I came here for advice since I didn’t understand your rules and will state it’s the first published appearance as a few collectors here have advised. I’m not trying to create a negative vibe. I’m not even selling it so could truly care. I just wanted to display it. I’m glad I did. Could you imagine what would happen if I stated first appearance?! You guys would roast me for years!
  3. I actually bought that and heritage couldn’t tell me whether it was published
  4. Thanks! I thought 13k was high at the time but kept going as I love it.
  5. Heritage isn’t the best with researching pieces. I’m a huge Maxx fan and know this cover is the first published cover anywhere which is one of the reasons I bought it. The main reason I bought it was the pose and old school MCP style with Sams noodling which he no longer does.
  6. Nope but that is funny. Did my own research before buying. TBH only cared about The Maxx at the time.
  7. I understand the Pitt part but couldn’t find anything predating the Maxx. I’ll just state it’s the first published appearance
  8. I guess the first published appearance it is and then just let the collectors that believe it as a first appearance make their own conclusion
  9. Crazy, to me a cover published with characters never seen before is a first appearance. Collectors of OA I’ve spoken to agree but wanted to get outside opinions from book collectors. I can understand house ads/previews using the same image of the future cover of the book not being a 1st appearance since it’s a copy of the first future cover. But if it’s original art with the first appearance of new characters including one of them titled it’s a first appearance to me. I guess it’s a grey area as some agree and some don’t.
  10. You stated: This "preview" of Action Comics #1 appeared in More Fun Comics #31 ... which established a very clear example of a "preview" which COULD be considered the first appearance. so a preview can be considered a 1st appearance? Then we get into math which just confuses me more. also noticed the art being used for the examples were reused on the following books which do remind me of an advertisement or copy of the original art. the cover for Wizard 16 was made for the cover and is even drawn with the Maxx title name which wasn’t used until the Maxx #1. I can see
  11. I remember it the same way. Always thought Youngblood was a prequel due to the timing.
  12. Good catch! I guess my cover is Pitts 2nd published cover. Wonder about the others
  13. Wizard did many 1/2 comics but understand this particular issue is a comic magazine. That said the cover is the first published cover showing these characters for the first time. Most have told me I can describe it as a first appearance but think I’ll just state it’s the first published cover of art with these characters. Btw, I never knew Superman’s first appearance was in More Fun Comics #31. Gotta take a look at that. Thanks!