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  1. Danish hero for Hire #1 Small tear on cover but presents really well....... 60.00
  2. Foreign key blow out sale! Need to build up some money quick, priced to sell! All pricing includes shipping here in the states. If outside of USA shipping will be a bit more. First and it is yours! Fantastic Four 48 Dutch CGC 5.0 signed by Stan Lee. 275.00 Brazilian EBAL All Star Western 10, cool book not often seen...... some rust on the staples but this is pretty usual with these older Brazilian books. 200.00 Australian Yaffa Iron Fist 14! A killer digest size foreign key. Def on the rarer side...... 115.00 Swedish Pocket FF48. Another neat little book...... 35.00
  3. Yes that thread should tell you a bunch about these books. THey are not variants but editions. Filipino editions depending on bookstore. That Xmen is a National bookstore book. Very rare, these books are some of the rarest Marvel Bronze/Copper books on the planet. Great book!
  4. The French and the one from Chile..... Hoping one day to finish.
  5. Thanks man, I shoot all my sets against that backdrop. One more and I am done..... Smaller set but still cool cuz of the variation.... still building this one! 2 to go.....
  6. Dude Marwood, if this type of thing turns you on.... the foreign niche is taylor made for you brah!
  7. Yea true... This thread was made for foreigns man. My 300 set is another favorite of mine.....
  8. This thread needs a bump.... many foreign niche collectors are still doing what we do! Some recent adventures in set building. Updated sets..... 1
  9. Yea in the early days we used to call them variants.... after much soul searching within the niche though we chose to adopt "edition" as a more accurate classification. As far as pricing the foreign market it is extremely chaotic. Sometimes foreign editions of the same book will sell for more then the American in the same grade. Other times not so much.... depends on a lot of factors.
  10. Now this is getting ugly, CGC could have handled this differently. Just paid him what he wanted when he showed up angry as hell at their booth and worked out with the customer later. With the Infinity war movie about to hit and the amount of peeps wanting his sig? Just doesn't make sense.... I think I have recognized an underlying resentment from creators for quite some time now, wether it is justified or not doesn't matter. This could snowball into changing the way fundamentally this is handled? Could a grading company pay a creator a small percentage for every book authenticated and then those costs extended to the customer? Who knows... but I smell change in the air.....
  11. Thanks man! It is quite cool to sit there and lay all of these editions out on the table. One of the neatest thought experiments I like to engage in is thinking about the journeys each one of these books took. Most of these books had to find there way here, forced by me as facilitator, to end up in one solitary place on the planet. Geek gravity I like to think of it as.... its one thing to see pictures of it. But I gotta tell ya whenever I pull out this small stack of 300's to show people you should see the way people react in person. One of the tougher ones to find is the Greek. A digest sized book that has a neat Greek title.... here is a closer look!