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  1. Thought maybe some of you would enjoy this video we did on Global Comic Safari?
  2. Nice to see some posts on this thread....... who would have thunk this thread would still be active after all these years? Pretty neat guys! Panorama #112 was published by Yugoslavian publisher Forum, in December of 1967. It is in a huge format, so big my scanner could barely scan all of the cover. And it is newsprint paper, fragile for sure. This book is a def weird one. The cover is taken from a Marvel Masterwork pin up poster. This poster was on the interior of Avengers #10. And speaking of Avengers #10, this Panorama has 2 pages from said book. Along with the classic silver age Marvel panels there appears to be 4 other stories on the interior. Some of these are black and white. I dont recognize them at all. While other stories are in full color like the Avengers panels. Now, lets talk about that cover shall we? I have put a pin up poster next to the cover in the images below…… First off the Yugo editors put Cap in shorts? Was it a particularly hot summer in Yugoslavia that year? LOL Why? Not only that this pub always did funky things with its coloring! They changed them, significantly…. and peep the shield, particularly the star. Notice, the almost perfectly drawn star. The whole edit reminds me of a soviet bloc propaganda poster or something? I dig the communist looking aesthetic in the art style! Especially when using heros like Cap! A novel comic for sure…. Now the interior pages are interesting. I have images below as well showing the Yugo panels side by side with the American panels. I really like how they did the superhero mugshots at the top of the pages in different colors. All in all super neat….. This book is amazing for a foreign silver age edition and I hope you enjoyed seeing it. Any Marvel silver age collector should have at least 1 of these killer Panorama books in their foreign collection for sure. They are instant conversation pieces. Big thanks to Ken Worthing for helping me research the interiors and providing me with the pin up! Ken is the king of foreign Cap so when doing research of the Cap variety you must include him in the convo!
  3. Danish hero for Hire #1 Small tear on cover but presents really well....... 60.00
  4. Foreign key blow out sale! Need to build up some money quick, priced to sell! All pricing includes shipping here in the states. If outside of USA shipping will be a bit more. First and it is yours! Fantastic Four 48 Dutch CGC 5.0 signed by Stan Lee. 275.00 Brazilian EBAL All Star Western 10, cool book not often seen...... some rust on the staples but this is pretty usual with these older Brazilian books. 200.00 Australian Yaffa Iron Fist 14! A killer digest size foreign key. Def on the rarer side...... 115.00 Swedish Pocket FF48. Another neat little book...... 35.00
  5. Yes that thread should tell you a bunch about these books. THey are not variants but editions. Filipino editions depending on bookstore. That Xmen is a National bookstore book. Very rare, these books are some of the rarest Marvel Bronze/Copper books on the planet. Great book!
  6. The French and the one from Chile..... Hoping one day to finish.
  7. Thanks man, I shoot all my sets against that backdrop. One more and I am done..... Smaller set but still cool cuz of the variation.... still building this one! 2 to go.....
  8. Dude Marwood, if this type of thing turns you on.... the foreign niche is taylor made for you brah!
  9. Yea true... This thread was made for foreigns man. My 300 set is another favorite of mine.....
  10. This thread needs a bump.... many foreign niche collectors are still doing what we do! Some recent adventures in set building. Updated sets..... 1
  11. Yea in the early days we used to call them variants.... after much soul searching within the niche though we chose to adopt "edition" as a more accurate classification. As far as pricing the foreign market it is extremely chaotic. Sometimes foreign editions of the same book will sell for more then the American in the same grade. Other times not so much.... depends on a lot of factors.