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  1. Quality Comix. EDIT -- see they're on your list.
  2. Great time to buy as long as one is not retiring.
  3. Noice. It's subtle, but notice Raboy's use of shadows (for instance, the faint shadows underneath the gloved fingers on the right hand) to build depth and realism. That what set him apart from his peers.
  4. Would love to see Killraven. Wearing appropriate attire, of course.
  5. It's a busy cover which, without colors, somewhat mutes Sonja ... but still, that is one of the most recognizable covers in comic book history.
  6. I have always loved this cover with eye-popping colors. Published in the Fall of '42, so about 3 or 4 months after the Battle of Midway (June '42). My guess is that the events of Midway inspired CC to draw this cover in July or August of '42.
  7. Thank you for the feedback. It was a tremendous event. I think we we stick with annual for now. 😅 Our objective was to get a mid-sized old-school comic con back to Miami. Mission accomplished, we believe! Thank you for attending.
  8. Whew, what a show yesterday at THE MIAMI CON. Pictures will be going up soon, folks.
  9. Depends purely on what Kevin Feige has in store for the character with Phase 4, 5 and 6. I think the character was "under-used" after the first Avengers film. JIM 83 has been a very solid book the last 4 years, and particularly the last year, I think, because the Thor character will be central to Phase 4 and spec money is flowing into that book. Banner's story (under the Lee-Kirby paradigm) was that of a tragic figure, and all that has disappeared in the films.
  10. 5 days to go! Here is our latest exhibitor list: A&M Comics & Books BH Comics Bro Comics & Comic Art Design Crafters Comics & Collectibles Expert Grading Service, LLC Gauntlet Comics Glen Cohen Books Goblins Heist Greg White Comics Heroes / Shelton Drum Jersey Jack Joshua Entin KnoWhere Comics Kramerarts LP Comics Magic City Comics Magpie Collectibles Mark Haspel Mike O'Reilly Comics Nerdy Girl OneStop Comic Shop (CGC Facilitator) Past, Present, Future Secret Society Steve-O Comics TFTV
  11. Latest exhibitor list and artist guest list published. Thrilled to add Overstreet Advisor Mark Haspel to the show. https://themiamicon.com/