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  1. FWIW, there is an advertisement for a children's Supergirl costume in Detective 225 (1955) (1st app of Martian Manhunter). Costume looks substantially the same as the one in Action 252 (1959).
  2. We need the speculators to buy up the modern variant drek. When the hobby hits a recession (it will, at some point), the modern drek speculators holding the bag serve as a buffer because they will be the first to take the hit.
  3. Awesome. My first one was the 8th edition. Women in Comics. Still on my shelf!
  4. Excellent post. But I will reach the opposite conclusion. Expect even better from the MCU for 2020 leading to 2029, which will likely culminate with the Secret Wars (1984) saga -- which the Russo brothers have recently said they very much want to do. Feige & Co know that their formula works, and now they will perfect it and push the envelope in new ways over the next 10 years. So what do they have to work with over the next 10 years? Thor (Hemsworth), Hulk (Ruffalo), Black Panther (Boseman), Strange (Cumberbatch) and Captain Marvel (Larson) will provide a solid base of star power. After Endgame, audiences care about these characters/actors more than ever before. MCU left a big door open with the original Cap (Evans) going back to what should be WWII. Meaning there's no reason Evans won't come back for one WWII-era film to anchor the Invaders as a way to get NAMOR introduced into the MCU. Audiences will go bananas when they see Namor. And as for introducing new characters, let's see what Feige has in the cupboard to play with: DR. DOOM. The FANTASTIC FOUR (the Human Torch and the Thing will be big audience draws -- I will cry tears of joy when Hulk fights the Thing (it WILL happen). The INHUMANS, done correctly (can you imagine audiences' reaction over Black Bolt on the big screen?). ANNIHILUS and the Negative Zone. GALACTUS. Did I say Galactus? Galactus will cause audiences to forget about Thanos very, very quickly. The SILVER SURFER. All this, without even getting into some team called the X-MEN. Or WOLVERINE. And you know that somewhere, CHANG CHI is going to be complemented by IRON FIST and LUKE CAGE. More celestial stuff? The ELEMENTALS. NOVA and ADAM WARLOCK. Because Thor seems to be a new Guardian (or Asgardian) of the Galaxy. I can go on and on. Will Marvel Studios find actors with the gravitas of Downey or the respect that Evans now commands? I think so. We remember when Evans was cast as Cap, and there were more than a few raised eyebrows. No one had heard of Hemsworth; look at him now. Look at how a terrific actor like Cumberbatch took on the Dr. Strange role, which tells us how Marvel Studios is an absolute powerhouse in terms of commanding top-actor respect ... and cutting big checks. Remember really good actor Ed Norton doing the 2008 Hulk film, just a few months after Iron Man I? He's off the radar now. I'm sure Norton regrets how he handled himself before the studio 10 years ago. Anyway, I can go on and on, but there is a massive, massive arsenal for Feige to tap into, and new actors will fill many of these roles, and become legendary for it. So, 10 years from now, it's going to be the end of another mega-epic ride.
  5. I wish he could have seen not just Endgame, but Into the Spiderverse. If he only could have stayed with us just a little bit longer.
  6. Another question. So if Steve returned all the stones to where they belonged, did the Time Stone go back into Dr. Strange's eye-necklace thing to be guarded at the Sanctum Sanctorum? Or did it go back to The Ancient One, as Dr. Banner promised to do?
  7. apologies if this was posted elsewhere ... but this is awesome.
  8. Add me to the wait list. Congrats to the buyer + seller.