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  1. Updated Exhibitor and Artist lists ... https://themiamicon.com/
  2. Anyone have a Vampirella 12 or 33 in 9.2 or better that is available for sale? If so please DM me.
  3. I struggled coming up with my list. I ignored personal preferences, and listed only covers where Vampi appears -- this is her mag, not the mag of a caveman or Egyptian princess, as wonderful and iconic as those non-Vampirella covers are. #12 -- like #16 -- I almost listed, but ultimately, we really don't see her face. #35 is a personal (top 4?) favorite of mine, but she's not in her classic red suit, so I can see why that's not a top cover for most. You know which one I really love? 41, where she is clutching the tombstone in obvious fear of something. (This one had to be inspired from a photo of a live model.). But, again, I avoided personal favs.
  4. I've been focusing on Vampi Warrens these last few months, ideally in 9.2 or better, although with some exceptions I will drop to 9.0 or even 8.5 if the cover otherwise has exceptional eye appeal. I think they are incredibly undervalued for the stunning covers and interior artwork they bring. All it takes is Netflix or some other streaming service announcing a Vampirella TV series, and then the train has left the station. But to answer your question, if I were to buy Vampis in FN condition if I didn't have them, I would say the following (excluding #1): 19, 27, 30, 36, 46, 51 (my favorite of the bunch (a San Julian masterpiece)), 56, 58, 63, 89, 92. Most of these covers are by Enrich, and they are just breathtaking to look at, especially if you have the book in a clean Mylite. Also, with some persistence you can find, at relatively cheap prices, copies with a 7.5ish technical grade but nice gloss that they present like 9.0s. Now, you want to see something really cool that knocks your socks off? Go to the 14:10 mark of this video on Jose 'Pepe' Gonzalez and the rest of the Warren Spaniard artists ... The live models inspired the covers for 29, 30, 57, 110.
  5. 17 bidders, 56 bids. It was a shiny object.
  6. Wow, as is typical with most software "upgrades," we got a downgrade.