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  1. New Club FF15 member. Always loved this cover.
  2. Oh, not the Bore Worms!! They would never film this scene today in a mainstream movie ... and this was 40 years ago!!
  3. I remember as a kid watching that Orson Welles docu-drama in movie theatres in 1981 on Nostradamus' predictions -- "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow". That stuff freaked me out. Still have PTSD over that movie.
  4. "Our American countrymen alive or Khomeini and his henchmen dead. James Warren, President. Warren Publishing Co." Daaaaannnnggg.
  5. When i see the old CGC label (early 2000s), I think Overstreet grading guidelines. Super-strict. Some say too strict. Current CGC is influenced by Overstreet, but CGC has developed its own secret sauce from years of experience, and I think their current grading standards are truly what the vast majority of collectors/dealers use as the goal lines.
  6. Avengers #1, easily. Avengers Endgame. Highest grossing film in the history of our planet. Any questions?