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  1. Tough as nails book in high grade.
  2. There is a big demand now for road bikes with rim brakes. They're not making those anymore.
  3. I just took a look, and a SC 22 in 2.0, 4.0 and 6.0 have been generally flat since 2017 (some ups and downs, but on balance flat growth). Of course, 2017 is when the disastrous Justice League was released, and the DCEU basically crashed and burned, with no organized effort from WB/DC to replace it with a new overall vision. By contrast, ST 110 has surged dramatically because of Wanda-Vision. Interesting how a little attention can result in sudden price increases.
  4. Exactly. Folks can't say today that they're priced out of an Action 252 or a Showcase 22. But not just DCs, lots of nice GA and Atomic Age books haven't been swept up by this Marvel madness of the last ~ 90 days.
  5. Lots of people forget the "current insanity" (some might argue the market is behaving rationally, but that's another discussion) is generally focused on Marvels, Marvels, Marvels and, to a lesser degree, Batman. Anything else (generally speaking) that is DC is flat to modest growth. There are a lot of good deals out there to be had, right now. Hunt, don't follow.
  6. Who was the Boardie that would always post that white pages have no bearing on FMV despite unequivocal evidence to the contrary?
  7. When Pacific and First hit the scene, my interest in new DCs and new Marvels from my monthly pull-list waned. Books like Alien Worlds were on another level.
  8. Of course not. The Fox-Men were perfectly ... OK. Just that, OK. A Marvel Studios-produced X-Men universe will put the X-Men in the same league as the Marvel Studios-produced Avengers. It isn't about people not knowing the X-Men wanting to buy comics. It's about existing collectors, investors and speculators having a whole new appreciation for the X-Men universe, which explains in part why GSXM1 and XM1 have been exploding.
  9. Some observations about the huge price spike we saw was over the last ~ 90 days. 1. Which books were going insane? Marvel super-hero comic books, pretty much any key and semi-key from early Silver Age to moderns. 2. Excluding Batmans, how did DCs perform over the last 90 days, even with WW84 and the Zack Snyder Justice League Gimmick Movie being released or hyped during that period? Flat to modest gains. Nothing crazy. 3. Yes, people are bored, spend more time on IG and eBay, and have discretionary income to spend ... but I believe Wanda-Vision (released, not coinciden
  10. I watch some YouTube “haul” videos to see what younger guys are doing. And they’re chasing high grade keys in the $100 to $1K range — mostly Copper to Modern. All spec plays. None of these videos focuses on the writers or artists or characters. I doubt they have ever read or page-flipped through a Nova #1 or an ASM # 300 — they’re just flipping plastic.