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  1. Now I WTB 9.8 Love the color choices on it. Thank you for the info
  2. Wow !!!! 1st time seeing this cover. Whats the story on it ? Rare ? Who did it ? Thanks
  3. Those Spidey books look pretty good!!! Hopefully my set will have the auto in the color of the book Thanks again Dre
  4. Looking to buy in bulk action comics 1000 blanks. Let me know what you got. Plus looking for store variants of action 1000. 9.8 signed or not signed Thanks and God Bless
  5. awesome pick up. That's a kool book. Never seen one before . Gratz
  6. Awesome book !!!!! Gratz and good luck with sale !! GB always
  7. Yea I was about to get them when I saw you got them. I was day dreaming lol. gratz on good books and better name !!! Bryan
  8. As far as being a presale. I sent them a message before I sent them best offer. once I saw they are only an hour from me. I asked if I won could I pick up at there store. they answered with in 5 mins. even told me which store of there 2 to pick up from. then I contacted the facebook account with same store name as this ebay profile has in the picture. after 10 messages they finaly answer back and tell me its not them and they never seen that name before. then I show them the paypal info that shows it links to there email and site. they say they don't have paypal. And now they put that same profile pic from ebay up on there facebook. Someone suggest maybe the person got hurt, died, or stolen account. but never once did they ever say anything like that to me. I say they are BUMS. I would stay as far from them as you can. Learn and Live. all good Thanks
  9. They have 2 stores here in north carolina will not answer on facebook. and most those neg feed back is for a book that has not even come out yet
  10. all that negative just happen last couple days