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  1. morning, so i have noticed a fairly steady flow of someone (or a few someones) letting go alot of curt swan pages in the auctions over the last little while. i am looking for pages from action 466 specifically, and if there are any out there for sale/trade or if this reaches whoever has all this inventory - please DM me cheers brett
  2. MISC SETS and LARGE RUNs!! mega green lantern set (near complete 90-200), animal man (bolland), gotham knights (bolland) and many many more! Some of these were offered in a much larger thread, but I think they may have gotten hidden and so I am consolidating here. ORIGINAL OWNER COLLECTION. Little bit of everything, generally very high grade, but pics front/back are included for all. Time to make a deal! Its all got to go... I have assigned a quick grade to each book. generally if there is a single flaw or no flaws it will be described an NM. If it has more than a single minor it will be NM
  3. LAST CALL! Evening all. well, first off thanks to everyone that has made this thread a great success. it was a weird one with lots or hidden gems, oddities and nostalgic 90-2000s books. more than half sold out of over 1k. but its time to put the chairs up and close the doors. last call on this one... some of the large sets will get their own threads so that ppl can see the value and deals will continue to be had. get anything you want now... lets make that deal.
  4. okay. all orders are shipped, and claims are accounted for. all freebies that went out with some awesome orders are also marked! spent some $ on a PS5 so its time to do a discount sale! 50% everything (see some exceptions below, which i will be open to offers on*) unless its $1 already and then no discount. throw a pile of 50 or more and make me a deal! *no discount on larger sets (but like i said feel free to make me an offer). green lantern, high grade hellblazer, animal man, gothan knights and others i am forgetting that are more than 20 or so books)
  5. Thoughts? Mixed among this story and the rumours I was hearing b4 the sale was public - seems to be a conversation associated with Bitcoin. So I don’t know if it’s a rumour it was paid in Bitcoin or just mediocre reporting associating the two. But seems to be if paying in Bitcoin for larger purchases become a thing or a stipulation by seller that it gets paid in Bitcoin. Seems to me a factor in this deal could be if the seller got paid in Bitcoin then it’s a big plus because if the got almost 6 Bitcoin for it, it’s already worth significantly more than that. hmmmm? b
  6. thanks to everyone that has ordered thus far! i think there has been 400+ books sold from this thread and hell, must be doing something right to have that much success! there is still so much more great stuff! take a peek! lets make a deal...
  7. update. all orders thus far are marked as sold and most have shipped. i know this is a huge thread, bit there is so much great stuff in here. take a look if you have not, i am sure you will find somehitng... and priced to sell!
  8. MISC ———————————— lot MISC1 SOLD amazing spider-man 850 campbell NM $4 ———————————— lot MISC2 amazing spider-man 307 newsstand -mcfarlane art NM- $25 ———————————— lot MISC3 SOLD amazing spider-man 309 -mcfarlane art NM $15 ———————————— lot MISC4 SOLD amazing spider-man 321 signed by david michelinie -mcfarlane art NM $15 ———————————— lot MISC5 SOLD amazing spider-man 323 signed by david michelinie -mcfarlane art NM $15 ———————————— lot MISC6 SOLD amazing spider-man 32
  9. thanks all for the DMs and claims. i am going to go through all tonight to make sure its all marked as sold, and reach out to each buyer. i have updated a-z, and that will be 95% of my listing for this thread, but there will be a singel misc post asap to finish it up. so take a look now that its all there. cheers brett
  10. T - W ———————————— lot TW1 SOLD tales from the edge - HTF creme of crop comics and illustration book 1 VF/NM, 5 NM (first copy), 5 VFNM (second copy), $10 for all 8 books ———————————— lot TW2 SOLD tank girl 2 -HTF! 2 NM, 3 NM, 4NM $30 ———————————— lot TW3 tank girl odyssey - bolland covers 1 NM, 2 NM (first copy), 2 NM (second copy), 3 NM, 4 NM- $30 ———————————— lot TW4 SOLD the tick -HTF early 3 VF/NM, 5 NM-, 6 NM-, 7 NM-, 8 NM, 9 NM, 10 NM, tick circus