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  1. Another acquisition to go with the CGC 6.5 Weird Tales 75 from Yesterday. I picked up this reader/beater for basically nothing.
  2. Here's a Captain America book without Captain America
  3. I’d disagree that Aquaman is third tier. He’s one of DC original comic book heroes. Ask DC if Aquaman is third tier. He’s literally in every major team for DC and one of its Golden Age Heroes.
  4. Mickey Mouse. Was not only Walt and Roy Disney's first animated character, but has become a symbol of a worldwide brand, not only through the comic medium, but also books, novels, film, entertainment and theme parks.
  5. Yeah for CGC to give a 0.5, you need at least a partial cover, either back or front. Although there are examples of CBCS of giving 0.1/0.3 on certain books.
  6. And that's where doing a little research comes into play (looking/reading the comic to find where the "story" is) and if any of those missing wraps, etc dont affect the main story than sure. I hope collectors consider that when looking at them, if they're not complete coverless examples
  7. There are many great splashes out there that are better than the cover itself (I can think of a few early Bat/Tec's) I think one of the best examples of this is a Detective Comics #35
  8. Very interesting thought. Exactly, and would still hold value assuming it is still complete (if it's missing wraps or the centerfold as an example) than I'd expect even a moster like that or let's as a Cap #1 to take a hit as well, although if those missing pieces didn't "affects the story" then in my opinion the FMV is debateable.
  9. Very true that those examples "could be" revived but how often do we see a cover just by itself for those issues? I know currently there is a trimmed Batman 1 cover listed but that's not the front even then it's not the complete cover
  10. Wouldn't that be the same for Tec 29, 31 (especially), 33 as well? But then a book like AF 15 or All-Star #8 may have more demand because of the character origin/appearance.
  11. Obiviously, condition of the wraps, color and overall appearance plays a large part in the decision (as) does the book it's so let's assume we are talking about a book everyone would want in any condition if it were a CGC 0.5 - Action 1, 7, 10, 13 & Superman 1 - Detective 27 - 38, Batman 1 - All - Star Comics 3, 8 These are the examples to start, obviously you could consider SA keys as well or even more GA keys, but what factors make them appealing and with most missing wraps, pages, the discoloration etc. What is FMV when considering coverless keys? -
  12. It will always be popular in my book, great cover, two iconic characters and a great first (story) meeting between the Hulk and Wolverine. Any chance I get to get one of these it’s a no brainer!!
  13. My newest acquisition of this great book. Goes along side my two other copies (Universal 3.5/4.5)
  14. I’d take Fantastic Four #1 in that scenario just because impact it had for Lee & Kirby, and it’s impact building the Marvel universe further. It’s superheroes dealt with real world issues as real world people, team. It was 1961 before Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, the Avengers etc. etc. it was that comic which paved the way.