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  1. mzhammer

    Wonder Woman #156

    I combed through my Wonder Woman collection and found 6 books that all appeared to be VF/NM 9.0-ish & have confirmed I'm a terrible grader when it comes to older books. Of the 6, one came back higher & fortunately for me, it is the one book I shelled out the most $ for, Wonder Woman #156. The other books included #137 (6.0), 161 (4.0) 177 (7.0), 179 (6.5) & 204 (7.5) - I'll have to review the grader notes, especially on #161, as all of these books looked so much better than the results. The question I have for the community is... When sending in books for grading and having some poor results, does 1 book make it all worth it? When I look at this one, I have to say, it does!
  2. mzhammer


    We are in The Woodlands area, got the worst of it from Lake Conroe when they started releasing water. The recent good news is we finally received funds for our contents in our house and it appears my comics were covered / included! I plan to reinvest in one or two key books instead of a couple of boxes of comics, easier to flee with! On another note, I do have a small Silver Coin collection & brought them with me when we evacuated, so they stayed safe. Much smaller and easier to carry.
  3. mzhammer

    New Rack

    That is AWESOME! Nice score!
  4. I thought some of you might be curious about the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and it's effect on comic book collections and since I have one effected I figured I would share some details. My wife & I had just bought a house, closing and moving in on August 21st, a Monday. By Friday our new neighbors were preparing to evacuate the neighborhood and after a few conversations we decided it would be best to do the same. Mostly out of shock, all our survivalist skills were thrown out the window as we packed a couple of bags of clothes, a box of valuables like paperwork, jewels and documents and my priceless hand-built guitar. I had sold off most of my comic book collection before moving to Texas and came out with a single short box which had grown into 3 over the past year, but before we left, I put my most valuable comics in one box and brought it along, just in case. I had put the two remaining boxes on the top shelf in my closet thinking if the water comes in these should be fine at 6' up. Well, I was wrong. The house took on over 9' of water, everything we owned was destroyed including those 2 boxes. This included a complete set of Wonder Woman New 52 with variants, (thankfully, not my #38 Finch variant) - Wonder Woman Rebirth set, an almost complete set of Wonder Woman Vol 2. & a Green Lantern set I had been recently working. There's a handful of books I keep kicking myself over not grabbing on the way out, but thankfully the damage is limited to about $1000 bucks and my valuable box survived! Attached are a few photos to check out, the house is our neighbors up the hill from us, we took on a couple more feet. Lastly, the good news is we have flood insurance, but the process is taking much longer than you can imagine and may take as long as 2 years. I will note, the best lesson I can offer anyone is to be sure your most valuable books are in one place so you can quickly grab them if you need too.
  5. Love the Superman / Wonder Woman Variant! Great cover!
  6. What's that picture from? It's pretty sweet! ...But I don't recognize it... (other than the "S" , of course)
  7. If still available: I'd like Raw Wonder Woman 1 Chrome
  8. mzhammer

    Adam Hughes

    Wonder Woman I have a new addition to my collection. I think this one speaks for itself. Enjoy! To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  9. Dude, you shouldn't sell that #6.... I'm just saying... You'll kick yourself every single day after for the rest of your life.
  11. Thanks for the offer, gonna hold out for a 9.8. I've got $500 for one, if anyone is selling...