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  1. Reboot from 2012.
  2. Not sensing much interest here. Off to eBay.
  3. Thread closed. The remaining books have moved to eBay. Thanks to those who purchased books.
  4. This is the new animated remake of the classic show. Volumes 1 through 4 on blu-ray. Each disc has four episodes. Japanese language track. English and Spanish subtitles. These discs were made for the North American market. These are the limited, numbered editions. Here are the numbers: Volume 1 - 0113 of 2000 Volume 2 - 1328 of 2000 Volume 3 - 1323 of 2000 Volume 4 - 1085 of 2000 All DVDs and Blu-Rays are in excellent condition. No visible light scuffs on the discs. Discs play fine with no problems. Packaging has some wrinkles and remains of a price sticker on two of the cases. Includes bonus cards, prints, postcards that originally came with the discs. See pictures. These orignally sold for $45 per disc. Price: $140.00 Free Media Mail shipping in the US. Includes delivery confirmation. Will be shipped in a sturdy box with plenty of bubble wrap. US buyers only. PayPal only. First I'll take it and PM wins. No people on probation either. Thanks. Now some pics.
  5. I might be in the minority here, but I never understood the need to haggle at a retail store. All this drama over $4?
  6. All books have been removed from the shrink wrap. Actually, the ACG books don't come shrink wrapped as far as I know.
  7. ACG Collected Works Adventures Into The Unknown 1 $11.00 SOLD Adventures Into The Unknown 2 $11.00 SOLD Adventures Into The Unknown 3 $11.00 SOLD Forbidden Worlds 1 $11.00 SOLD Forbidden Worlds 2 $11.00 SOLD Forbidden Worlds 3 $11.00 SOLD Out Of The Night 1 $11.00 SOLD Skeleton Hand $11.00 SOLD Roy Thomas Presents Captain Video $11.00 Marvel Masterworks (Variant Edition) Golden Age Marvel Comics - Volume 1 $25.00 Venus - Volume 1 $33.00 SOLD Golden Age Marvel Masterworks (Regular Editions) Captain America - Volume 4 $18.00 Captain America - Volume 5 $18.00 Human Torch - Volume 1 $15.00 Marvel Comics - Volume 2 $15.00 Sub-Mariner - Volume 1 $15.00 Sub-Mariner - Volume 2 $15.00 Atlas Era Marvel Masterworks (Regular Edition) Atlas Era Heroes - Volume 3 $15.00 Details U.S. buyers only. Payment by PayPal only. Media Rate Shipping $4.00 for first book. $.50 for each additional book. Photos
  8. These are the black and gold (golden age) / black and red (atlas era) editions. They are not the marble numbered editions. They are not shrink wrapped.