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  1. Excellent communication, cool books, well-priced and accurately described. THANKS!
  2. Looking a little bit better for LSU at the moment.
  3. Sorry to hear about your surgery. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery, Joe.
  4. I’m LAST PICK!!!! but, Just in case I’m too busy quaffing champagne and skipping gold doubloons across the water from my yacht... 10 If not, then 33 then 61(XL shirt) then 21 then 14 then 69
  5. And to make it easy, since I am the last pick, I choose.... whatever is left!
  6. I will take the smiling Jack no number. If that’s not available I will take the hockey rookie figures.Sorry. That would be number nine or number 36.
  7. I am pretty psyched. I get the LAST PICK this year. #53 and therefore #72. I will be picking live.
  8. $4!70na$7!ck!! I just paid a hunnert bux more for mine. Great price on the ASM 700 Ditko variant.
  9. Or anything else. Merry XMas, you svelte Canadian d ork!
  10. I’m in. As the recipient of Greggy’s musty mirky mystery krap last year, I know how disappointing “mystery boxes” can be. so... I hereby donate the following hardback Marvel books, all in original shrinkwrap: Silver Surfer, Storm, Hulk, Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD, and a non-Greggy-approved Mystery Box.