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  1. Wonderful idea, my donation is to my fave local charity. Lot 4, lot 10
  2. This is a fantastic offering. For those of you who do not know, CGC has just started to grade posters. I think there is a lot of corollary between the rock posters of the 60s and 70s and comics of the same era. I heartily approve of this thread. Thank you for offering these items on the boards.
  3. Obviously you're a Frank Thorne fan! The Morrow and Crandall pages feature wonderful cross-hatching. Best wishes with the sale.
  4. First subscription I ever ordered. Gaines-published, no ads, the usual gang of talented artists and writers. In that form, it hasn’t really existed for years, but I somehow assumed it’d always be around. MAD probably shaped my world view, warped as it is.
  5. Take Plastic and KurtzMan. Someone help me with my addiction. I am powerless.
  6. Sgt Fury 16 for (mostly) yellow. Great cover. Solar 10 - earliest all-black cover I can think of. Same for FF 371 - all-white (embossed); 2nd print is all-red. These may be cheating a bit, though...
  7. Here’s the rest of my ill-gotten gains from Greggy’s Mystery Box. Some from the board legend himself, some from Texas, and some from an unspecified secret locale deep in the forests of Canadia.
  8. You know, Canadia. Our neighbor to the North. Home of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Dudley Do-Right, thirdgreenham, and Greggy.
  9. After eagerly awaiting my Greggy mystery box, I was finally able to hold it in my hot little hands on Saturday February 23. It came all the way from Canadia. Lo and behold, I think he loves me. This was front and center among the other chit he sent. Nice package - (the Mystery Box, not Greggy’s).
  10. I actually like this error. Although it's a true manufacturing problem, to me it is not an unattractive defect. Frankly, to me the book is more cool - certainly more rare - without both staples. Having said that, I am less enamored of those books usually are dual-stapled that were manufactured with only one staple. CGC does not grade those with a qualified label, IIRC, but they do note the single staple on the label.
  11. Take.You know where I live.😄