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  1. After eagerly awaiting my Greggy  mystery box, I was finally able to hold it in my hot little hands on Saturday February 23. It came all the way from Canadia. Lo and behold, I think he loves me. This was front and center among the other chit he sent. Nice package - (the Mystery Box, not Greggy’s).


  2. I actually like this error. Although it's a true manufacturing problem, to me it is not an unattractive defect. Frankly, to me the book is more cool - certainly more rare - without both staples.

    Having said that, I am less enamored of those books usually are dual-stapled that were manufactured with only one staple. CGC does not grade those with a qualified label, IIRC, but they do note the single staple on the label.

  3. 32 minutes ago, arexcrooke said:’s been a while :ohnoez:

    ive got a batch of books I’m going to be listing and hopefully sell a few before I shift them on to my eBay store. 

    I’ve been around for a long time just haven’t posted in the last few years. If you need references there are people who are here that will vouch for me. 

    Arex is a true OG Boardie, no worries about purchasing from him. Hey Arex, if you still have that 9.4 white-paged old label Cap 109 I’ll buy it back from you...

  4. Wallace Wood died in the mid-1980s. He had several chronic diseases including alcohol use disorder, and was a smoker. I believe he was 54 when he died, of self-inflicted gunshot. An amazingly talented artist with distinctive style.