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  1. I know that piece well. It is a great image. I would be happy simply to own one of the Toys For Tots posters. They do show up occasionally on eBay.
  2. Love that cover, has great color retention. Really nice book! Presents well. 2.0
  3. Amazing artwork! If I still had a soul, I would trade it for either the SS DPS or the Cap 100 cover.
  4. Attempting to provide assistance for the irony-impaired. Questions answered (in order). 1. Initial poster: sadly, no. 2. What, Blazing Bob sarcastic? Well, I declare... 3. Refer to answer #2.
  5. Bob: Here’s a recommendation to improve your already impressive and ever-expanding sales reach. Why not re-submit the books in the “red-button box” to CGC yourself. Books that were re-graded (after manipulation) to a higher CGC grade could be sold at the previous, lower CGC price, ensuring a happy client. To ensure a happy Blazing Bob, the books that return as a lower CGC grade can be sold at the higher previous CGC price, thus satisfying Bob. Books that regrade at the same CGC grade can be sold at your previous price plus the cost of pressing, CGC shipping and re-grading. That way your potential buyer will know that there is little to no point in trying to resubmit. It saves your prized clients’ time, and gives you lots of extra stuff to do. Of course, any comic that goes through this elaborate process will receive a special shiny label at the top corner of the CGC slab. This could stand for Completed Value Analysis (CVA). What do you think?
  6. Agree with Bronty. We are hearing only one side of the story. I have no dog in the fight, but the original poster has made posts as far as I can tell only pertinent to this particular issue.
  7. I was once told by someone I respect very much: “Even the appearance of impropriety can beconstrued as impropriety”. I hope you didn’t mean your comment. Is it now, “Guilty til proven innocent”?
  8. One consideration: is the potential "grade bump" worth your time and effort in packaging, waiting for the press and re-grading, return shipping cost? The old red labels are pretty cool, and I would factor that in as well. If it's a Hulk 181, GSXM 1 or similar, maybe. Otherwise, personally I'd be happy holding on to the old red label, sort of a badge of honor...
  9. The Donnelly have owned much of their art for years and years. Their cost basis is therefore comparatively quite low for many of the artworks they own.
  10. Ricksneatstuff = market maker for Baker books?
  11. Well worth it for the Batman versus Elmer Fudd #1 all by itself. That book is nearly impossible to find in a high-grade. Hot hidden gem!
  12. Outstanding work to the holly jolly one And the ham.And Sharon. And everyone who participated.