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  1. In that case I will tale #26 Amazon gift card.
  2. “Amazing hand feel”. Reminds me of Miss Lethia at Blaze Starr’s place on Baltimore’s famous Block in 1981.
  3. My SecretSanta lives in Hawai’i. I got the package today!! Thanks SS, and thanks HJO!!
  4. I have a universal 4.0 golden age Cap 20 with a detached cover. However, the detached cover is noted on the label. I bought it from a Boardie but I don’t remember who. The book actually presents really well, so I’m sure it was downgraded for the detached cover. Again, grading standards seem somewhat fluid, my book was graded at least 6 to 8 years ago. I agree that if the detached cover is not noted, the owner should be very careful to disclose if ever the book goes to the marketplace.
  5. I have a variety in Universal (Blue) CGC 5.0 to 8.0 if you're interested. I've sent you a PM.
  6. It may be that CGC is in one of their "minimalist" modes again, where little additional information is on the actual slab. If it's a Universal 4.0, had the cover NOT been detached, it's likely the grade would have been higher. If it's a CGC labeling error, i.e if it were supposed to have been a green (qualified) label 4.0, you did very well. If you choose to sell, and the buyer is not aware of the detached cover, there may be a problem. If you choose to sell, I'd hope you would disclose the detached cover. But that's up to you. Congratulations on what sounds to be a very nice book.
  7. I think even Tony Tallarico would be ashamed if that were his work. The original cover art is on display at the Museum of Bad Art in Somerville MA.
  8. You have to love the irony of this particular book: occupy Wall Street cover with Captain Marvel Junior appropriating Native American symbolism on the cover of a book owned by a Nisei concentration camp inmate...
  9. That was a shrewd decision. Disney chief Robert Iger has just announced a character tie-in with the Star Wars franchise. It was foreshadowed by Rogue One end credits which listed Buck Owens and Roy Clark as executive producers of the sequel. Lulu is slated to take Daisy Ridley’s place as the beautiful and canny heroine.
  10. In after a long hiatus. Always fun. Thanks skypinkblu for the mass invitation...
  11. I had an idea Wally was going to snag that book! ? way to go.
  12. It was a joke. Sort of. No, really. It was.
  13. Truly an item I would love to own. I have a couple of the sentinel of liberty badges, but have never been able to find a sentinel of liberty wallet card. If anyone has one, I would be willing to trade a badge for a wallet membership card.
  14. One-of-a-kind book, superb pedigree...well done!
  15. Every comics collector needs these Gerber guides - indispensable.