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  1. Unsolicited (and probably unwanted) plug for Mr. P's books: Just look at the covers for Sergeant Fury 64 and 67. Then think of the timeframe they were produced. Two of my favorite covers in that run. This is classic Viet Nam era Americana. Patriotism, Old Glory, Peace Sign...
  2. I wish I knew where to get things like this at a flea market! Nice find.
  3. I certainly hope you are right about a better movie for the FF... The first hundred issue run is the stuff that dreams are made of. When I was a kid I remember my amazement that a comic book could actually run for nine full years.
  4. Very sad. Condolences to family and his friends.
  5. Exactly! High up above you on the pedestal where we both belong "Proud member of the Groucho Marx Pedestal Club" !?
  6. ...and that's the way Timely puts Bedrock and Gotham Kid in their place...
  7. Have loved this cover ever since I saw it in Steranko's History of Comics. GLWTS!
  8. No political posts. You'd have had quicker sale of this great cover IF the other candidate had won...
  9. Mr. P: I don't have a dog in this fight, but is there not a good-faith time to cancel a business transaction? I know that's the case when I buy a car. believe it or not, we occasionally are good for something. if seller backed out for a bigger offer, there is no dispute here at all--seller is dead wrong. mea culpa: A few years ago on these very boards, I sold a CGC 6.5 ASM1 to my first responder at below the asking price. Not 5 minutes after I'd agreed to that offer, I got a much better offer. I didn't take it because I'd already agreed to sell to the first boardie. I lost some money on the deal, but I kept my self-respect...
  10. Paul flashing some gang symbols on the cover...
  11. Apologies. What's weird is I spell it both ways at different times. No idea why, guess I just can't spell He signed both SHOMBURG and SCHOMBURG, so go figure.
  12. See most any Fiction House title from the mid-40s onward. Supposedly the pencil artists would draw nudes and "allow" the inkers to add skimpy garments. By the way, I LOVE the cover to Dizzy Dames 1!