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  1. This mini-comic was also published with Esquire magazine in 1969. There was an article on Marvel Comics and the ever-mediagenic Stan Lee in Esquire that month, (as well as Esquire's 1966 article on how "hip" and "cool" comics had become). Thanks for showing the original cover and the mini-comic cover together. I have both, and had never put them together to realize they featured a different subject angle!
  2. You are going to be behind the curve after all the cool kids have picked up True Sports Picture Stories and King Comics (Popeye covers are HOT after the IDW reprint series flew off the shelves). Massive percentage increase in this year's guide. Also noted there was a huge bump in post-code Charlton non-TV cartoon books.
  3. And I am very happy to be the recipient of a quick flip at a fair price.
  4. Were the books stored with old Penthouse magazines?
  5. Worthless without pix, but Avengers 25. Classic Doom. Decent Cap.
  6. I would like to know what improvements were made for the 2nd edition of the "slap the jap"game. Was the 1st edition not racist or depraved enough?
  7. Lot 5 thanks. See PM. i will pay it forward as well - flying out for a vacation, when I'm back I will post some freebies.
  8. Protocol must be followed for a CGC Signature Series authorization. Voldemort may be an option, though.
  9. Take the trimmed Steranko and the DC Batman villains lot. thanks, JB
  10. WTF. I will take it. Let me know where to send funds, please. Thanks, JB
  11. Stop that. You'll only encourage him.
  12. So if CGC mistakenly gave a restored book a blue universal label, you'd have no problem passing it off as unrestored? So much for sarcasm.
  13. Of the ones you've listed, I'd think the ones with Captain America 255 and XMen 143 would command a premium of some sort. Both of those books are (very) minor keys: Anniversary issue, and Last Byrne on his XMen run.
  14. Personally, I love these things. So few books were packaged like this compared to the print run of the issue that it enhances the collectibility for me. The market doesn't particularly seem to bear this out, unless it's a key issue, though.
  15. But why? It's a Universal CGC 9.4 near mint book. It says so right on the label.
  16. Keep the Universal label. A plurality of collectors avoid Qualified books. IBTL
  17. Unsolicited (and probably unwanted) plug for Mr. P's books: Just look at the covers for Sergeant Fury 64 and 67. Then think of the timeframe they were produced. Two of my favorite covers in that run. This is classic Viet Nam era Americana. Patriotism, Old Glory, Peace Sign...