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  1. Per that date stamp, this book may be one of the infamous Dupcak "Eastern Color file copies" -hence the resto designation. Own a piece of "history"...
  2. That would be a great book for crack out and signature.
  3. That looks very nice for the grade. I suppose the water/tidemark brought the grade down but it really does look better than 1.8. Good luck with the sale.
  4. I just purchased a cool cover from Menator. No drama, easy transaction. Excellent packaging well beyond the required protection. Thanks very much!
  5. That Incredible Hulk 1819.2 qualified was my old book. The hole punch is of course why it got the qualified label, otherwise it is as amazingly nice as the seller promotes to be.
  6. Does this count as Marvel Chipping? Amazing book for the grade.
  7. Great copy - I bought a mid-grade copy from marmat a few years ago - easy transaction. Best wishes!
  8. That book really should have come with the "foot itch" back cover ad.
  9. Congratulations to buyer and seller on the sale of the Smash 73 Church copy. I was a brief possessor of that book simply because I thought it an appealing comic book cover. Love the stars and the cover colors! It is undeniably a book that looks to be 9.4 but it has been confirmed to be a 9.2 on several submissions. I don't know why it hasn't garnered a 9.4.
  10. Certainly glad the comics were recovered. On another note, I know porcupine48 suggested a custom title for cheetah several pages back in the thread, but this one might work as well for cheetah's custom title:
  11. Overstreet Classic Cover Designation: invisible handjob cover.
  12. Very sorry to learn of this sad turn of events. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Health and family are the most important things we have in this world.
  13. Great book. I'd never noticed/realized this was a 10cent cover - even more cool! Thanks Andy!!!! (thumbs u
  14. I am sure I paid for the SSS6 with magic beans and bitcoins in my Mt. Gox account. Just go ahead and ship the book, since magic beans are guaranteed.
  15. Do you have a price in mind for this book? I don't see a price listed.
  16. Tree Fiddy. Plus a Hulk 180 CGC 9.2 improvable...
  17. trust me, if the book was $150 lower, that book would be mine! great book! Trust me, if I were the seller and you offered me that close to my asking price that book would be yours ...?
  18. Fascinating read, thanks for posting the link!