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  1. Its seems like the vast majority of copies of 14 and 15 are owned by boardies
  2. Congratulations on that pick up. The #15 is a tough book to get in any grade!
  3. I'll post my pictures up probably sometime tomorrow
  4. I suspect if there was a Church 65 its long lost in the ether of comics out there not to be found again most likely (at least confirmed as the Church book). Comic are inherently fragile by nature and can be lost many ways (fire, floods, pests and all sorts of nasty things) so it may also have met its end in some way in the past. I do hope it turns up one day, but the likelihood of this happening is low in my opinion.
  5. Always been one of my favorite covers of the run for me
  6. Hi Everyone! It's been a while What's everyone's prediction on the final hammer for the Planet #1 7.0 on Heritage right now? Warmest Regards Jason
  7. I had a couple but they were sold off when I liquidated the top 2/3 of my run.
  8. That is one beautiful grouping of Planets 😀. Congratulations!
  9. Lol, I was tied up with other things and missed the party. Probably better for my pocket book anyways. So what was the final hammer on the Rivet books? Would love to know if someone can share. I had my eye on the #2 but never bid. Warmest Regards Jason
  10. Just saying hi! Hope all is well with you
  11. I must be getting old as this is about the only thread that I frequent for the most part these days
  12. That #2 Planet that sold on HA recently was pretty nice. Anyone here pick it up?