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  1. Invoices have all been calculated, I will start sending them out to everyone later this afternoon. Warmest Regards, Jason
  2. I will be working on compiling each buyers total's today and then start sending out invoices. I'll officially close this thread likely later today. If anyone wants to pick up the remaining books, grab them now or send me a PM. Warmest Regards Jason
  3. Thread Recap on post #2 has been updated with the recent pick ups. Still lots of great books and deals available
  4. Updated Recap post #2 now posted with new heavy discounts, new discounted books starting Page 13 section of recap.
  5. I've decided I'm going to close out this thread shortly. I'm going to post a updated recap on post number two with healthy discounts on the remaining books within hopefully the next 30 minutes. Stay tuned.
  6. That's it for now. I may list a small grouping of books tomorrow afternoon and then do another recap sale on Tuesday for any remaining books then close this thread out. I will also do a thread #3 in another week or two as I still have quite a few books to sell. Warmest Regards Jason