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  1. So I've been made aware there is some group message floating around with someone who was not happy with one of their books for some reason, if this is you please reach out to me directly to find a resolution please. Back channeling without even addressing the issue with me first doesn't make any sense. Thank you, Jason
  2. Hi Folks, for those that have purchased, the books are starting to get packed up today (there are a lot of packages) and will start being sent out over the weekend and probably a bunch as well on Monday. I'll keep everyone informed as they go out. Warmest Regards, Jason
  3. UPS is the absolute worst shipper for Canadians, they add in all sorts of additional brokerage fees to Canadians. I have received packages worth $40 and paid an equal amount in broker fees and taxes. I avoid them like the plague. If your package is worth a high value, its not quite as bad percentage wise, but its still way higher than any other carrier. USPS, FedEx ad DHL are all superior.
  4. Thread is now closed, thanks to everyone who browsed, participated and/or purchased. Invoices will start going out later today. Warmest Regards Jason
  5. I am shutting down this thread in about 90 minutes, last opportunity to pick up any of the remaining books from the recap. Invoices will be sent out later today.
  6. Last call for this thread, reasonable offers on any of the remaining books in the recap will be taken under consideration
  7. Final prices are firm, grab them while the last, BIG discounts on all remaining books!! Page 1 SOLD Adventure Comics CGC 7.0 off white to white pages $2600 shipped, NOW $2250 shipped The Unexpected #126 CGC 9.2 white pages $100 shipped, NOW $85 shipped SOLD Superman #189 CGC 9.2 off white to white pages $145 shipped, NOW $100 shipped SOLD Whiz Comics #66 6.5/7.0 $145 shipped, NOW $100 shipped Weird Fantasy #15 4.0/4.5 $200 shipped, NOW $145 shipped Page 3 Canadian Heroes Vol 4 #1 Rare Canadian White comic, 5.0/5.5 $325 shipped, NOW $250 shipped Amazing Spider-Man 40 8.0 $390 shipped, NOW $300 shipped Heroic Comics #62 Canadian Edition 8.5 $75 shipped, NOW $60 shipped Page 4 SOLD Amazing Spider-Man #8 5.0/5.5 $420 shipped, NOW $360 shipped SOLD Amazing Spider-Man #9 6.0 $900 shipped, NOW $750 shipped Amazing Spider-Man #10 4.0/4.5 $490 shipped, NOW $400 shipped Forbidden Worlds #77 7.5/8.0 $65 shipped, NOW $50 shipped Our Army at War #169 CGC 9.2 Off White to White pages, $1000 shipped, NOW $850 shipped Star Spangled War Stories #151 CGC 9.2 White Pages, $490 shipped, NOW $435 shipped Page 6 King Comics #138 8.5 $60 shipped, NOW $45 shipped Lot of 4 House of Secrets books 7.5/8.0, $60 shipped, NOW $45 shipped Page 7 Jerry Lewis #119 and 120, 7.0 $30 shipped, NOW $20 shipped Four bronze books, ASM 197 8.0/8.5, FF 151 8.0, Captain America 206 9.0/9.2, Iron Man 81 9.0 and a free ASM annual #8 $45 shipped, NOW $35 shipped Im combining the three previous groupings of the IW comics lots, a total of 11 books, NOW $100 takes it all SOLD Fantastic Four #12 CGC 4.0 Cream to off white pages $825 shipped, NOW $640 shipped SOLD The Mighty Thor previous unsold books and lots: #155 7.5/8.0 #157 8.0 #170 7.0 #173 7.5, #194 8.0 #201 9.0 #211 8.5, previously $195, NOW $100 for them all SOLD X-Men #8 7.0 $240 shipped, NOW $185 shipped X-Men #23 7.0 $75 shipped, NOW $55 shipped X-Men 24 7.0/7.5 $60 shipped, NOW $45 shipped SOLD X-Men 25 7.0 $60 shipped, NOW $45 shipped X-Men 26 7.5 $65 shipped, NOW $50 shipped
  8. Posting the recap below this post, I have significantly reduced the prices on almost all remaining books. There will not be any additional discounts on the books and the final prices posted are firm. Many amazing deals to be grabbed, I am in a selling mood this afternoon. Thanks to all who purchased, I hope you had fun. After I close out this thread and get the invoices out I will probably start another large thread this coming end of week or weekend, so be on the lookout if you enjoyed this one
  9. Hi Folks, The thread has been updated and anything SOLD has been marked accordingly. I'm going to put together a recap for earlier this afternoon and probably add in some discounts for any remaining books. You will want to check it out as there will be great deals! Warmest Regards Jason