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  1. Planet Comics completed run

    Love that #17 upgrade 😀
  2. 'PLANET COMICS' (is deserving of its own thread)

    Sure! I have assembled my Planets today but recently cleaned up and reorganized a lot of stuff, including my collection. My #35 and #28 are MIA, lol, they will show up, I just need to sort through a mountain of stuff
  3. 'PLANET COMICS' (is deserving of its own thread)

    Although I have a Universal copy of Planet #2, its low grade (2.5) with Brittle pages. #2 is one of my run that is definitely on my "want to upgrade" list. It will likely be financially painful when that finally happens I anticipate.
  4. 'PLANET COMICS' (is deserving of its own thread)

    Lots of Planet Comics porn in this thread
  5. ComicConnect Feb 2018 auction

    Twisted Tales #9, Spade the Werewolf and Me is the story 😀
  6. ComicConnect Feb 2018 auction

    I have a full story of original art from one of the twisted tales issues, can recall off the top of my head. Not by a famous artist but I still love it ❤️
  7. ComicConnect Feb 2018 auction

    Both those titles were awesome
  8. ComicConnect Feb 2018 auction

    What did they go for? They were very little money a few days before auction end. Alien Worlds was one of my favorite titles when I was a kid, so owning some of the original artwork from one of them would have been great. That particular story too was cool, I remember reading it.
  9. ComicConnect Feb 2018 auction

    I was going to bid on some original art from Alien Worlds #9 by Mike Hoffman, but forgot to sign in to the auction that night Guess I will save my funds for another purchase
  10. 'PLANET COMICS' (is deserving of its own thread)

    Had this book for sometime as it was the first single digit Planet Comics book I purchased. The CGC case was a bit beat up so I sent it in for a clean and reholder. Looks great in the new case
  11. The death of the run collector? I'm not so sure...

    ASM 1-200 is a fun run to chase. Plenty of keys to run after if you are in the mood to purchase a bigger $$ book, ands lots of run filler type books also if that is what your budget entails at that moment.
  12. I love both books and own an 8.0 CGC SSS #6, never owned a CofC #19. I agree with an earlier posters comments that all the beautiful Gaines File Pedigree books have kind of diminished the value of non Gaines books. I no longer own any Gaines file books, but had the pleasure of owning about half a dozen of them over the years, many of which I purchased early in my collecting days as an adult because I loved EC's so much. I should have put those 1.5K to 2.5K purchases in to some low grade blue chip Superhero books back in the day and I would have been way further ahead financially in my collecting. Even if I had purchased some high grade PCH books other than EC's. I still love the EC's but the relative rise in the comic market has far outpaced the Gaines EC books over the last 10 years it seems. I would probably pick the CofC #19 because I have always loved that book and have not owned it yet.
  13. The death of the run collector? I'm not so sure...

    I love collecting runs and have done so for a while. I have shifted to completing runs more in raw state than slabbed though as its much too expensive to collect everything in a slab and sometimes not even feasible if the book itself is only a $10-$50 book in a raw state (or even less). Often I will shorten my runs from a collecting standpoint as it becomes prohibitive for me both storage wise and expenditure of resources (this includes my time). For example my ASM run is only focused on issues #1-200. I have a few later issues, but my interest lies primarily in the first 200 issues for me personally. Although my run has been modified, I would still consider myself a "run" collector. Other runs I will chase the entire thing, but they usually need to fall in the GA-BA time period for me. I collect singles too, but completing the run after many months and/or years of work and searching is what I really enjoy.
  14. Collectible Insurance Services review

    This is a pretty fascinating thread with lots of great info. My bottom line take away is know your policy and due your due diligence. Not comic related, but I have had to make a few claims over the years with various insurers. The experience between companies was vastly different, even with similar policies.