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  1. http://www.comicartcommunity.com/gallery/details.php?image_id=21293 Todd MCfarlane needs to draw some batman
  2. I really love Mcfarlane's rendition of the hulk. It's unlike any other artist. Wonder what would have happened if Todd stayed with the incredible hulk longer and refined his work. Would he have become as popular as he did with spider-man? Would spawn exist or would we have had a completely different image character instead? Something tells me his art would have been even better in his prime with the hulk but who knows. Great page
  3. Nice, what website is franks new art listed?
  4. Totally agree! Here is a perfect example of the black and white ... I would like to think at least.. http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=1231414&GSub=167429 I think this is one of the most successful pieces by Frank done in this extreme style. Incredible.
  5. I really hope we get to see more comic art by Frank Miller. Is he still offering artwork direct?
  6. True. I've had quite a few commissions with top artists and they have always come through. The only artist ever to stiff me for a commission was Pat Broderick a few years ago. I wrote it off as a loss considering how bad I thought his artwork had gotten over the years. That sucks! That's what stops me from commissioning certain artists, whose work I'm nostalgic for but were never big players. Fans tend to be reverential and forgiving of their favorite artists and artists who are prone to taking advantage of that, really push it to the limits. I don't know how this could be anything but a passive aggressive way to bully the few fans willing to pay for their work they have left. Leaving people hanging like this, for years after taking their money is wrong. No responses. IMO He should pay back at least a portion of the money even if he delivers the art now. He won't of course but if he's really looking to mend fences....
  7. Koa

    Jason Pearson

    This seems likely to me. The world is moving towards the indie scene in a big way and I think more and more artists are saying "screw you" to the big guys. That goes for comics just as much as music. For artists who can afford to do that. Jason is doing a body bags story via kickstarter, it barely funded so he doesn't have the support that can facilitate working outside the system. he should, he's one of the best artists in comics any day of the week, imo.
  8. Koa

    Jason Pearson

    Oh yeah. I remember his personal issues. Hopefully he's moved past that. I think getting some solid work at the big two might help solve those issues.
  9. These commission horror stories seem to always involve artists who have to sing for their supper. I really can't understand how an artist who isn't really that popular can justify leaving a fan who has paid for their work in these type of situations. Your fanbase is small enough as it is, you really want to alienate the few hundred people who might support your work...
  10. Koa

    Jason Pearson

    Does anyone like this guys artwork? I think he's one of the most commercial guys available in comics right now. It's hard to believe he doesn't have regular work lined up at DC, Marvel or one of the smaller work for hire publishers I know he funded (barely) a new body bags graphic novel through kickstarter and gets the occasional cover assignments for D list DC books but the quality of his work is so good it's really a waste. Any thoughts of why an artist of pearson's caliber isn't getting regular work in comics?
  11. I got a few emails from him via comic art fans a few times. I stopped keeping a wantlist after He tried to sell me pages that were listed at the artists choice during one of their 50% sales, at full price.
  12. I kind of expect it'll clear 15-20k somehow even though none of his art has ever come close at auction. You know, i've been ragging on greg about his pricing but looking at some modern (last 4 or 5 years) era art, I see reps have (at least) doubled prices on many less popular artists new work over the last 6 months or year. I don't want to name names but Artists who have work sitting at 2500 a cover have newer no more desirable work listed at 4-5k now. If the work isn't selling at 2500 what makes people think 5k will be the trick? art that didn't sell at 5k are now listing 10k. If this trend continues this hobby has officially jumped the shark, imo. The piece stalled at $8k. I don't think it Will clear $15K. Could become the auction bargain. The 15k comment was a follow up toward the sudden price jump in Spawn covers that have been sitting idle at 4-8k for years to match the 20-50k prices Greg has listed. 8k seems on the high end of reasonable for this.
  13. Does russ cohran own this art or just auction it? I've heard his name for years
  14. I've just "discovered" Darwyn's work in the last year with the parker series. I'm a huge fan of the westlake novels. I ignored his superhero work because of an erroneous assumption. His work was powerful and unique and I'm devastated to learn there will be no more of it.
  15. Will it even reach 6-8? Judging by how many years the other covers sat at these prices (until yesterday), it's unlikely. It'll be interesting to see nevertheless. It's pass $8k. How far will it go for considering is one of the better looking Capullo Spawn out there ? Plus... Not too many come out to the open market. I don't think it's one of the better covers, but they're all pretty good. I'd be comfortable in this price range for a capullo/miki spawn cover I really wanted. I wonder what a nice capullo/mcfarlane cover will go for.