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  1. Working on a a slabbed set of Eeries and got these 2 at a good price. I have another 7 being graded and slabbed at CGC right now. One of them is my Eerie #25 which is to be signed by Steranko!
  2. I decided to slab my Vampi #1. Want to be sure to keep in as nice a condition as possible. Just got it back and got what I expected as far as the grade. White pages too! I also got my TMNT #1 slabbed. It is a 2nd print and not exactly a magazine. But it is magazine sized! I will be selling this to help make up for all my crazy purchases over the last year.
  3. Thank you for your kind words. Our family's are both safe. She is retired and I work via phone, so we have very little unnecesary contact with others. Times are tough but it gives me more time to reorganize my collections in the house.
  4. Another great book in great condition.. I miss the intense reds but overall I still appreciate the presentation.
  5. My 36 mags and comics were received 6/30/2020. 10 comics were scheduled for grading same day. 2 mags scheduled for grading today (7/1/2020).