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  1. So you have #7, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band?! Congrats!!
  2. Nice pickup. Tough black cover. She looks excited too!
  3. Supposedly a White Mountain. No COA. Date stamped on inside first page.
  4. Satan refers to her as a teenager in her story. The youngest bride to Dracula. No age is given.
  5. The interior art is by the usual artists of the Creeps Mag. The art is ok. I find the inking on "The Cursed Sultan's Gems" by Santos Zaballos and "The Haunted Homecoming" by Vicente Alcazar to be interesting. The last 2 stories have somewhat simplistic art, Ok overall.
  6. The latest from Warrant Publishing. Their rendition of Vampirella with a Ken Kelly cover.
  7. Seems to really need a quick $149 or so. You would think it is easier for him to get a loan.
  8. Wombat and I are referring to the ebay seller referenced above. Gerber has a possible bag to use as suggested by MAR1979 on the Gerber 1114M2 bags. The dimensions for that bag are noted by Gerber.
  9. I have messaged the seller to try to determine is these are Mylar. Further down in the listing is says they are 1.7 ml Mylar.
  10. Wow! Nice set. Of books. I always put new mylar bags on my mags & comics so the price stickers don't bother me anymore.
  11. Clarity is good but they are not crystal clear as Mylar bags. These are polypropylene and are resealable. Exclusive to Hotflips who is a board member.
  12. I am using these bags from Hotflips. Fit the slabs snugly. Graded Magazine Bags (Flip-N-Stick), 1 Pack of 100 sleeves.