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  1. Two of these are in pretty nice shape - maybe FN+ but the 3rd is definitely a reader GD copy.
  2. That price written on the cover really gives it character. Great mag!
  3. I have a new set to collect. Fantastic Monsters Of The Films. This is issue #7 (Vol 2 #1). There were only 7 total issues. This one and the 1st issue seem especially hard to find in grade. My copy seems to be about F+ - F/VF as it has cream to tan pages. However, it seems all other issues that I have come across are VG at best.
  4. Another add for this set of mags. I need a lot of these to complete a set.
  5. A well loved copy for sure!
  6. Yes! Thank you! I got it at my LCS and it was the only copy of any magazine that he happened to have. I was familiar with Creepy and Eerie from my younger days (my older brother had a few of the early issues) and was happy to discover this little gem.
  7. Also got these 2 issues of Stanley's SHOCK. Need 2 more issues to complete this set.
  8. Some new additions this week. I got the 3 Creepy mags off of ebay listed as Fine. They are indeed Fine but still nice copies to hold on to for the future.
  9. I would still settle for a nicer copy but this will do for now. I might press and slab it later.
  10. I just realized that I have only the 1 copy. Usually I hoard good books like this one.
  11. My lone copy. This is the first Warran mag that I purchased in 1987 for $25. It started me on my Warren collection quest.
  12. Got this from fifties sales thread.