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  1. Hard cover version to go with my other HC (Miller Pub). Beautiful copy.
  2. Got this set today. I had delayed getting it and it seems to be not as available as I would have thought.
  3. I got this in a small collection of Sandman books. Arrived today.
  4. Yes! And a Bob Burden interview/article.
  5. Do you have Flaming Carrot #1 (Killian Barracks Press)? What issues of Visions have you found? I have #1 through 6. There is supposed to be an issue #7 and #8 which were the last issues that had Lamar Waldron as the editor. Issues 6 - 8 were digest size.
  6. Been looking for a decent copy of this one for awhile.
  7. I only had 1 PGX slab to convert. Weird Science Fantasy 27 was sent as 4.5 Off White pages. Coming back as 5.0 Off White - White. Received 1/31/2019 Scheduled for grading 03/01/2019 Grading/Quality control 04/20/2019 Finalized/Imaged/Shipped 04/23/2019
  8. Just got this issue today. Mmmm, Spider-Ham.
  9. Beautiful copies. I don't have either one for my set yet.
  10. Nice pickup. I have seen it before, maybe ebay. Right now there is a decent copy on ebay but kind of pricey: Congrats!