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  1. so its 15 mins until 10 PM and then back to 5 (once Andy gets back)?
  2. @ 15 minutes for everyone who is not here, it could take quite a bit...
  3. Don't we have the problem of people that submitted lists not having andy to handle them?
  4. no bronze? or is that mixed with silver and copper? or am I just missing it?
  5. That's interesting RMA. I know some dealers who grade on averages, like point values for tears and creases and folds and spine rolls, etc. and grade each aspect separately to come up with an average grade at the end. I get their rationale but the limiting method does make more sense to me. How can it be a fine if it has something only allowed in VG? At the same time, that makes some very appealing looking books technically lower grade.
  6. Only took about 7 years but my little thread has reached 1,000,000 views! The bronze age is alive and well!
  7. What was the figure? I'm a little behind on values but I'm thinking rocket-firing boba fett, carded vinyl cape jawa, carded telescoping lightsaber or trilogo yak face?