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  1. I believe it, with the information out there that it is the first Space Usagi story.
  2. And at least that Halloween special had 2 bids on it...
  3. I don't know why anyone would call Black Cat a nothing character. There are legitimate ones out there. Has Annex appeared after Amazing Annual 27?
  4. I would sell. That book in that condition is nice to let go. I find it a lot but don't always see it going for decent money. Ebay sales I am seeing make me think I should unload a few...
  5. But is there a cinderella love 25-like image in the saturday evening post? Because Thisavros has at least two images thus far that have been used by or had something to do with Baker. It still may not be the post that inspired him but the Greek magazine after all...New York is clearly a Metropolitan city and maybe he walked by a diverse newsstand on his way to work. Or made it his work to stop by there and see what images gave him ideas from all around the world. And maybe borrowing from a magazine in another language made it less likely to be seen as a swipe?
  6. Looking at recent sales, I think the market has been doing some correcting with regard to the Hulk 180/181 debate. 180's on ebay have been selling for a very large percentage of 181's. For fun, this made me think about Overstreet's top 25 bronze age comic list. This list came most recently came out last summer sometime, I believe, but the prices remind you of looking in a 90's Wizard. Who wouldn't pay this for most of these books (all prices NM-)? Star Wars 1 35 cent variant $12000 Incredible Hulk 181 $5500 Iron Fist 14 35 cent variant $4400 House of Secrets 92 $3350
  7. Amazing that all the increases in price haven't drawn out more copies recently...It is so hard to keep up with prices in this market, fear of leaving too much money on the table might be keeping people away.
  8. I looked at getting another one of these before the last episode came out and I did not like what I saw in terms of affordability. Big prices all around, and good for it, and it will probably go up, but just out of the league I was interested in. Strong book. All the zemo books should do well.
  9. I think its a lot of wishful thinking, but I'd guess that would be in their rationale somewhere. I don't see the book anywhere near that but at least its something?!?
  10. I always base value on what something will sell for. Not a lot of humans would pay $3 million for an Action Comics 1 but that doesn't affect its value because some will.
  11. Who is this directed at?
  12. No gimmick here, just a relic of old methods of distribution. And the differences were not manufactured to make one more desirable. That is the reason newsstands are desirable in the first place; they were clear second-class citizens for years and years and, in large part, treated as such.