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  1. Thank you What are the common non-ebay marketplaces? I got this card in a pack I opened that I guess would be 21 years ago now...It has been sleeved ever since so the grade should be high, but I don't know enough about card grading to give a guess. But if the $4000+ prices I am seeing are legit, it would seem I should definitely get it graded. I have a similar Blastoise and Venusaur as well as some early cards from other sets, like a first edition Rocket Dark Charizard 21/82. The only shadowless card I found in my holos was a Chansey (not 1st edition) but prices on that don't seem too out
  2. Did all those higher grade 35 cent variants ever sell on Hake's? It's not a site I use so I knew I would be out of contention, but I was wondering how things went?
  3. Not to shameslessly plug, but my question is somewhat similar and I posted it in its own thread. I have a shadowed, not 1st edition charizard 4/102 and see huge price discrepancies on that proxy nervousness? Graded cards seem to sell for 20x not-graded. My experience selling my magic cards was much more straight-forward so I'm a bit at a loss...
  4. So I am considering getting some cards graded and dug out some of my CCG cards left over from the 90's. I've gotten comics graded before but I am trying to figure out if any of my old cards are worth grading, and honestly, realized prices on Ebay confuse me... Like this one: I know enough to know it is NOT shadowless and is not 1st edition with the extra stamp. It is a base set holo of the best card in the set. Ok. Looking at sold cards, I see a lot in the $200's, maybe between $225 and $275, which I already think is pretty good, but the confusing thing is that graded cards (an
  5. Hammer prices on Mirage 1 2nd print have been blowing me away...big money for that book!
  6. Is Wandavision having any impact on the silver age first appearances? It's been quiet here for a while...
  7. I pay less for a SS than universal of the same grade. If I don't get a book signed myself, it doesn't add anything to it for me. But I know a lot of people like them so maybe you will do ok.
  8. I am loving this; I got my copy in a Walmart 3 pack...
  9. Not sure I am doing it right, but it looks like the page source says the sale was for $3000... Still a strong sale, and no other copies available...
  10. Maybe he is squeezing her too tight but perhaps her feet tell a different story...
  11. The end of my story is the same as this. Ridiculous.