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  1. Maybe someone could just give me advice about hotflips. Free shipping and decent prices on bundles of 5. Does anyone have experience buying online from them? I've seen their setup at cons but never purchased anything from them there either.
  2. The LCS was sold out right before Covid shut everything down but I'm looking for three of these boxes. I don't know what shipping would cost but please PM me if you have 3 you can sell. Plain cardboard still flat boxes preferred.
  3. Has some time changed these rankings at all?
  4. Nice price on a 5.0! I thought it went cheap!
  5. Since it's been all first appearances for years, why not stockpile classic storylines. If nothing much comes it for a while, you still have something cool. If they pop, you're a genius. Easy.
  6. Just like there are no insert 30 or 35 cent variants, there are no insert Whitman books.
  7. Some killer books in here...PM me with what you're still looking for...
  8. Early Don Heck is very sought after, especially when he worked for Comic Media and did some of the most graphic pre-code out there...