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  1. I saw the variant that comicmint was pushing and was not a fan of that cover. Great stories go a long way though.
  2. I have a couple comedy carnivals, but my favorite copy has the whole of Pictorial Romances 17 as its interior.
  3. I wasn't aware of any Baker art in this book. Is this merely an unscrupulous seller or is there something to this? Unsurprisingly, there are no interior shots of the book...
  4. It's nowhere near as bad as that and it does sound like it is common after all, so I am somewhat relieved. My copy is very high grade so I think today's prices are forcing me to submit for grading. I couldn't find a 9.8 newsstand on Ebay but I'm guessing they're going for more than the current direct 9.8's are going for... Can a copy with evident jagged right edge get 9.8?
  5. There is always some value in a rare variant, and newsstands versions, especially in high grade, are rare. Those who search for harder-to-find books will buy the high grade newsstands first if the books were the same price. When newsstands are a little more expensive, they will still sell more quickly than the direct version => The newsstand version is worth more. ASM 300 has near universal desirability. Both are completely desirable and some people don't care if one version is harder to find than the other. That person isn't the reason the newsstand version is worth more, but the book is still worth more.
  6. I was looking over my newsstand copy and I had a question for the ASM 300 production quality experts. The right side of the front cover has kind of a jagged cut. Is this common on this issue or totally unheard of? The rest of the issue is high grade (no spine ticks or stresses, small tear to top of spine). It is subtle, and not noticeable at a distance, but it is not as straight as the other edges. I am thinking something to do with the thickness of the book and slight overhang of the cover, but I want to make sure it is not trimmed.
  7. I just went in hard on this and I am ok with this news...
  8. I am sure I have 1 someplace, but that is just awesome
  9. The book has been collected since it came out and was never rare. There are a ton of high grade copies. These prices make me want to get my remaining raw copy graded. Insane money. Think of what you could buy for that amount? Golden age Cap(s!)?!? I know where I could get Captain America Comics 74 and have money leftover from a 9.8. I make that trade.
  10. Did this get hacked or something? I haven't been able to get the page to load to see when the last articles were added since at least yesterday. Does anyone know what happened?
  11. I literally just found these books, searched for this thread to share, and saw that I was a few months too late... Good stuff!
  12. At those kinds of prices I think I will have to let my copy
  13. Picked up Amazing Spider-Man 346 and Ghost Rider 25 before they get out of hand. Now they can go with my Amazing Spider-Man 373 to form my Australian Price Variant collection thus far...
  14. I'd rather have this than those so I think this was a very wise move. Congratulations on an awesome book!