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  1. The Eternals 1 30 cent variant is probably the most common after Howard the Duck 3. I used to include a high grade copy in every lot of 30 cent variants I sold. It sells for an unbelievable amount now but there was a time when SME 15 was worth more than even the variant in grade. The price variants don't have a lot of keys overall, or at least, keys most people know about. It was really something to see some of the variants take off so much.
  2. I've never seen eternals 1 sell for SME 15 prices...eternals 1 is incredibly common and grouped with all the other 1's around that era...SME has been a key 1st appearance for a long time. Eternals books are not hard to find, just not valued historically.
  3. I feel like I've been getting much more reasonable prices this year as a buyer. Sales have been up for me at the same time but not as high as I've seen some go.
  4. Is it cheaper to submit and get denied than to get the sticker? Or the same cost to "try"?
  5. I've never heard anyone mention this issue as relevant beyond being a whitman or particularly rare as a whitman...the top 3 are thought of as exceedingly rare aside from the top 8 and the GL is a key...
  6. I was gonna shout out Steranko for almost everything he did. Not him, but progressive for the era:
  7. I don't understand this one. Hot title and new character but is he ever even going to be used again?
  8. Sigh...everyone should get to calculus ii and beyond...mathematics rigor in this country is so disappointing...
  9. The story was always Rick's story. Once he was gone, it was inevitable the title was over.
  10. Hand-written prices are not variants. Your book is written on like a scribble or line drawn on a cover. This is not accepted to the point a date stamp would be.