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  1. Sold quite a few slabs to customers here some of the requests are unreasonable imo and i choose or try to choose my customers well from their posting... so the system does work but many humans do not know of the sites existence or are flaky or etc.If you have a book 9 out of 10 theres someone that has it or more of it just getting someone to respond or has what you desire is the main factor but I have had mostly excellent experiences here so far selling to customers mother teresa vs predator i dont recollect on though...
  2. New books up after 9 pst highlighted by Marvel Super Special # 35 with the Arnold cover 9.6 highest graded Avengers #223 Newsstand Ed. 9.4 Spawn #9 9.6 and a few others Come one come all ..
  3. Ello Everyone as usual books ending at 9pst tonight then we have more mayhem for you highlights are Lady Supreme #1 signed by Terry Moore asked him to sign it myself back when you didnt need money to have someone sign a book Batman #372 9.6 cool cover by Hannigan & Giordano The Maxx #1 Glow in the dark cover variant 9.8 Logans Run #6 1st Thanos solo story 9.4 Godzilla #1 movie will be out soon 9.8 Come one come all ..
  4. Books ending at 9:00 pst tonight and then new slabs Powerpack #1 9.8 Marvel Team-up #141 9.6 Lady Death Red Velvet Swimsuit ed. 9.6 Detective Comics #475 9.2 V for Vendetta #1 9.8 Some Elfquest slabs from the first series too Thanks for looking
  5. Hello this is a paid sponser announcement..or something..Books ending tonight at 9pst all started at 19.99..then a new batch of goodness including an Army of Darkness #1 in 9.8 Sam Raimi would be proud.... Moon Knight #27 and a G.I.Joe 43 both in 9.8 be there or be square check any of the funky links above
  6. Have quite a few of these in the grading restraints you are asking for but will take me some time to find them all..will see what i can come up with
  7. Hello peeps Books ending tonight at 9pst Young Avengers #1 in 9.6 and Batman #376 9.8 and a Booster gold #1 in 9.6..then new stuff including Return of the jedi #1 in 9.8..and a Batman 9.6..Danke
  8. Anyone have a line on Angel Medina he still alive and well? would appreciate a Commission from this stellar artist if possible...Anyone that can get me in touch id appreciate it
  9. Would love to get a Batman commission from this cat ..if you actually make contact with him on a commission can you drop me a line id appreciate it ..he was and is a major factor of my collecting for sure and id give you big kudos..after you do your thing of course..
  10. Tried to do this for you but every one i found so far has a little knick below the top staple not sure if this is on more than what i have but im stuck on stupid with what i far..
  11. Hello Same as usual Some books up till 9:00 pst Have a Aliens vol 2 #1 9.8 and some other books if anyone is interested pls check the link to my store..after 9 pst 6 new books starting at 19.99 as the norm..
  12. Fantastic Article Thank you for your input and emotion on this topic