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  1. Have quite a few of these in the grading restraints you are asking for but will take me some time to find them all..will see what i can come up with
  2. Hello peeps Books ending tonight at 9pst Young Avengers #1 in 9.6 and Batman #376 9.8 and a Booster gold #1 in 9.6..then new stuff including Return of the jedi #1 in 9.8..and a Batman 9.6..Danke
  3. Anyone have a line on Angel Medina he still alive and well? would appreciate a Commission from this stellar artist if possible...Anyone that can get me in touch id appreciate it
  4. Would love to get a Batman commission from this cat ..if you actually make contact with him on a commission can you drop me a line id appreciate it ..he was and is a major factor of my collecting for sure and id give you big kudos..after you do your thing of course..
  5. Tried to do this for you but every one i found so far has a little knick below the top staple not sure if this is on more than what i have but im stuck on stupid with what i far..
  6. Hello Same as usual Some books up till 9:00 pst Have a Aliens vol 2 #1 9.8 and some other books if anyone is interested pls check the link to my store..after 9 pst 6 new books starting at 19.99 as the norm..
  7. Fantastic Article Thank you for your input and emotion on this topic
  8. Have some coming back from the lawgiver ill let you know what i get back..have a 2,3,6,13, have some hardcovers may be able to do the Marvel one but id have to do some looking
  9. Thanks ill call in on monday
  10. Yea i was wondering if my free sub credits were actually used up i had premium and then elite now but i dont remember anything about the credits i am hoping that they were used by you guys but i am not certain #cs042818 i would like to know so i dont lose the credits like i seem to have on the previous membership let me know if i am wrong in this insinuation
  11. Books ending tonight at 9pst and some new slabs up at the same time...Thanks for looking
  12. New comics up tonight at 9:00 pst Have a Marvel Team-up Newsstand Edition 9.6.... last weeks ends at 8:00 pst ..check one of the links above
  13. Another new batch of comics tonight all starting at 19.99 ... ..thanks for looking