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  1. Got a bunch of TSR items and a Monopoly game. Some posters too if interested in seeing those.
  2. Page 2 Awesome working with you on a large deal. Great buyer. Ed
  3. I sold a superworld number one with two covers about a year ago and I just came across a coverless copy. I don’t believe the two covers copy was a double cover. The front cover had a large diagonal piece missing. anyway I’d love to try to join these two together.
  4. Good stopping point. There's another 200 or so coming. Cherry Poptart, Omaha, Sushi, Strips, Leather and Lace all in there. Mods, if I need to black box any of the covers, let me know I'll be monitoring the thread and my PM's. So far these are pretty tame IMO.
  5. Bambi 1 3-5 In heat 1 NM to NM+ Lot $35
  6. Case Morgan 1-3 NM to NM+ $40
  7. Precious Metal NM- $10 Puke and Explode 1 NM+ $10 XXX-Women VFNM $5
  8. Ninety Nine Girls 1 NM to NM+ $20
  9. Horny Biker Slut 1 NM to NM+ $12
  10. Priority White Heat 1 2 NM lot for $8
  11. Alien Worlds 1 5 6 NM- to NM lot for $15