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  1. Who is the Modern Day Matt Baker?

    J Scott Campbell. Spiderman 402 408 and the Black Cat covers come to mind.
  2. Nice. I'm always impressed by the artwork on those and the airplanes among other old cards. But the value compared to anything pop culture or sports is just a fraction.
  3. Here's a bus he designed and built from scratch The model paint did not hold up well.
  4. Here's a film negative that looks like it was etched. Hard for my amateur eyes to tell but on one side is black marker as if filled in. Anyway, looks like he was making prints to sell as this was in a folder from a printer/engraver with notes about cost per 1000. There were about 10 more too. Mercedes Benz
  5. He drew this cover which is typical of his style. I wish this OA was there.
  6. Latest story. A gentleman had old diecast cars for sale. The only ones I know about are Hotwheels and even then, not much. Basically I consider them too much work and I have too little interest. Not quite at the level of stamp collecting but getting there. So I wasn't too, too excited about the trip itself. The gentleman is 80 years old and can barely walk. Sure enough he has a box to sell me of 2002 on up Johnny Lightning and other assorted for $100. Typical stuff bought at flea markets etc. He has other boxes in the basement which he lets me rummage through. Kind of fun but not much to get excited about. Models, more 21st century cars, the usual juck. Some old train cars (no engines). He goes to leave and says I can go through what ever's down there. Which is cool. I come across a few things of interest. Some original pen and ink drawings of 1930s sports cars - size of business cards but backed by stiff board, professionally done. About 40 of them. Cool but simplistic. Then in a lower box are folders of stuff. Turns out they are his graduate degree projects from 1958. He created a new version of a Taxi, an advanced tweezer handling tool, and an electric rotating sander. Each one was 20-30 sheets (21x26) hand drawn or large photographic presentation materials. Meticulously done and classic 60s styling and graphic design. Plus he had all the studies and drawings along the way. Oh, and the sports cars cards were from a published article where he writes (and draws) about the GT cars from pre World War II. Really neat to meet the guy and see his work from a while back and how clean it all was. I did buy 2 dozen cars but the art packages were really something special. I'll post some of them as they are fun to show off.
  7. Can't believe the Steelers lost, 15% off sale On all but the CGC 178.
  8. Hulk 168 169 both VG for $5