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  1. Thanks....Between my job as an educator and a comic entrepreneur...doesn't leave me much free Before covid would do 25-30 comic conventions a would move a bunch that way plus have several buyers for bulk that I don't want to deal with. This year...different for sure. Have done 5 shows since covid....1 each in June, July, August and 2 last weekend (Sat & Sun). All little shows with no big multi-day shows planned in the near future. Because of fewer shows have adapted to more online (Facebook and eBay) sales.... All said and done I don't know really how good I am at turning stuff over when there are 1000+ long boxes cluttering up everywhere....and usually by the time I dig through the stacks to find that "hot" book which has popped it's 10 minutes of fame is over.... NOW....a true buying & selling machine is Earl Shaw....that man finds (and sells) more than anyone I know....Legendary!!
  2. Stopped by the local flea market after school today. One booth has $1 or 6/$5 comics. Always find some good are some I picked up today.....
  3. After reading the article I must sadly report that cover was quite misleading as there was no definitive answer to the question...
  4. I had to have the Hulk poncho....such awesome condition for 1978.... And I will get back with you on Elvis after I read the article....
  5. I don't casually find anything....takes work to find the good stuff!....And that TTA was not cheap (but it was a good deal!)
  6. Went to a couple small shows this weekend....picked up around a short box of are a few of my cooler purchases and trades...
  7. This thread is always great to see what cool amazing things people find out there!!
  8. Eventually....but I paid a ton for it so it will be salty....
  9. Auction Saturday.... Paid a bunch for the HOS 92 and Spidey but the romance were a great deal at like $3 each....the 100 page Love Stories is a real toughie to find!
  10. Auction Sat....ended up with around 3 boxes of comics, some toys, paperbacks and miscellaneous stuff....the Superhero/Star Wars 1970's Wallpaper were some of my favorite buys of the day! The 25th anniversary Marvel poster can go upwards of a couple hundred bucks.... And a couple 1984 Marvel wall hangings....
  11. My best $1 comic finds at a flea market today....quite happy!
  12. Knight's Hall Comic & Toy Show coming to Indianapolis, IN this Sunday August 16th! Location: Knight's of Columbus - 2100 E 71st St, Indianapolis IN 46220. Hours: 10 am - 4 pm Admission: $3 Masks will be required and try to social distance as much as possible!!
  13. Aw Yeah does a Facebook Live show every Mon, Thur and Fri that starts at 7:00 pm and lasts 1:30 to 2 hours. Always something new! Haven't seen what they will be selling tonight but I am sure it will be worthwhile. Check them out for some great deals!!
  14. With the lack of comic conventions for the near future my LCS is doing Facebook live sales 3 days a week and tomorrow is a "Magazine Monday" sale. For those who do Facebook might be worthwhile to check out! I posted this in the magazine section but thought it would be good to post it under events as well.... Here are some examples of stuff supposed to be for sale.....
  15. Back at comic hunting this weekend!! Yesterday went to a small show and found a nice little stack of early Knights of the Dinner Table for 50 cents each. Cult following on the title and some of the early issues bring decent $$.... But even better stopped at a comic store on the way back home and got a bunch of 10 cent cover price comics (mostly DC war) very reasonable. Low to low-mid grade copies but still cool stuff and the price was right! Another great day comicbooking!! Here are the pics!