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  1. Ten Cents was the price, all the comics on the W.T. Grants comic book rack were ten cents. Marty
  2. RIP MR. PEANUT. Reports are that the 104 year old MR. PEANUT died following the crash of his NUTMOBILE. His funeral is scheduled during the third quarter of the Super Bowl.
  3. It is very possible that the first twenty titles were removed from their boxes and sold as singles. Marty
  4. My copies of #13 & #16 have no price on the cover and were purchased at W.T. GRANTS. Marty
  5. By the time Box D came out the price had JUMPED to 59 cents each. (Image from back cover CLASSIC COMICS #16)
  6. There was a Drug Store at the corner bus stop in Bloomfield, NJ that had these boxes on display for a long time... I remember that the dust settled on them. This was the first and only time I had ever seen comic books in a box. All of my CLASSIC COMICS came from W.T. GRANTS in Newark...laying out 50 cents all at the same time for a box of comics was never going to happen.
  7. Here's a few more KATY KEENE pics...always thought they would have made a good calendar.
  8. ROCKET KELLY #1 from Fall 1945...beat-up but still a fun read.
  9. Here's one of my early ones from 1944.
  10. Here's an oldie from 1944 that I haven't looked at for years...