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  1. And then there were the times you didn't have a dime to spend at the newsstand and you turned to the corner store with the cardboard box at the far end of the counter that contained a whole other category of collectibles for sale...The Remainder Comic. Hey it was only a comic book you were buying to read, not enshrine...and it only cost a NICKEL.
  2. Great collection! This is my only issue...they seem to have increased in value.
  3. I never had a Double Cover Golden Age book! Marty
  4. Most of my money came from shining shoes on the street corner...on a good Saturday morning I could make up to $1.30 which pretty much took care of things for a week. In the Summer I could make 50 to 75 cents a day. It was a different time.
  5. One of the great things about newsstands was the fact that as you moved from city to city you would always find titles you had never noticed before. I found these when we moved to Augusta, GA.
  6. Thank you...I appreciate your positive comment regarding it's condition. This was only the second DETECTIVE COMIC I ever bought off the newsstand. Marty
  7. Found it...but I'm sure there is a better copy available.
  8. Thanks! 105 has a torn cover but give me a few minutes to dig it up. Marty
  9. Thank you D84 for providing a'll have to go half way down on page 12 for my first scan...TERRY-TOONS" #38...way back on February 20, 2013. Marty