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  1. Not's time for me to take a little vacation from the site.
  2. This water damaged survivor contains the introduction of two villains, The FIDDLER and STAR SAPPHIRE.
  3. With this "stay-at-home" in effect, spending more time routing through older boxes of rough, raw issues like this one.
  4. Splash page of STUNTMAN from GREEN HORNET COMICS #39 reprinted from STUNTMAN COMICS #3.
  5. A very interesting thread...the history of GA collections is fascinating. Marty
  6. Or with that dime I could buy TWO remainders like these...
  7. This ones from the newsstand and I paid the full 10 cent cost.
  8. A lot of my EC's are remainders that I bought from a corner store in the early 50's.