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  1. If this was a "Bob is Buying Thread", I would say the same thing about you.
  2. If anyone is looking to sell, Greg & his sons are great to deal with.
  3. Terrible news. Condolences to his family. Definitely a loss for our little community here. RIP Bob.
  4. Do what you want to do. You asked for opinions. I gave you mine.
  5. Alpha-numeric is ideal. If you don’t want to do that, at minimum, I would suggest grouping by character (ie, Batman/Tec/Brave & Bold together. ASM/Peter Parker/Web together, etc).
  6. Anybody know what ever happened to Supa? Haven’t spoke to him forever. He used to be on FB (years ago), but I haven’t seen him there in years. Also, Donut, do you ever talk to Darth? I know he’s still in the NoVa area, but I haven’t talked to him in ages either.
  7. According to my father, it was different. Stories of his basic sound pretty much like the first part of FMJ.
  8. Wasn’t your old board name “Oakland”?
  9. You’re way more qualified than Dyldo is. It would be interesting reading a “market report” by you (or someone that is in your particular segment of the hobby).
  10. Pretty sure they offer a service (or used to) where they’ll scan you book. But, as far as I know, they do not take photos/scans of every book they receive. They may (probably should) do that for any book that comes thru in the “walk-thru” tier.
  11. Been here longer than almost anyone still posting. Never changed my board handle.
  12. This is definitely the most “interesting” CG thread since the trailer park wackos.
  13. I’ve got many pages to catch up on...But, I wouldn’t put Gabe and Dylan in the same class. As much carp as I gave Gabe over the years, I really wouldn’t put him in the “scammer” category. Clueless? For sure. But, not willfully deceitful, which is where I’d currently categorize Dylan. Dylan hasn’t quite reached the Ewert or Dupchak level yet. He’s working on it though.