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  1. Agree. Looks like the real deal.
  2. chrisco37

    Charles Schulz "original"

    As Bronty said, nothing about it looks right.
  3. For a lot of us, he was the definitive Batman artist. RIP.
  4. chrisco37

    The CGC Journals Migration

    Yours was one I’d read regularly.
  5. chrisco37

    What raw Silver Age book should I buy?

    Thanks for posting the covers. 57 is a classic in every sense of the word; full Doom, the entire team, purple cover, the greatest splash in history (doom stealing the Surfers power”). What more could you want from an issue?
  6. chrisco37

    What raw Silver Age book should I buy?

    $350 isn’t going to get you much in the higher grades on anything, but you could probably pick up FF 57-60 in decent shape for that. It’s a classic arc. Stan and Jack at their peak. Undervalued IMO. For a single issue (if you have time to hold), FF72 has all the earmarks of a future high demand book.
  7. chrisco37

    Complete book = added value?

    Agree. I had a few complete issues (one even had cover + interiors). Nothing “special”, but cool nonetheless. Sold them as complete as opposed to breaking them up.
  8. chrisco37

    Share your FRAZETTA OA

    Was only in “the club” for about a month. This is no longer mine. I’ll delete the post if this is an issue.
  9. chrisco37

    Random ASM Census stats

    64 is a strange one. Dunno if it’s a warehouse book (like 33), but it’s common as dirt. Seems that every dealer has a copy. It’s like the “Romita version” of 23; loads of copies always available. If i had to guess, I’d say 64 was subbed more than others and typically grades higher b/c of the white cover. White covers tend to hide color breaks (duh!). 63 has the black cover, so ticks show up and a press won’t eliminate the color break.
  10. chrisco37

    Xmen silver age only

    35, 49-51
  11. chrisco37

    Random ASM Census stats

    Unlike the time you went to the Con on the wrong weekend, you are not wrong in this instance.
  12. chrisco37


    That thread was pernts.
  13. This movie has to be a rental at best. Smells like TBS.
  14. chrisco37

    Getting divorced - Need appraisal information

    Like I said, he might rub some people the wrong way. You’ve got your (personal) issues with him. Okay. But he’s not “dirty” from a seller/buyer standpoint.