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  1. With Dany destroyed, the slave masters of Astapor quickly got back to their old ways. As a thanks to Westeros for killing Dany, they loaned them enough slaves for a hasty rebuild.
  2. Do you want to trade it? Are you asking which on will be more valuable down the road? Both are common as dirt.
  3. Mad Love is fantastic and I’d definitely put it up there. My favorite is still Sandman #13 - Men of Good Fortune
  4. One of my all-time favorite reading experiences was the shock of the red wedding. The way that was written was beautiful, and the shock was well earned. I had read it a few weeks before my wife did, and I remember being there when she read it for the first time. She literally threw the book at the wall she was so pissed. It was quite hilarious. I wish people going back and reading the books now could experience that moment, but unfortunately the surprise just won't be there. That said, the books are most definitely worth a read. Enjoy! We're waaaaaaay past that. That concern started in seasons 3 and 4 when the show started inventing plot lines. The first 3 books were just incredible. The 4th one was good, but a bit of a slog compared to 1-3.
  5. That's how it felt to me as well. Of all the really bad things that happened in the episode, I think this might be my least favorite of all. It just made no sense. Nothing over the past few seasons hinted that Jamie was still in love with Cersei, or her with him. Heck, she had just sent Bronn up to kill him two episodes prior.
  6. Wouldn't that negate the yellow label (and the grade)? Book would never get 9.9 from CGC with an unverified sig.
  7. Can obviously see the Miller sig, but it's not listed on the label????
  8. Right. I don't have a problem with where she ended up. As others have mentioned, it's a very "Game of Thrones" turn. But, they really needed to build to it for it to work. They didn't and it didn't. Nothing worked for me in the episode. What about the Cersei prophecy? It was right about everything, except her death. ???? Grey Worm turning heel as well. ????
  9. USA Today article on why the episode was garbage: