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  1. That's pretty awesome. Will be too rich for my blood, but that would be a great one to have.
  2. The biggest issue I have with the upgrade is they are noticeably slower on both my phone and my PC.
  3. No. It's part "guessing game" and part "live action".
  4. But, but....if you get it cleaned and pressed before grading, that's like an automatic HG. Everything should be cleaned, pressed and graded.
  5. Many years ago he even said that Pokemon Cards would be one of the "big collectibles" based on that rule.
  6. The inker on this cover overpowered Todd's lines. It really doesn't have that McFarlane style. 333, although it isn't credited to Todd, looks more "McFarlane" than this one. Still, a good book. Congrats!
  7. If this was a "Bob is Buying Thread", I would say the same thing about you.
  8. If anyone is looking to sell, Greg & his sons are great to deal with.
  9. Terrible news. Condolences to his family. Definitely a loss for our little community here. RIP Bob.