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  1. Good luck. I’ve been working on 1-40. 15 remaining (but 4 of them are 1-4 ).
  2. CGC doesn’t really like/allow us to promote other services on their boards.
  3. When I bought mine years ago, I always knew it would get to 10k per point. We’ll have to see if it stays there after the madness stops.
  4. Check prices on Mile High Comics and value it at what Chuckles would if he had a copy. He’s got prices on every book in every grade regardless of if he has it or not.
  5. I've been thinking about this quite a bit lately.
  6. I just watched it and thought it was the biggest piece of carp I’ve ever seen. So ridiculously stupid. I didn’t go in expecting anything and I was still disappointed. It sucked even worse than I thought it could: As I said over in the WC, I’d watch Transformers before I’d watch this turd again.
  7. Touché. You know I always check your site first.
  8. I forgot to mention MCS in my initial post. I just bought a book from them just over a week ago. Got it within days. Easy as pie.
  9. There’s a pic floating around somewhere in cyberspace of me & that book. Probably a pic somewhere in the forum archives of the book itself. Not sure if Doug still owns it or not. Maybe Brulato has it now. I don’t know.