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  1. Looking forward to this one.
  2. chrisco37

    Fantastic Four 5

    When I said Doom was “Marvel’s Joker”, I meant he was the most important villain; the “Top Dog”. Personality wise, Joker is closer to GG. No doubt about it. And GG is, undeniably the ultimate Spidey villain. But, across Marvel, Doom is #1. He’s the greatest villain. Always has been, always will be. Heck, he was the inspiration for Vader (according to Lucas). Can’t get a better endorsement than that.
  3. chrisco37

    CLINK Spring Featured Auction started

    McSpidey at 68k with 5 days to go. Surely it will surpass 100. i really like the DD cover. It’s not my favorite of the run, but it’s one of the cooler ones I think. The hand blocks DD a little too much, but I think it definitely has that good, “Crimey” Miller DD feel.
  4. chrisco37

    Swamp Thing Rulz the Copper Age!

    Veitch has done some really good stuff (Brat Pack, Maximortal). He’s a better artist than writer though. In his defense, he had a tough (the toughest) act to follow. He did a good job on ST, all things considered.
  5. chrisco37

    Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    What was that issue of Secret War (the newer one) that you said was hot for a minute b/c of the Sheild TV show? Was it 3 or 4?
  6. Yeah, couldn’t have missed the mark any further. 48 was a slam dunk to anyone that appreciates the books. 45 shot up past it. Sure, cool book and all, but nowhere near as significant as 48. Same with 52 (which is way better than 45). Neither better or more significant than 48. Aside from 1, 5 and (maybe) 12, 48 is the most significant book in the run.
  7. chrisco37

    Ask the “Blazing One”???

    Iced Tea (unsweet) is the perfect beverage.
  8. Mercifully, my daughter wasn’t obsessed with them, so only did that once. When she wanted an American Girl doll, we got her the Walmart knockoff and she was fine with it. We ended up getting the real deal from a relative that had gotten too old for it.
  9. chrisco37

    Judge Judy and consignments

    That was going to be my question as well. Was there a written contract? Haven’t watched a Judge Judy episode in ages but, from what I remember, she’d usually rule in favor of contract stipulations.
  10. Have any of you ever taken your daughter/granddaughter to the “American Girl” store? Some of them have restaurants in them. You take your kid (and their doll). Once you’re seated, your server comes to the table to take your order (just like normal), except they also treat the doll just like a customer as well, asking it what it would like to eat/drink. It’s bizarre. You can also go there and they have a day spa where your child and their doll(s) can get hair, nails, etc. done. It’s a genius racket. And really weird.
  11. Crisis on Infinite Message Boards
  12. chrisco37

    Hey Cal, where are you ?

    Modock is going to buy it with all his winnings from fading Cal’s picks.
  13. Great looking copy! Agree with the responses thus far. Not really a question for us to answer. Basically it comes down to would the OP prefer it signed or not?