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  1. Having issues with my phone...nobody has posted “Quiet or Papa spank” from Batman #1
  2. About to storm really bad out here. Doubt we’ll see (m)any trick or treaters. My daughter isn’t going out for it because of the weather. Luckily, we have a Halloween event tomorrow up at her grandmas neighborhood.
  3. The Boards are always changing/evolving. The “golden age” is long gone. 10-15 years ago...the knowledge here was incredible. It’s a bit different now, but the enthusiasm is there.
  4. There are multiple levels at play here.
  5. It always comes down to the old mantra, “Buy what you like, that you can afford”. If you can/want to pay that 9.8 premium, have at it. Don’t blame the grading service that you’re paying 2X+ for a 9.8 book vs a 9.6. 95% of the comic collecting population couldn’t tell the difference.
  6. Didn’t read all the posts, but CGC has no bearing (nor should they) in market pricing. The ridiculous premiums paid for a .2 upgrade (in the 9-10 range) is a result of “us” (collectors) paying those premiums to show who has the biggest weenie.
  7. It was a great show. I’ll try and post a brief report later, but I do want to share my favorite cosplay from Saturday. I thought this was great!
  8. One more pick up from Bmore on my ASM 1-40 quest. Picked up, what may be the best, ASM 28 5.0 you’ll ever see. As you all know, it’s a tough book to find without looking beat to heck (except in the HG range). But, I’m very happy with this book and would put it up against most copies I’ve seen in the mid-grade range. Superior eye appeal, IMO.
  9. Sorry for the poor pics (my home lighting & slabs don’t mix). A few pick ups from Bmore today. The Spidey 8 is a wonderfully presenting book. It’s a CGC 4.5. Really bright colors. The 24 is much better than the photo suggests. I bought it from Bob and he had it as a VF, so you know it’s legit. Glossy.
  10. It must be so minute you wouldn't be able to see it without some assistance (light, magnifying glass). If it's a 9.4 with a stain, that stain is microscopic. Normally, they will punish books with stains.
  11. Phillips is a good artist. I like his stuff, but it’s pretty much the same as Maleev (sp?). Agree that you could easily adapt a Brubaker/Phillips book to screen. It could be a nice homage to some classic crime noir. But it’s not “original”. Same vein as “Sin City”. Really good, but been done before. Similar (same?) as some of the pre-superhero Bendis books that were great (Jinx, Goldfish, etc). Great reads, but nothing truly original. Criminal would make a really good Netflix/Prime original series. Each arc could be a season.
  12. I enjoyed that series, except for the ending. Criminal was much more interesting (albeit somewhat predictable). They do good stuff together but nothing I would call a game changer. Great reads as trades.