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  1. His "Endless" jam-piece was just jaw-dropping. Loved it. I thought his "Death" was nice too, but I don't think I like it as much as some of the other guys here. I thought the Art Adams "Death" was far superior as it really captured the character for me. Jim Lee's was nice to look at, from an artistic POV, but Adams piece really "got it" for me. Please note, that I'm just "splitting hairs" on the above as everything he's done over this marathon is amazing. I can't believe how fast he can crank out A+ level quality. It's truly impressive.
  2. It's frikkin' AF15, It's the most important book of the SA, bar none. It's one of the Top 5 most important comic books. If it was 12-15 years older, it'd be #3 easy (I actually think it's #3, but I understand if people want to argue. If there's a little dip now, it's not worth worrying about. If you can hold it for 5 years, you should be in good shape. It will bounce back. It's effing Spider-Man.
  3. Agree with this. MJ just didn't suddenly appear on the last page of 42. Well, I guess she does, but there were months (years?) of build up to her iconic intro. This wasn't/isn't Wolverine popping up on the final page of a book "Hey! fight me! I'm the Wolverine". MJ was years of laying the groundwork. Even Galactus in FF48, while just a "cameo" by definition (one panel, last page) is more of a 1st appearance as the entire issue revolved around him coming to Earth. So, while he only had the one page appearance in that issue, it's still different than Wolverine.
  4. Come on! Superman 2 was awesome. Doesn't hold up particularly well, but it was great back in the day. And it still works on a nostalgic level.
  5. My favorite of the run and one of my favorite issues (regardless of series) of all time. Just brilliant.
  6. Super looking copy for that grade. Congrats! Really nice!
  7. They're definitely tougher books in HG, but the demand just isn't the same as Marvel SA. Some great Gil Kane art on the Atom books but the stories are so stupid. Same with (even more) with Murphy Anderson Hawkman/B&B. Just not important enough characters for people to go nuts over (ie, they don't have a movie).
  8. OK. Yep. I didn't read everything.
  9. You're probably right...I only read the first few posts. I'll get back to you on this one.
  10. I didn't read this thread and, frankly, I'm stunned BK would even ask the question. The total definition of "non-essential".