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  1. Interested in both Magik Variants: $175 CGC 9.8 SS Fast Tracked Jim Lee (Includes Jim Lee’s signing Fee) $150 CGC 9.8 SS Fast Tracked Jim Lee (Includes Jim Lee’s signing Fee) PM'd you as well
  2. I love how all the CBCS fanatics are falling all over themselves and screaming about how “unfair” it is and how they should boycott this and protest that like a bunch of crybabies…yet if the almighty upstart CBCS had inked that deal with ReedPop all of those same people would be exactly like “OMG! CBCS is sooooooooo business savy! Those bitter CGC guys are just crying because CBCS is better! CBCS made a business move and CGC is pouting! Wow, Borock is the coolest! CBCS RULEZ! Look out! They are gonna TAKE OVER!” You know what? CGC and ReedPop made the deal that apparently CBCS was either not willing to do or simply couldn't pull the cash and/or resources to do (probably the likeliest reason of them all) ...or just maybe ReedPop simply preferred CGC to CBCS Bottom line? Tough luck CBCS. Get a helmet. It's business simple as that...and many of the CBCS kool-aid slurpers are quick to spout off on that very fact when it favors them and their precious CBCS and then stomp their feet and whine about fairness and inequality when it doesn't. From a business standpoint CGC simply beat them to the punch plain and simple. Dont wanna go to C2E2 based on this (like what some are already chest-pounding and proclaiming on C2E2s Facebook page)? Stay the hell home. Problem Solved. The whiners likely wont be missed anyway. If this is the only reason you are hauling your carcass to C2E2 then sit home and just Netflix and Whine, hug your Steve Borock Body Pillow, and have a good cry...maybe make yourself feel better by watching V for Vendetta a few times and pretend to storm the big bad CGC fortress wearing your CBCS t-shirt like a brave and justified little revolutionary. Truth be told I own books from both companies and have since the beginning and I think all of this makes the CBCS groupies look like a bunch of hypocrites and sore losers. You can't preach the glory of Capitalism and competition and then throw a fit when it inevitably bites you on the rear when your brand doesn't make the cut.
  3. Hey gang, looking to either buy or trade for a graded 9.8 copy of New Mutants 14 from the original run...I may consider an ungraded copy if its basically a 9.8 lock with/without a press.