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  1. Beautiful books ! These gentlemen knew how to draw a woman's figure !
  2. Being a former sports card collector Overstreet like Beckett was most likely the only game in town as far as pricing. If it were anything like sports cards you would have great difficulty finding anyone to give you "book price" for what you had back then as opposed to selling over "book price" today. The internet changed this dramatically as people were able to find items that were once considered rare in the hobby quite easily and printed price guide books were in my opinion were rendered obsolete. The "price" has always been what someone is willing to pay.
  3. I bid on that one as well, but the one I was referencing was the Gaines File Copy of Crime Suspenstories 12.
  4. This got me to thinking, when is Flash Gordon's first appearance in Comic Books? I know he appeared in comic strips as early as 1934, but when was his first comic appearance? Was it Four Color 173??
  5. Go Collect's database confirms the sale at $625......... Date & Venue Sold For 02/20/2021 eBay $625.00
  6. Thanks ! I ended up just drafting a check from my bank online and sending to them.
  7. Ouch! I hate it when someone nips me in the Solomons. Great looking Books!
  8. I was watching the book in the CC auction. Stayed below $100 until the last few hours. I think I put in a small bid at one time just because I love the cover.
  9. Thanks Lou! Yeah, it wasn't cheap, at least by my standards. But, after missing out on one I really wanted the night before I promised myself I wouldn't let this one get away.
  10. Question about the scans I just posted. Do you think the shade on the Shock#9, VOH#27, and somewhat on Weird Fantasy #17 are due to CC over adjusting on the scanners? A lot of their books seem to have an orange tint in this auction.
  11. For those that don't get by the EC thread too often here's some EC wins from the CC auction.......... Tales From The Crypt #40 8.5 White Pages One of my top 5 EC Covers + used in senate hearings+anti-comic editorials Vault of Horror #27 CGC 7.0 White Pages Another Cover I really Like. Weird Fantasy #17 CGC 6.0 OW-W Pages. Ray Bradbury Adaptation with that classic dinosaur cover. Shock Suspenstories #9 CGC 5.0 Cr-OW Pages. Another Bradbury Adaptation with an awesome cover.