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  1. I have never seen him at Berkeley Con and I have attended the vast majority. I have seen A1 Comics, Terry O'Neill, Superworld, Harley, Bunky Brian among others. Bud lives in Grass Valley, which is a 2+ hour drive on a good day.
  2. Bud sells rare books and comic book related material with his long time partner Anne Hutchinson. Bud and Anne usually have a booth with some comic books at the San Francisco Antiquarian Book Print & Paper Fair. Try contacting Anne through the link below. Bud quit selling at SDCC in 2018. I went to SDCC last year, but it did not feel the same. Before that I attended in 2014 and the prior 25 years. One year when I went looking for a parking space on preview night and had problems finding one, I knew the face of the convention had changed. I used to be able to drive right into the convention center parking lot several hours before preview night and easily obtain a parking space. Nowadays, the hotel rooms are $375 a night with a $50 per night parking charge, only for hotel guests. I got the hotel room from a vendor buddy, who has early access to nearby hotels. .
  3. Here are the obvious flaws from the low quality picture in black and red circles.
  4. Bud was born in 1952 and was one of the owners of Comics & Comix chain. You can find him at budsartbooks. He used to have a huge double sided booth at SDCC.
  5. Some doofus is buying up all the Tec180s, so I only have eleven copies, including three from bon vivant, Harley Yee. Just got delivered a few minutes ago. Without ringing the doorbell, the FedEx guy shot put the box over our ten foot gate, despite the box being marked fragile. Harley did a great job of packing.
  6. I love Alan Moore's "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", but the movie was horrible. Alan Moore wrote so many inside jokes with British humour, that I needed the annotated version to understand the context. PG Wodehouse is my favorite author of all time. Visited the UK fifteen different occasions and attended the London Super Comic Con twice. Met many friendly British comic book collectors at the convention. Was planning to visit this year, but the pandemic canceled everything.
  7. Three of my favorite spiders, Poecilotheria metallica aka Gooty sapphire ornamental, Atrax Robustus aka Sydney Funnelweb from Australia, and my favorite Spider pulp story.
  8. Purchased from Terry’s Comics at 2018 Wizard Chicago. Terry gave us vendor passes to avoid the long lines.
  9. Believe it or not, there is a copy on eBay right now. Not mine, but I wish it were mine.
  10. I only have the Doc Savage pin compliments of Robot Man. I have met Robot Man in person, and found him to be even cooler in the flesh than his forum persona, if that is possible.
  11. I will post the Weird Tales that I was happy to buy from mistermystery. One of you guys must have the Breckinridge Elkins stories from Action Stories pulps?
  12. My only Shadow pulp. Painting reused on the Shadow Annual. After 15 years, I have all of the Shadow pulp reprints from Anthony Tollin.
  13. Posted before. Purchased from James Payette, thanks to the recommendation of my fellow boardies.
  14. Darren Ford, who owns ditkoclub, is very honest. He usually has a booth at NYCC on the far right in the front. I have talked with him and his wife many times. I know another big time boardie who has purchased from Darren.
  15. Barks did not write the FC 9 Pirate Gold story, whereas Barks wrote FC 29. If you don't have them already, have you considered chasing after the March of Comics Barks books? I posted these before.