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  1. US 71 was the last Scrooge written by Barks. He only penciled and inked the cover. He wrote the -script for the main story and Tony Strobl did the drawing instead of Barks, so 386-71 is considered the Barks Scrooge run.
  2. Look in the OA link provided by Gotham Kid. I didn’t make NYCC this year after eight straight years of attendance.
  3. Champion Comics is usually there, as well as Steve Wyatt. There are also a couple of other dealers that I don’t remember off the top of my head. The show has more toys than comics.
  4. I ended up losing a non-comic book Heritage auction on extended bidding. I put in the most that I was willing to pay thirty minutes before the auction ended. Another bidder keep bidding. Two and a half hours later the other bidder won, since I refused to bid more and could purchase the item cheaper somewhere else. Unfortunately, in California, there is the buyer's premium and sales tax, which adds 30.5 percent to the final bid. If I don't win, there is always another auction. I would have preferred live bidding.
  5. She's five timing me. She is looking for the guys with the best Matt Baker collection, like Sqeggs and Ricksneatstuff. Reminded me of this.
  6. I am glad I already bought a GS10 and GCE12. Here is my last Baker book from Bunky Brian at 2019 SDCC before the doors opened for regular attendees. Since my name is Ray, I had to buy this book.
  7. Last year, Moe’s in Berkeley picked up a nice collection of Weird Tales. I picked up the Hour of the Dragon, since I am a REH fan. When I went back, many of the good ones were gone. If you go to Kayo, call ahead of time to ensure Maria is at the shop. I was there yesterday and picked up a rare underground comic book by William Stout.
  8. Been Green Apple customer since the seventies. Briefly browsed in the Annex several weeks ago.
  9. I noticed the postmark on the envelope notes war bonds, which probably means post Pearl Harbor 1941. The Supermen of America ring is a tough premium, as there were 1600 made. In my book, the legendary Robot Man is the best.
  10. Robot Man is extremely knowledgeable on premiums. Club ran from 1939 to 1965. From The Adventures of Superman Collecting that I got for a bargain price from Robot Man.
  11. I still remember watching the three part series on the Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color on a black & white tv. The great Patrick McGoohan played the lead role to perfection. "Scarecrow, Scarecrow, the soldiers of the King fear his name..."
  12. Robot Man, Thank you very much! You continue to exceed my very high expectations. Items were well packed, mailed quickly, and are extremely valuable to me. Robot Man sent me the items before receiving my money order. He even sent me an extra item, because he is Super Robot Man. Thanks again and hope to purchase more cool items from you soon!
  13. Two Face did not appear during the Silver Age, only in Worlds Finest 173, where Batman was Two Face. I read on the web about Silver Age Batman Annual 3, where Two Face was redrawn to conform the the comics code. Cover to Batman Annual 3 with redrawn Two Face Original panel from Batman 68 New Crimes of Two Face with scarred face. The origin was also changed from acid in the face to explosion.