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  1. Gary Lovisi, owner of Gryphon Books, used to run a great collectible paperback show on the same Sunday as NYCC. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy destroyed his house in 2012, along with his collection and inventory of great paperbacks.
  2. Robot Man was referring to the LA Vintage Paperback Collectors Show in Glendale, CA. I have attended twice, once at the Mission Hills location and last year in Glendale.
  3. Nice pickup. This cover was reused in Pushover by sleaze author Orrie Hitt.
  4. I am looking for a nice copy to add to my stash.
  5. Harley was in the San Francisco Bay Area, where there is an epidemic of auto break ins. I am a native San Franciscan and actually still live in the heart of the breakins, where all the houses are worth several million dollars. While I was walking to a book store, I saw somebody with blue rubber gloves and a backpack looking into car windows. He gave me a dirty look, so I gave him a dirtier look. Here is some advice from an old guy, who spent a long time hanging out in the streets. I have multiple college degrees, but there a saying that goes, "the kid leaves the streets, but the streets never leave the kid." Don't leave anything in plain sight, not even a penny. Do not leave backpacks, phones, handbags, and cameras in plain sight. When you are several blocks from your destination, put everything in your secured trunk. Don't put valuables into your trunk at your destination. If you have a SUV, you should be able to purchase a cover for the storage area.
  6. Glass cases would not have worked, since the comics were stolen in a smash and grab from a vehicle.
  7. In January 2019, there was an average of 56 reported car breakins per day in the City of San Francisco. Several years ago, I was having a windshield replaced due to cracking. In the short time that my windshield was replaced, two people came in with broken side windows. In 2017, there were 31,000 reported car breakins. Please note that I said reported, not actual. So about one reported breakin per 29 people in San Francisco. I see broken auto glass every day. I keep my car in a locked garage. Hopefully, Harley can recover his books.
  8. Marc, Thanks for putting on another great show. Great to meet your mom. Did find my sixth copy of Detective 180. Spent quality time with woowoo, Primetime, and jpepx78. Missed bon vivant PovertyRow.
  9. I purchased this pulp magazine at 2017 OAFCON from a woman who was selling her father’s collection. Cover was painted by Allen Anderson.
  10. I noticed the listing of CGC dealers on the CGC website is not complete. Several years ago, A1 Comics submitted a comic book to CGC for me. My lcs is a CGC dealer, but not listed on the CGC website.
  11. As usual, my esteemed colleague, Professor Sqeggs is correct. Swiped from Donald Duck's Atom Bomb Cereal Comic. Used this photo shopped panel before, but worth seeing again.
  12. There was a slightly lower grade copy on CC, but the book was miscut, so I sniped this book from Heritage. I still have my reader copy that I bought in the 70’s.
  13. Here is a link to the variants. Some are really expensive at much more than the regular $9.99 price. For example, Neal Adams variants signed by him and graded at 9.8 are priced at $350. Detective Comics 1000 variant covers.