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  1. I collect Willie Mays cards. The Topps and Bowman cards, which I bought in the seventies, are common, but these are not. I also collect World Series press pins, which were issued to the media during the games. Top left is the pin for the 1927 Yankees, think Ruth and Gehrig. Bottom left is the 1939 Yankees pin, with the team that scored the most runs and gave up the fewest (DiMaggio, Gehrig). On the right is the 1941 Yankees pin. Think DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak and Ted Williams batting .406. I also have a 1961 Yankees press pin to remember Mantle and Maris.
  2. Marc, Sorry to hear this, but not unexpected. You always run a first class show.
  3. Robot Man continues to exceed my highest expectations. Well packed, fast delivery, superior communications and all around great guy. Purchased a golden age 3D comic with glasses and uncommon paperback at reasonable prices. I have had the pleasure of seeing him in person. Robot Man ---- YOU DA MAN!
  4. Sign up for Medicare as soon as the window opens. You can start 90 days before your 65th birthday month. My Medicare health insurance costs more than my pre-Medicare health insurance. Medicare insurance costs depends on your income. The Social Security Administration and my Medicare insurance provider made mistakes on my coverage, so signing up early is a good idea. Look at Medicare Part D (Drug Coverage) carefully. Many drugs will not be covered by most Part D insurance. Junkdrawer is a young whippersnapper.
  5. Huey, Louie, and Dewey appeared on the cover of Mickey Mouse Magazine V4N2, 1938. Not my copy.
  6. I will come by and do donuts in front of your house. Signing up for Medicare.☹️ Medicare will cost more than my pre-Medicare health insurance.
  7. A prominent boarder will buy my entire collection, including OA once I reach 70, which is a mere five years. I have a Bats 1 and Ditko ASM OA in my collection. I plan to keep at least three pieces of OA to display in my house, including Wally Wood Weird Science, Spoon Sprang Batman 23 recreation, and Alex Ross cover to Dynamite Doc Savage #2. I never could find a James Bama Doc Savage cover painting in my price range. Keeping these. With the money, will buy one of these. Unfortunately, my research has shown that the McLaren has poor customer service and a host of small problems. Enjoy life, live in the moment.
  8. Did buy three copies of Detective 180 this year. Just received this copy. Now have a mere eight copies. Have the try harder next year.
  9. Jimmy had several transvestite stories. I bought this Jimmy Olsen 44 from Robot Man.
  10. From 1997 Disneyana Convention.... picture taken off the web, but I have one hidden away. Only 500 were available, so I grabbed one off ebay years ago. The second hand are the mass of coins spinning around Scrooge's head.