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  1. Take 10% off or $900 shipped for all 3 books. Thread will close at midnight tomorrow.
  2. One time bump for offers. Will move these to ebay if there is no interest. Thanks!
  3. jjfversion1

    Amazing Spider Man 301

    Crazy that 9.8's are trading at $1500+ and 9.6's are barely moving at $150
  4. jjfversion1

    Best comic shops in Virginia

    Some nice finds at the Shoff show today. I seem to only be able to make this show and the Annandale one, but makes sense as they are both around a 15 min drive from me. I have heard good things about the Frederick show as well. May need to check out that next time, although the drive is a little bit further (roughly 1 hour). The show was pretty packed today. Lot's of money exchanging hands it seemed. Shoff shows never seem to disappoint. Only one more month until Baltimore Comic Con, but with books like these at the smaller shows, I can't complain! Nice meeting @jeranimal today as well
  5. Rules: 1) in the thread or PM by timestamp takes the book. 2) Payment can be via Paypal, check, or money order. 3) Shipping is free to the continental US. For international members (e.g. Canada), please message me first to calculate postage before taking the book. 4) No probation list or HOS members allowed! 5) No returns on CGC graded books. Raw books must be returned in their same condition and you must let me know within 7 days that you will be sending the book back if you are unhappy with your purchase.
  6. Here's my copy
  7. jjfversion1

    Shazam! Full Run (Issues 1-35)

    Closing this down...
  8. jjfversion1

    Shazam! Full Run (Issues 1-35)

    Final Bump...Take it all for $550 shipped!
  9. jjfversion1

    Shazam! Full Run (Issues 1-35)

    Bumping this up for offers. Would like this set sold by the weekend.
  10. jjfversion1

    WTT all my Hulk 181’s for an AF 15

    Still need to get a scan on my 5.0 copy but here are the other three: