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  1. I didn't have a chance to send out invoices last night so the thread is still open. It will officially close tonight at 10pm EST and I will be sending out invoices shortly after. Would like to make a couple more sales if possible, so until 10pm tonight you can take 30% off all books that remain in this thread (see recap on page 12).
  2. Sorry Changer, another boardie took that book earlier in the thread. I must have forgotten to update the original listing as sold. I have you down for the other takes though. (This is in reference to the Batman 221)
  3. Still some deals left to be had! Hoping to close this thread down tonight and have all the invoices sent out by tomorrow morning. With that being said, take 20% off ALL books that are left in this thread! Happy Monday everyone.
  4. 130point.com is what I use to look up completed ebay sales. It is a sports card website (my other hobby), but you can search recent ebay sales and see what best offers have gone for. If anyone needs help navigating the site, shoot me a PM.
  5. Thank you for all the purchases so far. I am planning to keep this thread open over the weekend and have invoices sent out by Monday. Books will ship next week assuming I receive payment in time. Here is a recap of what is left: Page 1: Doc Savage Vol. 2 #5 VG/FN $289 Amazing Spider-Man #8 VG/FN SOLD Shocking Mystery Cases #56 FN- $575 Women To Love #nn VF+ $1350 Amazing Spider-Man 86 FN+ SOLD Amazing Spider-Man 137 VF/NM SOLD Page 2: Amazing Spider-Man 139 FN/VF SOLD Amazing Spider-Man 140 FN+ SOLD Avengers 119 VF SOLD Avengers 121 FN SOLD Avengers 122 NM- SOLD Batman 221 VG/FN SOLD Page 3: Fantastic Four 142 VF+ $10 Fantastic Four 149 VF+ $5 Ghost Rider 10 VF/NM SOLD Page 4: Ghost Rider 13 VF/NM SOLD Page 5: Giant-Size Man-Thing 1 FN+ $10 Giant-Size Super-Heroes 1 FN Copy A SOLD Giant-Size Werewolf 2 FN/VF $10 Page 6: House of Mystery 208 VF+ $75 Iron Fist 1 NM Copy B SOLD Iron Man 65 NM $55 Iron Man 66 VG+ Copy A SOLD Iron Man 66 NM Copy B SOLD Iron Man 67 VF SOLD Iron Man 70 NM SOLD Iron Man 71 NM- SOLD Iron Man 72 NM $35 Iron Man 74 NM- SOLD Jungle Action 11 VF+ SOLD Page 7: Jungle Action 12 VF/NM SOLD Luke Cage, Hero For Hire 11 NM- SOLD Luke Cage, Hero For Hire 13 VF- SOLD Luke Cage, Hero For Hire 14 NM SOLD Luke Cage, Hero For Hire 16 FN/VF $4 Marvel Team-Up 19 VF/NM $10 Marvel Team-Up 20 VF- $5 Page 8: Marvel Team-Up 24 VF+ $10 Marvel Triple Action 6 VG Copy A $2 Marvel Triple Action 8 VG+ $2 Page 9: Marvel Two-In-One 2 VF/NM SOLD Tomb of Dracula 11 NM+ SOLD Tomb of Dracula 12 NM- SOLD Tomb of Dracula 13 VF+ SOLD Tomb of Dracula 15 VF+ $10 Tomb of Dracula 16 NM SOLD Page 10: Tomb of Dracula 21 VF $6 Tomb of Dracula 24 VF+ SOLD Page 11: Tomb of Dracula 28 VF/NM SOLD Tomb of Dracula 30 VF+ SOLD Werewolf By Night 1 FN+ Copy A SOLD Werewolf By Night 1 FN/VF Copy C SOLD Werewolf By Night 13 VF/NM SOLD Werewolf By Night 16 VF- SOLD Werewolf By Night 18 VF SOLD Werewolf By Night 25 VF- SOLD Fantastic Four 19 VG SOLD Night Nurse 1 NM- (Qualified) $400
  6. Night Nurse 1 NM- (Qualified) Cover is detached from top staple. Beautiful copy otherwise and looks great in mylar. $400