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  1. Just like the title says, I have around $6k to spend and looking for a universal copy of one of the following three books in 4.0/4.5: X-Men 1 JIM 83 TOS 39 Ideally no rust, tape, chipping, and OW pages or better. If you are looking for immediate payment and have a copy to move, shoot me a PM.
  2. Send @joeypost a PM. He will get back to you. Website has had a few bugs, but it looks like they are being addressed.
  3. Nothing but positive feedback for Joe. Had a great experience dealing with him. Thanks again for a smooth transaction!
  4. I must admit that I should not have tried to pass off the book as my own and instead should have offered it with the notion of a finders fee. For that I apologize to the OP. No one ever wants to risk giving up that they have a honey hole and I’m paying the price for it now. If I ever offer a book that I don’t already have in hand, I always personally inspect it before completing the deal. I never list books publicly here on the boards for sale that I don’t personally have in hand. The books from my sales threads that didn’t sell were moved to ebay and were in my possession at the time of the sale. From time to time I will send messages to boardies that have WTB threads to see if facilitating a sale is worth the time. If it looks like a deal is possible, I never send a buyer a book that I don’t first process myself. I have purchased many books and offered them here on the boards in the past with no issues. OP had posted a WTB thread and I had messaged him about the book directly. In hindsight, I should have been more forthcoming that I did not have the book in hand at the time. Lesson learned. If this causes others to not trust me in future transactions then I understand, but I believe you all deserve to hear my side of the story at the end of the day.
  5. A 6.5 OW/W just sold on Clink for $1900. Pretty underwhelming for the third highest graded copy.
  6. Closing this one down. Shoot me a PM if there is any interest.
  7. Take 15% off all remaining books!
  8. Take 10% off all remaining books!
  9. Harry Houdini story.. Bondage cover.. What's not to love about this issue?! Only 22 issues on the census as it stands right now. Don't see this one up for sale too often... Captain Science 6 FN/FN+ NO LONGER FOR SALE
  10. Is anyone tired of witch covers yet? How about phantom witches? Last sale in 4.0 was $655 in January and a 4.5 sold in March for $795. 25 of these bad boys currently sit on the census Phantom Witch Doctor 1 VG NO LONGER FOR SALE
  11. I like this analogy. That makes Black Knight 1 the equivalent to TTA 27.
  12. Next up is a classic witch cover. Currently 20 copies on the census with a 6.0 recently selling for just north of $1700 on Clink This one looks great in hand! Has a 1.75 inch spine split in the middle and a little rust on the top staple, but otherwise a great mid-grade copy! Witchcraft 4 VG+ $695