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  1. jjfversion1

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Picked this up earlier today at a local show. Love the cover, and only 2 copies on the census (with the highest being a 5.5).
  2. jjfversion1

    [CLOSED] Closed

  3. jjfversion1

    [CLOSED] Closed

    Last bump for any final offers before I move this to another venue.
  4. jjfversion1

    [CLOSED] Closed

    Price cut to $2000 shipped. Got some bills I have to pay off...
  5. jjfversion1

    [CLOSED] Closed

    Early hump day bump with a price cut. Take the book for $2200 shipped. Freebie still included.
  6. jjfversion1

    [CLOSED] Closed

    Forgot to mention that offers can include trades as well (someone PM'ed me asking). I mainly collect Marvel and PCH.
  7. jjfversion1

    [CLOSED] Closed

    Bumping this up. I am taking offers for those interested.
  8. jjfversion1

    [CLOSED] Closed

    Gonna throw this nice little freebie to read for whoever purchases the book. Mysterious Adventures 10. Just a splendid cover if I do say so myself!
  9. jjfversion1

    [CLOSED] Closed

    Thanks! The scanner picked up some scuffs on the case, but the book looks much nicer in hand and the reds really pop!
  10. jjfversion1

    [CLOSED] Closed

    Super tough book. Only 5 copies on the CGC census. Second highest graded. Comes with the original pedigree certificate. $2400 $2200 $2000
  11. jjfversion1

    [CLOSED] Closed

    Rules: 1) in the thread or PM by timestamp takes the book. 2) Payment can be via Paypal, check, or money order. 3) Shipping is free to the continental US and will come with signature confirmation. For international members (e.g. Canada), please message me first to calculate postage before taking the book. 4) No probation list or HOS members allowed! 5) No returns on CGC graded books. Raw books must be returned in their same condition and you must let me know within 7 days that you will be sending the book back if you are unhappy with your purchase.
  12. jjfversion1

    CBCS is Very Unprofessional and a RIP OFF!!!

    Is it friday already?
  13. Closing this thread at midnight. I am open to offers.
  14. Let’s close out this thread. Price cut on Avengers 57 to $150 shipped.
  15. jjfversion1

    SkOw's Feedback Thread

    Matt responded to my PM and paid quickly after he purchased a couple PCH books from me. As a seller, I appreciate this and wanted to leave him some positive feedback! Thanks again