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  1. First in thread gets it. Shipping is $15 for the first slab won, add $2 for each additional win. Shipping to Canada at cost. Paypal, checks and money orders all ok for payment. no returns on cgc graded comics
  2. I had a similar situation happen to me a little while ago. I had a IH 181 8.0 old label comic sitting in my collection for a long time. Took it out one day and thought 'You know a press could really improve this book'. Took it to a friend who has kindly pressed many books for me (and does a great job) asked his opinion and he agreed. However, he didn't want to press it himself due to the value of the comic and recommended I send it in to CGC to get pressed and regraded. Luckily I did because a few weeks after I sent it in I got an email from CGC stating that when they cracked it out they discovered a good amount of color touch. They were super nice and professional about it, gave me a few options and within a few weeks I had another beautiful Hulk 181 8.0 with NO RESTORATION this time. White pages to boot! Not the exact same situation obviously since they cracked it out themselves so there was no question they had missed the restoration the first time. My advice would be is to call them and explain the situation. I imagine they would at least try to do something to help. What do you have to lose? Good luck!