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  1. What is your take on Mr. Lashley? I am used to artists having all kinds of different pricing schemes, but his was pretty nondescript. As I recall from ECCC, "You will get what you pay for. You want a $50 commission you'll get a $50 dollar commission. You want a $1,000 commission you'll get a $1000 commission." Out of all the artists I have worked with his was the most..... Freeform? Perhaps it also had to do with the fact I didn't have a solid idea when I met him. I don't know.
  2. Story Time. At Emerald City Comic Con last March, I asked Brian Shearer work on a second sketch cover for me. I had brought some invisible ink in a couple of fountain pens with different sized nibs. I asked Mr. Shearer if he would not mind using the pens to draw the Autobot Mirage invisible since that is one of that character's abilities. From what I know this has not been done on a sketch cover before. Mr. Shearer took the job, and my black light, to work on the piece. He put in background with blank ink for extra effect. Mirage only shows up under blank light which is incredibly difficult to photograph.
  3. Brian Shearer from Emerald City Comic Con 2019 An homage G.I. Joe #139 Transformers Generation 2. Optimus Prime and Hawk on a G.I. Joe Blank.
  4. I am looking to buy THRILLING ADVENTURES IN STAMPS COMICS issue 8 (seen above) to complete my run. Condition is not a concern. Beatup or beautiful I am interested.
  5. Look for "vs" images you really like and that Mr. Frenz and homage. Doesn't have to be in comic books. Hell, even Mortal Kombat video games can give you some great vs poses. Find the one you like and send it to him along with a note saying you would like to replace character A with Thor and character B with Superman. I have found that you cannot give an artist to much information in an e-mail commission request.
  6. Brendan Cahill from Emerald city comic con last March.
  7. I think he was drawing from memory.
  8. Ant-Man and G1 Transformers Megatron in alt-mode sketch cover by Randy Emberlin. I commissioned this piece at the Bellingham Comic Con and picked it up from him at Emerald City last March.
  9. Issue 2 can't come out fast enough for me. Even if the PUNISHER isn't in the next issue, the anticipation of whatever he is going to do in retaliation to this cult will be epic.
  10. Was anyone else gutted by the end of Savage Avengers issue 1 like I was? Those guys better watch out. They F'd with the wrong man.
  11. You have a couple of Transformers Books I would love to get my hands on. If only I were rich AF.