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  1. I'm not the most active on this thread, but I am subscribed to it and lurking often. Last night I finished the 4 fourth episode. I'm enjoying this show so damn much. So far it's my favorite of all the Marvel netflix shows. One thing did bother me in Episode 2. I say this knowing I'm not well versed in the PUNISHER. Just a fanboy.
  2. At TFCon DC last October I commissioned Transformers comic book artist, Josh Burcham to turn a TESLA Roadster into a G1 Autobot.
  3. This is a piece I commissioned from Matt Moyland to be picked up at TFCon DC. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, Matt had to cancel his attendance last minute. Being the classy stand-up guy that he is, he kindly mailed the commission to me. I got it today. Looks fantastic! I love the Transformers Tie-in.
  4. I've been thinking about this more and more. I still think Blank Cover books can hold some value if you invest in them beyond the cover price. But, I wonder if first appearances will still hold value. Batman: The Animated Series, issue 12 should not be worth what it is. It's just because It's a first appearance in a modern book. So I guess first appearances could make the book worth something.
  5. Gotten another done! I have a video interview to share with the artist Casey Coller from TFCon DC earlier this month. Casey did a sweet homage to Todd McFarlane for me with Starscream. This thing turned out amazing. Completely blown away. The guy seriously over delivered on this one!
  6. I have a video interview to share with Transformers comic book artist Casey Coller from TFCon DC earlier this month. Casey did a sweet homage to Todd McFarlane for me with Starscream. This thing turned out amazing. Completely blown away. The guy seriously over delivered on this one!
  7. Yes. I also like to just contact artists and mail out requests. I have a few videos on the topic on my youtube channel if you care to look into more. Had a few artists chat with me about it which was/is cool. Word.
  8. That just blows my mind. Six months ago I was in my local comic book store and they had issue 12 for $350. I looked up at the shopkeep and said, "This is a joke right?" He said nope. And I lost it. "I F---ing have that copy at home. Never read it. Can't believe how much it goes for.
  9. You know, Mercury Man isn't wrong. But, I'll toss in my two cents. These days comics come out with 3, 5, 20 damn covers an issue. The ultra rare, hard-to-get-your-hands-on, you'll never find it in the wild covers I think can be a solid investment. I could talk about this point more, but that's the quick and dirty version. The other thing I might suggest is Blank Covers. I might be biased here because I love these damn things, but hear me out. Black covers allow for artists to create a unique image on them. These can be a solid investment and, for me at least, has made comic book collecting fun again. Again, I could talk about this forever, but this is just the quick and dirty thoughts.
  10. Part of me wonders if they've reduced the number of 4 day passes. I know attendance is huge and everyone wants tickets to this. But I was there the second the tickets went on sale. thats where my thinking of them reducing the number of tickets came from. Anyway, last Saturday was the Bellingham comic con. It was great smalls how.
  11. Just found this thread. I was on the site the moment the tickets went on sale. Tossed in the queue. Waited forever. 4-day passes sold out. Got Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. A little bummed out it. Also, just to add to my first-world-problems, they wouldn't issue me a press pass either. *sigh*
  12. Not to long ago a podcast that I co-host on had a variant comic book cover produced. I really enjoyed the process and a little shocked at how easy it was for us to do. I just created a blog post and a youtube video walking through the steps we took to get our variant cover made. I hope some of you here will find this useful. I image store owners or even other podcasters might.
  13. These books were a twelve dollar thrift store find yesterday.
  14. Just WOW on Soundwave. Just WOW! I love this. It's so cute and lovey dovey.
  15. Charles, from the TransMissions podcast bought one at TFCon last year for $20. It was not slabbed.
  16. Livio Ramondelli did a 1983 Dungeons & Dragons homage for me. Replacing the fighter with the Dinobot, Grimlock. Also interviewed him about it.
  17. I posted an interview with Brendan Cahill after he did a sketch cover for me. Post with more photos: http://yoshicast.com/sketch-covers-with-brendan-cahill/
  18. Been collecting signatures on this book for a few years now. This issue 100 of Transformers: Regeneration One from IDW Publishing is the end of the original Transformers run started by Marvel comics in the 1980s. Michael Bell - G1 voice actor of Prowl, bombshell, Brainstorm, First Aid, Sideswipe, and many more. Dan Gilvezan -G1 voice actor of Bumblebee. Frank Welker - G1 Voice actor of Megatron, Soundwave, Mirage, Sludge, Trailbreaker, Wheelie, Skywarp, and many, many, many more. Peter Cullen - G1 voice actor of Optimus Prime, Ironhide. José Delbo - Comic Artist. Geoff Senior - Comic Artist. Andrew Wildman - Comic Artist. Casey W. Coller - Comic Artist. Stephen Baskerville - Comic Inker. Bob Budiansky - Comic writer & artist. Nick Roche - Comic writer and artist. Lee Sullivan - Comic Artist. Jason Cardy - Comic Colourist. Simon Furman - Comic writer. John-Paul Bove - Comic colourist. Gregg Burger - G1 voice actor of Grimlock.
  19. Picked this one up from TFCon Chicago last year, but haven't had a chance to share it. This is done by Casey Coller and it homages a story in the original 1980s Marvel Transformers run.
  20. Thank you! Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Slow down. It's a variant? I know what variants are. I'm just new to the world of the Punisher. What's the story behind issue 100's covers? Because of an Ebay mix up, I got a huge chunk of the Marvel Punisher books, so I figured I would try and complete the run as well as read them. So far I've been lucky in that the Punisher trades I've picked up have been great reads.
  21. I picked up three Punisher comics during the Free Comic Book Day event.
  22. I gotta say. I really like the PUNISHER, but it's difficult for me to find a rendering of his face that I like. This happens to be one I of the much better ones. Good on you!