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  1. I needed three books to finish my X-Men set... until last night. Only one more left now. X-Men 12, Juggernaut, I am looking for you!
  2. Nice! Good luck in your journey!
  3. That depends. What do you like? Any specific characters or story lines? I know I like some covers (ie. 104) or stories more than others would.
  4. Anyone know of an X-Men 12 CGC 9.2 for sale with good page quality? Will be looking in the new year.
  5. Finally! Return the X-Men to their rightful place in the Marvel Universe.... oh, and the Fantastic Four as well!
  6. So, can I assume that the dead dragon can burn down the ice wall and let the army of the dead through?
  7. Makes sense. In the past couple of years, I have dwindled down my pull list to one marvel book (Uncanny Avengers) and I am just riding that one out to the end. Basically when a title gets cancelled or renumbered I just didn't renew my pull list. I have always been a huge X-Men fan, but just can't commit any longer. I wait until books go on sale on comiXology, but I have been thinking about Marvel Unlimited as well.
  8. I am surprised no one has discussed the contents or top 20 list yet
  9. AF15 over corvette to get the babe. i want the babe who appreciates the comic over the car!
  10. Thanks for the update. Please keep us posted. Can't wait for more photos from SDCC
  11. Tell them to buy now as the price is only going to rise from here!
  12. Disagree a little, but everyone has their own focus. I just my own X-Men collection for more than just 1-16 and 35 I really couldn't live without collecting the 67-93 as par to mu collection, but I am a completionist when it comes to my X-Men collection. However, just take your time and snipe when the time is right.
  13. I got back into collecting around 2008 after being away for about twenty years. My first goal was to finish a goal I had as a kid and complete my X-Men run. I am now only three books away. (see sig line) I have some regrets from when I started back into collecting... most of it as to do with learning about the condition of a book and ensuring I got value. My advice to you is to stick with CGC until you get a handle on grading books on your own. Decide if you want to go with speed or quality to complete your collection. You can get lower grade books fast, but the pretty books are more expensive and take time. I will be looking to upgrade once I finish my set. Decide on how much you want to spend in a year and how many books you would like to purchase in a year. Right now, I try to get five CGC graded books a year for my collection. Sometime more, some times less based on the cost of some books. Also, and most importantly, have fun with your journey!