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  1. Great gets, Thomas. That's one of the more nicely centered SME #4s I've seen.
  2. Well, it is a Gil Kane cover. About two years ago, I saw a bag just like this late night at a grocery store. I was in a hurry so I stupidly didn't buy it. I went back a couple days later to correct my grievous error and, of course, it was gone. I finally thought maybe Amazon might have it. And whaddaya know, I can sleep soundly again knowing Spidey has joined the fight against single use plastic bags,
  3. Two and a half years is pretty fast! What were the toughest books for you? It's been awhile since I finished the run, but the toughest books for me were #7 (no surprise there), #31 (in 9.6) and #86 (in 9.6). Annual #3 is really tough too. It's a Picture Frame book so it has extra folks chasing after it.
  4. Congratulations! That takes some perseverance and cash!
  5. Those are all super-sweet, SC. What a great find.
  6. Great books, David! Lots of beauties there. It's kind of amazing that so many of these books and the Picture Frames went to boardies.
  7. Definitely the two Picture Frames that I bought. But they're not Kane covers. I haven't decided about the others yet. I'm not sure if it's worth the cost of grading unless they're 9.6 or better.
  8. I thought they were pretty close on the books I bought. The misses weren't anything terrible. But I also didn't bid on some that were obvious misses. But I'm happy overall. And the books are very fresh and clean.
  9. Sorry about the snagging (sort of, maybe a little ). I know we've talked about the interior art of these books in this thread previously. But getting these new books is a sad/tough reminder. My god, most of it so primitive and stiff. It couldn't be more different than the covers.