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  1. Indulging? Indulging? Please, craving is more like it.
  2. James is the ideal buyer. Fast payment, great communication, and he has a secret superpower that he uses for the good of all mankind. I probably wasn't supposed to mention that last thing but James is far too modest.
  3. Closed. Please PM if you're interested in anything. But I'll be back with another thread and more books in the month or so.
  4. 1st unqualified or PM gets the book or books. • Shipping in the U.S. is $19.30 for one slab - but possibly less depending on your zip code or type of slab. • Other shipping will be at cost. • Orders over $200 add $2.60 to shipping for Signature Confirmation. • Raw books will be shipped USPS Priority mail at cost. • International shipping will be at cost and it's expensive. Canada is around $40 for 1 slab. 10 raw books to Canada is around $40. I’ll only ship USPS Priority internationally. • No probation listers or Hall of Shamers. • Boardies without long track records or unknown to me must provide solid references. • Checks or money orders only. (PayPal is ok if I know you or you have plenty of references.) • Payment required within 3 days of invoicing. • No returns on CGC books. Raw books may be returned if I’m notified within 5 days of delivery and books are returned within 2 weeks. No refunds on shipping costs. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. • $20 minimum order.
  5. Some recent arrivals. Shockingly, I don't think any of these are Bob hand-me-downs.
  6. I thought I might list some more books, but my grading department, scanning department, and shipping department department all giving me the side eye. Oddly, they all look a lot like me. I'll leave the thread open for a few days because it really is all sorts of awesome. If anyone wants to make reasonable offers, send them my way.
  7. I'll probably be listing a few more books today. But I'm starting to send out totals or address requests if I haven't sold you books previously. Some of your piles are too high to fit safely in flat rate boxes. If you've bought some books from thread and want to move things along, please send me your address. Otherwise, I promise I'll get to you soon.
  8. Marvel Zombies 2 Limited Series: #1 9.6, #2 9.6, #3 9.4, #4 9.6/9.8, #5 9.6 $28
  9. New X-Men #132 9.6 $4 New X-Men #140 9.6 $4 New X-Men #141 9.4/9.6 $3