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  1. Looks like Superior Spider-man 20 is the big book lately. The last CGC 9.8 finished at $495 US and there is a Raw copy selling right now, and it is at $455 US with 5 hours left. This book has gradually climbed the past year, and rightfully so with one of Campbell's best covers.
  2. Check out his other auction he has a Scooby Doo Where for a grand. HUH?
  3. I think the seller is loomis. That makes sense, more than likely
  4. I contacted the seller to see if it was still available, he said he had a few private offers, but decided to hold on the book. Not sure if he is telling the truth or not, I think he really did sell it to loomis.
  5. You might be right, but in this day and age of super rare Variants (Example Amazing Spiderman Dell'otto) selling for 9K and there are over 200 copies of that book alone. Supply and Demand has changed with collector's the past 2 years. If the seller would go low enough I would consider picking this up at that price, but I doubt that the seller would sell it that low. My guess is this auction will go unsold, and the book will be either relisted right away or taken down and sold at a con.
  6. Well if you have a copy for that price, I will buy it from you now. My guess is the seller will get at least $1500 minimum for it. There is no sales data in over 3 years for this book.
  7. Thanks Authority and Ween. I write a column for CBSI and was a frequent CGC'er before. I still visit this site on occasion as I like to hear other people's opinion too. I will state honestly that we at CBSI are not pumping and dumping as 90% of us are long time collector's. I personally would welcome everyone to join, as everyone's opinion is warranted when it comes to speculating. Cheers!
  8. Larry's a good guy he lives in the same apartment as me. He sold me a used car once and is always visiting my two roommates.
  9. I'm on vacation but will catch up next week. What were the main topics of discussion? Hey man enjoy your vacation. Podcast was good mostly rebirth talk, 2nd printings and problems with new cgc cases.
  10. Spawn 220 to 228 Homage Sketch covers are extremely low printed and are now finally trending up. Most have been estimated at less then 300 printed. Recent sales
  11. I dont think your stupid and i am not trying to dismiss you ! Because by ordering the nearest case pack over the needed amount there probably is always a surplus on the variants... We have seen the sales and the store surplus deals. if marvel needed 400 copies for the diamond final order cutoff they would most likely order 3 cases.. 675 copies.. I have definitely been told things like this. This would leave a surplus of 275 copies if no other copies where needed for damage or whatever. I've been told similar. By sources at the publishing level & distribution level. But it falls under the CGC board logic category: Generic "I know things about stuff" boast. I've made obnoxious purchases on rare variants. As have many retailers here. +10000000 thanks LARRY ! you do know ! Yes. I mean more than enough to account for overages. Not really a dispute ! if 6000 variants are needed and they over run damage and run it as a percentage formula they could order an extra 5-10 cases... that could be significant. Why the spoiler tags? "And one time at bandcamp"
  12. In the wild I have yet to find one is Thor Omnibus Michael Turner cover.
  13. Preacher is scorching right now, especially the key issues - 1, 2, 13, Alamo arc and final issue 66. Issue 13 first Herr Starr is closing on the $100.00 mark on average and the last issue has been closing between 25.00 and 50.00 consistently on the Bay.